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I’ve never been very patriotic.

June Issue 2011 Surfing MagazineOnce I could travel alone, I actually spent more time trying to flee this country than I did enjoying it. I always associated America less with myself, more with frat dudes who used to play quarterback but now slug Budweisers in Lake Havasu. I hate fireworks and apple pie, etc. Needless to say, I never got too into waving Old Glory (I did, however, watch it like a f–king Peregrine falcon come fifth period to gauge the wind for my after-school surf).

But before you call to have me assassinated, please do not think I’m not appreciative of where I’m from. I’m very lucky and all that. I love the open road; deserts; a good, firm handshake; and the ‘50s — all very American, right? And having an American accent has gotten me several makeout sessions in foreign lands. Once my friend got a kiss from a girl in an Australian bar just by flashing his American passport on the dance floor. What a foreign policy! But aside from that, I’d just as soon be Californian, French or maybe Chilean. I like Chile a lot. Barbados too. Australia ain’t bad either.

See, it’s just that I love so many places…so why this America Issue?

The moment I showed up to escort seven of America’s most promising young pros to our photo shoot in downtown Los Angeles for this magazine, I realized we were witnessing the metamorphosis of modern American surf culture right before our eyes. In one end of the parking lot where we met up, Santa Cruz’s Nat Young, New York’s Balaram Stack and Florida’s Evan Geiselman were deep in a serious game of pickup basketball. A few of them can shoot! Then, I saw Andrew Doheny, comfortably sitting in the shade, leaning out an open car door, staring at a music magazine. “Travis, I’ll be right here,” he called out. “I’m just sitting in the car listening to music.” He was alone. Across the street, Kolohe Andino, Luke Davis and Conner Coffin were shopping — yes, shopping: pants for Kolohe, a Hustler for Luke (great jokes, he swears), and Conner was looking to find a nice girl (L.A. not being short on pretty females). Right there I saw something in American surfing that may not have been there a mere five years ago: diversity in the youth. And I’d like to thank a few people for helping this evolution along.

The first is obvious: Dane Reynolds. His curious approach to a career has given a whole generation the option to be themselves. To make weird choices and succeed or fail on their own account. Which is going to be important for this group, as they’ve been spoiled by us and the surf industry from an unprecedentedly primitive age (think 10). Most were weaned on sponsor clothes and custom 5’0”s through elementary and middle school, so it will be interesting to watch how this group grows up — or perhaps in some cases, how they can’t.

The second crew I’d like to thank for fueling this fire would be the Australians. Aside from Dane and Kelly, they’ve collectively trumped us in competition and freesurfing for the past five years. But not to fret; I truly believe that reign will end with the Adolescents we feature this month. They’re going to change the culture for good, I predict. And if not, well…world, it’s still fun to kiss your girls when we visit. —Travis Ferré

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  • Brazzo 4 Life

    Good joke Travis. While these pretty boys were posing in LA, 5024 Brazzo groms were paddling over each other for their chance out of the Favelas. I know where my money will be for future surf stars.

    Brazzo 4 Life

  • KPilk

    Great editorial intro, Travis!

  • The King

    805 represent! Can’t wait for the Coffins, Lakey, Sage and the crew to take over the surfing world…in the meantime Bobby for President!

  • ghandi

    some of these “groms” have alcoholism abuse in their genes.
    they have no control of themselves.
    end of story.

    google: predisposition for alcoholism and refer back to your “list”

    give them a decade and lets see if we don’t find them referred to differently

  • Really bud?

    Chas Smith and Taylor Paul are soooo cool. I mean, they must be, to be granted such a self-serving manifesto in this latest issue of …ING. Nice fuck-off to the East Coast, guys. I guess that kind of piece makes you feel all edgy and stuff. I know American surf culture is now all about cool hats and cocktails and French meanderings and looking at yourself in the mirror, but right now I would like to see someone dig a hole and put them both there. A new low point. Congratulations.

  • Jay

    gett outtta here goldy’s going to take the reigns for the east coast after slater.

  • @ brazzo donkey

    your probable right… and that will be when we all lose intrest

  • sheessh

    calling out alcoholism because they have parents who may have had trouble…give the kids a lil break…not every son/daughter is there father/mother

  • killyridols

    the East Coast has to have so much pride because douchebags like Taylor and Chas think it’s trendy to shit on it. Newsflash guys, that’s been going on for 50 years. Nobody thinks it’s cool but the two of you on your wine-sipping rendezvous.

    and if you’re basing a region’s Core Score around scoop-neck T’s and hip tattoos and fancy haircuts and a proliferation of homosexuals and mediocre garage rock bands and ripped-up designer denim, well, I’ve got one word for ya: Williamsburg.

    Way to present a serious look at America’s youth in one feature and then totally throw any sort of integrity out the window with Chas and Taylor’s four-page jerk fest. All you guys need are about 1,000 more pounds of narcotics, a few firearms, some actual balls, and a fairy dusting of talent, and maybe then you’ll deserve to riff on America like HST and Ocsar Zeta Acosta

  • Leo

    Seems the author feels about as patriotic concerning the U.S.A. as I am concerning Belgium.
    Your whole job as a magazine is to cover it, document it, run it, print it, deliver it, exploit it, and write about it, NOT philosophize or cry about American surfing.
    As far as patriotism goes, at they end of the day you should either: “Love it or leave it.” Surfing-wise, I celebrate and am proud of what produced Curren, K.S., the Hobgoods, Gerr, Machado, Knox, Wardo, and cheer on other champions/champtions to be.
    I am anything but confident about American (not Hawaiian) Competitive Surfing when the waves are consequential. If you’re going to joke or cry about anything, it should be your prop- box list of examples. Or your’re complete absence of evidence/support of your retarded claims. Do you really think the group you mentioned is going to win at pipe or chopes on big days?
    You mention Budweiser Inc. which is now owned by InBev, a bunch of Belgians, since 2008. (not Anheuser-Busch)
    Don’t start coming at us like a bunch of $&$^ing Belgians.
    Get a clue. You don’t need to thank the Aussies for kicking our ass in every category as you so eloquently mentioned. You don’t even like fireworks or apple pie; That’s all we really needed to know.

  • stu

    give these kids their time in the sun. At best, 2 of them will have pro careers worth discussing 10 years from now.

  • Peter

    Not that I really care, but SURFING magazine seems to show boarder line stalker obsession with the rising surf talent from southern california, especially Orange Countians. Every issue for the past 2 years has been Koloho, Doheny, Ford, Davis, etc.
    Maybe it’s because they go hang out at SURFING headquarters and they happen to be bros, but the East coasters are right- the hipster Westside favoritism is lame. When Evan was head of the mag, their was some favoritism too…but it was well balanced. The west coasters were proven veterans like Knox, Malloys, and the Currans. These guys had proved their worth by charging hard and doing CT stints. Plus he was consistant and generous in covering big wave surfing. Widen your perspective SURFING.

  • Adam

    If those kids aren’t a spitting image of diversity in America then I don’t know what is. What a wide world surfing is!

    I can understand giving Matt Warshaw four pages just to talk about surfing. He knows his s. He wrote the books that you refer to any time you consider including a fact in one of your articles. Lewis Samuels…mehh, I guess he’s a decent counterpoint to Warshaw and makes you seem edgy.

    But giving Baylor Paul and Charles Williams four pages to pull shit out of their ass in conversation makes no sense. Your magazine is a platform to proliferate worthwhile ideas. You can make those thoughts as worthless and unsubstantiated as you like to piss people off and refocus the attention on your writers and staff, which seems to be your primary goal, instead of on the things you allege to “cover,” but fulfilling Chuck Williams’ fantasy of becoming a pseudo celebrity seems like a less-than-winning formula.

    Maybe next month you can pass off a conversation between Jimmicane and Gabe Kling as a feature. Gabe and Jimmicane would read it! Charles and Baylor would think it’s cute.

  • Andrew

    All of those kids are total kooks. There a whole new generation of self absorbed kids who all take favor in Jordy.. the guy who has talent that people would kill for yet no love for the sport. He is in it for the fortune and fame. If I ever some how got invited on the asp tour id say hell no. The surfing industry is brainwashing these kids and making them wear overpriced clothing that may be descent quality but who cares? The only good thing on the tour is all the competitors ability to fly out to kingdom kome and surf the best breaks around the world.

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