Media Kit

For an audience that craves originality,   

but instead often drowns in clichés, SURFING Magazine is the asylum. The trendsetter. We’re where the influencers draw their influence. We keep our eye on the horizon and our ear to the ground for what’s new, what’s now and what’s next in the surfer’s lifestyle — in and out of the water. And we make it all look good.

In an image-driven sport, SURFING Magazine’s photography remains the best in the world. Through our relationships with surfing’s stars we have unparalleled access to stories in the surf community, and our pages — both online and in print — overflow with what matters in surfing. We look for the stories, events and individuals that paint a picture of today’s modern surf landscape.

Our photographers comprise a dream team that span the earth and rarely sleep in the same bed two nights running. Their travels illustrate our fantasies. From veterans like DJ Struntz and Steve Sherman to rising stars Duncan Macfarlane, Brent Bielmann and Corey Wilson, all of SURFING’s staff photographers own a niche and set a standard that others can only hustle to mimic.

We also boast the game’s best photo editors James “Jimmicane” Wilson and Peter Taras, plus a young and creative editorial staff that sees the future before it happens.

We live the life we celebrate; we practice what we preach. Our passports are full. We’re dripping wet from the last session and our phones are buzzing with evening plans, and every month, in print and online, we take you along for the ride.