Ry Craike Plays Piano

posted by / Press / November 15, 2010

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  • Stewart

    Tre is a douche bag. He’s got more hate than all combined!!

  • Devin

    His backhand attack definitely isn’t up to par with Kolohe’s, otherwise this kid’s solid. And this footy was pretty awesome too.

  • bo jackson

    Kelly Slater
    “This one is easy. Coming off a hugely successful year in 2010, Kelly returns to competition. He’s got quite the track record out at Snapper — he’s won the event three out of the last five years.”

    Really? 2006, 2008, & ???…

  • dirt

    Mik, i hope your right about taj, but I’m worried he doesn’t have it in him. The fact that Taj doesn’t have a world title yet shows a real flaw in the world tours system. I think that in a lot of ways he has been the best surfer in the world for the last 12 years. His name deserves to be put along side Kelly and Andy’s.
    @ jason miller. kelly has not won the quik pro 3 times in past 5 years.

  • Bone_Dog

    Competition surfing is great. Being a soul surfer is great. Talking about competition and how it robs you of pure joy is what is lame.

    Other lame things are:

    Jacksonville Jaguars_Lamest football team in the NFL.
    anything associated with the two above.

  • idyllife

    Jeff: I’d refer you to this title – “Jimmicane’s Passion Picks.” I agree that Klingwrap is not fun to watch, but are you honestly outraged that Jimmicane picked his friend, when the title suggests that he made his picks based on passion?

    Competition Haters: Don’t read articles about competition, and you won’t be subjected to reading articles about competition. Don’t buy magazines that cover it, or clothing that sponsors it (really not much difference, eh?). But don’t post about how bad competition is on an article about competition. I don’t like longboarding, and I don’t write comments on longboarding sites.

    To all: if you don’t like the writers and photographers who work for surfing mag, then don’t read it. Don’t buy it, don’t click to their site. If enough people boycott, then the mag will have no money. Otherwise shut up and go post comments on competitive progressive longboarding sites about how you think that is lame.

    Am I the only one who sees the link between surfing’s ambassador of aloha (Garcia) and the fuckwits who post on these sites? They’re all giving surfing a bad name…

  • bromista

    excellent captions. putting vice to shame i’d say. yew c tribe

  • king

    when did luke davis get an aussie accent?