March 2013 Issue Wallpaper

posted by / Magazine, Photos / January 16, 2013

Looking for a digital copy of our March 2013 issue? Find it here. Read Taylor Paul’s Foreword and see the March Issue trailer here

Jack Freestone. Photo: Andrew ShieldDownload: Jack Freestone. Photo: Andrew Shield


Lee Wilson. Photo: Nate LawrenceDownload: Lee Wilson. Photo: Nate Lawrence


Jordy Smith. Photo: Ryan MillerDownload: Jordy Smith. Photo: Ryan Miller


Yadin Nicol. Photo: Tom CareyDownload: Yadin Nicol. Photo: Tom Carey


Dusty Payne. Photo: Tom CareyDownload: Dusty Payne. Photo: Tom Carey


Kevin Bourez. Photo: Tom CareyDownload: Kevin Bourez. Photo: Tom Carey


Gabriel Medina. Photo: Corey WilsonDownload: Gabriel Medina. Photo: Corey Wilson


Matt Meola. Photo: Quincy DeinDownload: Matt Meola. Photo: Quincy Dein

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  • dgb

    Great shot of Matt Meola. Although I’m legally blind, I can see I would be a valuable asset to your photo editing department.

  • blozzie

    yeah, great shot of matt trying to break his board

  • Nile

    Matt probably landed that.

  • MD

    Hey Surfing mag, inspiring images. But how about an occasional picture of female surfer (and not just Alana’s ass)? That would be really inspiring.

  • MT

    Hey Surfing mag, how about some more pictures of Alana’s ass? It really inspires me, as do all these wallpaper photos.

  • Nookie

    MT your right!! Alana’s ass is an inpiration to al of us… to paddle out every time in search of an ass like that in the line-up! :)

  • Mik

    thnk for that laff