March Of America

Announcing a month of America-centric content

_HAM7623Photo: Scotty Hammonds

Although SURFING Magazine is an international media house and we’ll always cater to our global audience, we’re very much made right here in America.

For 50 years we’ve resided in Southern California; with the surf industry and Orange County just to the north and one of America’s best waves, Lower Trestles, right in our backyard. But sometimes, when your eyes are staring both far and wide, it’s easy to miss what’s under your nose.

So for the first time since 2013, we decided to dedicate an issue to the state of surfing right here in the United States. In a week you’ll be able to read it in tangible form. But SURFING is more than just a magazine, and so we’re celebrating American surfing in more than just a magazine, too.

Starting today and continuing through the rest of March, we’ll be reveling in the stars and stripes here at, with much to offer. We’ll introduce you to America’s latest CT qualifiers, Kanoa Igarashi and Conner Coffin. We’ll bring you in on an in-depth discussion between Kelly Slater, CJ Hobgood, Kolohe Andino, Nat Young and Brett Simpson. We’ll take a look at American icons, iconic American waves and we’ll even giveaway an American CT’ers surfboard.

For the next four weeks, here’s what you can expect:

March 2: America is SURFING, an interactive feature

March 3: America Issue cover drop

March 4: An interview with [redacted], on what it means to land on the USA issue cover

March 7: The Kanoa Igarashi profile, Part 1

March 8: The Kanoa Igarashi profile, Part 2

March 9: An interview with CT rookie Conner Coffin

March 11: Training Grounds: A look at the most important waves in America

March 14: The Fate of the Union: A video series featuring Kelly Slater, CJ Hobgood, Kolohe Andino, Nat Young and Brett Simpson. Part 1

March 16: So Good They Moved Here: Exploring America from an outsider’s perspective.

March 17: The Fate of the Union, Part 2

March 21: The Fate of the Union, Part 3

March 23: The Aloha State Debate: Is it time to drop the HAW denomination?

March 28: American Greats: Who are our modern American Icons?