SURFING’s staff is the youngest in all of surf media and its energy is reflected in every image, word and edit. We live the life we celebrate and practice what we preach. Our passports are full. Our stories are rich. We’re dripping wet from the last session and our phones are buzzing with evening plans.
Combine that joie de vivre with our unparalleled access to surfing’s superstars and it’s easy to see why we tell the stories you want to hear. Maybe they come from a trip to uncharted waves, the latest WCT event or in a profile of surfing’s next superstar. Maybe they’re conveyed in a magazine article, an online flipbook or a full-length movie. It doesn’t matter. The voice, the message and the fun remain the same. SURFING Magazine — forever young.

Forget diamonds, surf magazines are forever. Big. Beautiful. Bold. Printed photos and the printed word, married as only SURFING can do. In your hands, from the beach to the bedroom. A timeless experience.

Our website combines everything that makes SURFING the most relevant surf media brand for young adults and gives it a single, amazing, digital home. And we get our content out there first. The Internet never sleeps, and neither do we.

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What’s happening right now in surfing. That’s what you’ll find on SURFING’s constantly updated, continually growing social media platforms. Most importantly, every one of our followers is a high-value young adult consumer with interests in both action sports and travel.


From original full-length features to web shorts, SURFING produces leading video content that audiences clamor for like it was a breath of fresh country air in downtown Beijing. We are also curators of the ultimate online surf video hub on


From amateur surf contests to the prestigious Triple Crown of Surfing in Hawaii. From swimsuit fashion shows to issue release parties.



Circulation: 70,384*
Subscribers: 61,724
Newsstand: 6,869
Events/Promo: 1,791
Audience 493,000+**


West Coast: 41%
East Coast: 26%
Central US: 23%
Hawaii: 5%
International: 5%


Median age: 19
Average age: 21
Age range: 14-28
Female: 23%
Male: 77%
Under 21: 51%


Average years surfing: 8.9
Average surfing frequency: 12 days/month
Average amount spent on equipment: $820/year
Average amount spent on surf trips: $1,722
% of readers who shop for surf products at their local surf shops: 84%
Percent of readers who save their issue after reading it: 78%
HHI: $76,500

* October 2014 Statement of Ownership

** On average, 6 people other than the original recipient see each issue of SURFING. That means almost 500,000 people read SURFING Magazine every month.

What’s going on beneath the feet of your favorite surfers? And how might that change in the not-so-distant future? We consult the best in the world — both on the waves and in the shaping bay — to keep you ahead of the constantly evolving curve of surfboards.

On sale January

Year in and year out, the North Shore of Hawaii creates stories that must be told. People get slapped. People get robbed. People get the best waves of their lives. After decades of going to the same place, Hawaii still feels so fresh.

On sale February

The land SURFING calls home. Secrets. Surprises. Big waves and small. Onshore and off. It’s all so perfect and it’s all in our backyard. God we love this place.

On sale April

SURFING’s update of all the latest moves and movements, in the water and out. Consider it our State of the Union speech, where the Union is high-performance surfing.

On Sale May

We keep a constant eye to the horizon, taking the sport’s temperature at regular intervals to identify the next generation of supreme surfing talent. Then we give these surfing savants an early taste of the main stage. Meet the next big names in surfing.

FALL 2015

Our swimsuit issue is the hot, sassy sister of SURFING Magazine — its content is geared toward fashionable females who want to be up-to-date on the latest in swimsuit and beach trends. With all new locations, models and even some professional surfer girls thrown into the mix, we’re committed to making 2015 our best swimsuit issue yet.

On sale April

The NSSA (National Scholastic Surfing Association) special issue is a direct avenue to the eyes and minds of America’s top amateurs, as well as their friends, peers and families. Marketers can reach a targeted group of young, passionate, leading-edge consumers through their advertisements and on-the-beach promotional coordination throughout the season, as well as at the most-watched and attended amateur surfing contest, the 2015 NSSA National Championships in Huntington Beach — the Super Bowl of youth surfing.

Even in the digital age, we still crave cool shit to hang on our bedroom walls. Heroes. Dreamscapes. Fantasy. Inspiration. From the dorm room to the man cave, and every space in-between, SURFING Magazine is the interior designer of choice for today’s youth.




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Today, SURFING is no longer just a magazine or a website — we are also a growing video production house. From the full-length movie to the web short, SURFING Magazine makes original video content that people line up to see.

The Now: social media. We film with our surf stars around the globe. Surfing. Traveling. Living. And we take the world along for the ride as it happens, from filming to post-production, through real-time social media posts and promotional campaigns.

The Lead-up: We drop original web clips, movie trailers and promo clips from our filming missions throughout the year. Once our full-length feature films make their world premieres, they are available for download via iTunes.


The Forever: timeless photography and feature stories. When we make a filming trip for a movie, we send a photographer and writer to tag along as well. What’s captured is then used to make magazines: covers, feature stories and profiles. These magazine features, in turn, help build hype and promote the forthcoming movie release.


Last year, SURFING Magazine launched its fifth stand-alone swimsuit issue to echoing applause from the surf world and beyond. By showcasing the issue in a larger format and allowing it to stand on its own merit, the issue was able to more than double its newsstand sales and reach a wider audience.

You know how good those bikinis look on them, but who are the enchanting women filling the pages of the SURFING Magazine swimsuit issue? They hail from as far away as the Czech Republic and as nearby as SURFING’s own backyard. Heed the call and get familiar with these sirens on the shores of the Mexican Riviera with our intimate “Meet the Girls” online video series, shot entirely behind the scenes and on location of our 2015 swimsuit issue production.


We’ll premiere our 2015 swimsuit issue and video series as only SURFING knows how: with a raging release party that people talk about for months after the fact. Things to expect: swimsuit fashion show, leading designers, stunning models and the highest concentration of fascinating and attractive people this side of Soho.


This one comes just in time. As your quiver crawls closer to the grave, as dings become waterlogged, fins break off and pressure dings get absurd, we rush in with a new guide, just in time for the pumping winter surf season.


In the March Issue, on sale 1/16

Coming as the spring blossoms and sunshine are in full effect, the boardshort guide is a time to remember the winter, smile, then keep smiling because it’s time to start thinking about trunks, bikinis and summer again.


In the May Issue, on sale 3/13

You know that decrepit, rotting piece of neoprene you’ve been passing off as an excuse for not dawn patrolling the past few seasons? Yeah, we’re talking about your wetsuit. Well it’s time you replace it with one of the surf world’s most greatly improved products: the fullsuit. We guarantee more water time with any purchase. This is your guide to the industry's best.


In the November Issue, on sale 9/11

Today, everyone has a website — and a blog, two Twitter accounts, a Facebook, multiple Instagram accounts and a Vimeo page. What does it all mean? A fractured audience looking for someone to tune out the noise, and SURFING has taken up that cause.




On we are both a creator and a curator of the best surf content online. From magazine-quality photos to exclusive digital features and video, we offer a voice, an opinion. You can come to for the news, and you can stay to be entertained.


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The online portal where people from across the globe arrive to experience all the goodness of the world's premier surf magazine. Our home page combines everything that makes SURFING the most relevant surf media brand for young adults and gives it a single, amazing, digital home.

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SURFING's video hub is everyone's one-stop-shop for every surf clip, edit and movie worth clicking "play." The new video sub-site will include a user rating system, as well as exclusive feature film and SURFING-produced video posts.

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The most thorough, honest and smart coverage of the ASP World Tour is only at, including our acclaimed ASP flipbooks.

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Experience the most powerful swell forecasting and modeling in the world, all without leaving the most entertaining home for surfing content on the Web.

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As part of our website redesign for 2015, will feature new daily columns with original SURFING-produced content. These efforts speak to an audience overwhelmed by options and provide our advertising partners the opportunity to collaborate as column supporters, highlighting their events, athletes and initiatives in SURFING’s own special way.

The real reason we all celebrate the end of the work week: the best photo of the week from our global team of surfing lensmen. A photo that makes you think. Dream. And, most importantly, go out and surf this weekend.

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Meet your new favorite artist, complete with a discerning selection of their best tracks, all courtesy of our Sounds page. Your iTunes will thank us later.

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One part People Magazine's "Who Wore It Best", one part animal kingdom battle royal, one part A-grade, hi-fi surfing, Tiger VS Bear pits the two best clips of the week against each other. Who wins? The Internet decides.

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We hand-pick the best surf clips to hit the Internet each month and cook them up into one delectable, melt-in-your-mouth edit. Because in SURFING’s kitchen, we only serve up the content that rises to the top.

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Get behind the scenes of our monthly Girl In A Shirt photoshoot. See how she moves in that shirt. How she laughs and jokes with the photographer. Warning: Prepare to fall in love every time.

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Hate Mondays? The antidote resides at With SURFING’s ace photography staff serving up exclusive pixel gold at the beginning of every week, Monday is quickly becoming every surfer’s favorite day of the week.

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There is no way to experience the full spectacle that is a monthly issue of SURFING Magazine in under two minutes — but our unique monthly issue trailers sure come close.

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In 2015 we'll release one of our acclaimed online flipbooks after each stop on the ASP World Tour. It's the best way to experience a 'CT next to actually being in the surfers' tent. And our flipbooks and digital lightboxes don't stop at ASP events — they're a property with endless potential for event coverage and content display.

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With our parallax features, SURFING now has a new, unique way to curate compelling work from blogs, brands and individuals.

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What’s a Megazine? It’s all the goodness of SURFING Magazine online, but with video, a soundtrack, and whole bunch of other moving parts for our readers to interact with.

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Align your brand messaging with the surf world’s most dynamic online content. Give us your initiatives and advertising goals and we’ll create a custom program to ensure success.

Available options include (but not limited to):

Custom Blog Sponsorships
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:15 Pre-roll video
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SURFING’s email marketing is a cost-effective way to deliver your brand’s message directly to your target consumer’s inbox. Our email marketing programs offer immediate, highly measureable results and deliver a high return on investment. Combine with your print and online advertising to drive consumer engagement, boost website traffic, and increase conversions and sales.
Utilizing SURFING’s database, Custom Emails are 100% SOV for the advertiser, are proven to boost website traffic, increase conversions, enable data acquisition and drive online sales.

Recipients: 57K
SOV: 100%
SURFING’s newsletters showcase the latest and greatest features on Sponsors utilize all ad units to deliver a clear message and seamlessly partner with SURFING’s unmatched content.

Recipients: 117,400
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Every issue of Surfing Magazine is available digitally on your PC and Mac via platforms including Apple Newsstand, Nook, Kindle, and Android.

More info at:

Camp Shred is an event for family and friends of all ages. Held at the San Elijo campground in Cardiff, CA, the event features the world’s largest surfboard demo day. You can test-drive any board you can think of, and you can hear the tunes of live bands. There are also food trucks and, of course, a beer garden.

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Created to honor legendary SURFING photo editor Larry "Flame" Moore, the Follow the Light grant gives budding surf photographers a chance to have their work seen and celebrated, and awards the winner with $5,000 to help launch their career. Past winners have gone on to become staff photographers for SURFING, Surfer and many brands, and include Duncan Macfarlane, Chris Burkard and Todd Glaser.

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Around the US and in Puerto Rico, Rip Curl does what they do best: search. In this case, they're searching for the top regional talent. To what end? To send them to the Bells Beach WCT stop for a chance to battle it out for the coveted International GromSearch Title. Look for online wrap-ups, photo galleries and videos after each event on

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The most coveted contest series in existence, most claim that winning the Triple Crown is second only to winning a World Title. As the official media sponsor, SURFING brings you daily coverage of the events as well as an online flipbook of each contest.

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A contest that has forever been used as precursor for surfing success. SURFING Magazine, the official media sponsor of NSSA Nationals, gets to know the groms so you can learn about tomorrow’s superstars, today.

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Regarded as the most fun series known to amateur surfing, the VQS entices the best surfers in each region to be a part of the madness. On land, you’ll see wheelbarrow races, pie-eating contests, ketchup fights and various other types of tomfoolery. In the water, you’ll see really good surfing.

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Held in the always interesting Huntington Beach, the US Open of Surfing is our sport's wildest event. Hoards upon hoards of people descend upon Huntington Beach as the world's best surfers make the most out of summertime in HB. SURFING takes over a bar off Main Street and renames it "The Pope's Living Room" during the event, and packs it with our sports brightest stars for 11 days.

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