Under The Influence: Luke Davis

posted by / Magazine / April 24, 2014

Whatever happened to Luke Davis’ golden locks?

Whatever happened to Luke Davis’ golden locks?

Deep thoughts. Deep blue.

Deep thoughts. Deep blue.

The man of the hour.

The man of the hour.

“I want to do every ASP event I can get into, and then fill every gap chasing swells.”

“I want to do every ASP event I can get into, and then fill every gap chasing swells.”

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Issue 6 2014Pink hair, red hair, gray and blue. Are Luke Davis’ ever-changing handles and hair a sign that he’s lost the plot? Or, like a chameleon, is he just blending in wherever he finds himself in life? If you’ve analyzed it that much, according to Luke, you’re overthinking it. The 21-year-old from San Clemente, California, is “exactly where [he] needs to be” in life right now. After a couple of years juggling his career with plenty of time in San Clemente, he’s decided to leave home behind. This year, he’s chasing every trip and ASP event he can in hopes of landing an elusive magazine cover, WQS victory, or both. And either would make for good Instagram fodder — especially with pink hair. —Zander Morton

LUKE: People who don’t know me think I’m going crazy. I laugh at that because they are forming an opinion based around my hair color, or a weird post or name change on Instagram. I’m realizing people take social media really seriously. And I understand it’s a form of marketing, but I’m just having fun with it. Like, people were tripping that I changed my name [on Instagram] to hategirl2, but that was only because my friend Palma [president of a brand called Mamadoux] is hateboy2, and I was hanging out with her, and just decided to change my name. That’s all there was to it.

I can tell people are thinking I’m rattled, or that I’m super bummed that my ex and I broke up, but I’m just fine. Seriously. You don’t have to worry about me. The last two years I was really attached to home and I didn’t even realize it. Now I’m psyched to travel nonstop. I have nothing to keep me in San Clemente and I can go anywhere in the world whenever I want. I just talked to Mikala [Jones] in Indo and he told me there is gonna be swell over there, so I booked a ticket to leave Oz and head over today. There is no way I’d be doing that if I still had a girlfriend. After I lost in the Newcastle contest I would have flown home, but instead I took a train to Bondi by myself. I’m exactly where I need to be in my life right now.

I want to do every ASP event I can get into, and then fill every gap chasing swells. In theory it sounds hectic, but this is the time in my life to do it. This year the contest schedule is toned down — after this Oz leg I don’t do another event for a few months so I have a huge break to do trips, chase good waves, and really work on my surfing, which is something I’m psyched on. This is my third year on the ‘QS and the first time we’ve had big enough gaps to do that.

I don’t have to do contests, but I want to do them. At this point I have very little I’m obligated to do, but I really love competing. This year I’ve done three events and haven’t done well in them. It’s the worst start I’ve ever had, and it’s discouraging, but I love doing events just as much as I love getting good waves so I’m gonna do both. I don’t feel like it would be satisfying to only do magazine trips. I’ve yet to win a ‘QS or get a major magazine cover, and both are still a dream, so I see no reason why I can’t chase both.

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  • Wyatt

    What a relief! Here I had spent the last lord-knows-how-many days and restless nights wondering how that kind-of semi-mildly known surfer was weathering his break from that chick in the Bieber video*. How comforting to know he’ll be okay, able to move, and service his Twitterbase of braceface tweens.

    *NOTE: She’s totally dating Terry Richardson now. I saw pics of them on HuffPo. Cute couple!

  • David Nelson

    And we care because…

  • sambo

    Who is Luke Davis???
    No, seriously?
    I’m gonna die my pubes pink. Worried?????

  • Novy

    Cookies are my top pic as of right now, however today has been hard… I have not decided whether to eat oatmeal cookies or chocolate chip. hope I get some answers soon!

  • Hategirl2

    “People who don’t know me think I’m going crazy”
    should read-
    “People who don’t know me think I’m a bi-confused douche bag that probably shouldn’t be sponsored”

    sorry for the confusion.

    the editor

  • sarag_10

    You a-holes need to LAY OFF LUKE. Not only is Luke one of the 500 best surfers in San Clemente, his Tweets are awesome (pictures of himself, coffee & himself) and he has really great style if you’re into circa ’08 camo pants. You guys are just JEALOUS because you’re humble, intelligent and your pillows aren’t covered in slobber and tears for the lost love of anorexic blond model #13,097.


  • quinton

    Can’t believe Reef puts more stock into Luke than Nick Roza! The surf industry can be a cruel place…

  • fern

    you guys are dicks. who gives a shit about his hair or dumb fuckin pants. its sick he has some fire and is trying to travel and do contests itll be cool to see where he goes he has a good style in the water for sure. could have still lived without this i dont get why people care at all.

    that being said, quinton is right, roza is one of the best anywhere. amazing surfer, too bad the industry wants crazy instagrams and san clemente kids because nick blows them all out of the water

  • steve

    luck davis is A one of a kind, i think is great !