2010 Quiksilver Pro France: Mick Fanning Victorious

posted by / News / October 2, 2010

Mick Fanning victorious

By Jamie Tierney

“He’s a 9-time world champion. He probably should get a tenth.” Jordy Smith

“It’s a start. I’m going to Portugal now and have a lot of fun.” Mick Fanning

The difference between those two quotes is emblematic of what happened in France today. Mick Fanning started his campaign to defend his world title while Jordy Smith may have surrendered in his first shot at one. Sure Jordy might still be in 2nd in the ratings but this is the second contest in a row where he’s watched a guy who’s 38 rampage through the other side of the draw and found that his 22 year old legs couldn’t keep pace. Had Kelly taken out the final today Smith would have needed to post at least a third at the Rip Curl contest next week in Portugal just to have kept the title race alive.

But that didn’t happen and now a familiar and more seasoned foe is again nipping at the champ’s heals, Mick Fanning. In epic but ultra tricky surf, the two-time world champ did enough to take out Slater in the final and post his 3rd Quiksilver Pro France win of his career. His year starts now. “I’ve still got a lot of work to do and the other guys have a couple of Finals on me,” Mick said. “I need to sprint.”

He can take heart knowing that the win made it impossible for Slater to clinch in Portugal and Kelly for his part was taking either Fanning or Smith’s challenge lightly. “I think it will come down to Pipe,” he said.

After scoring crazy barrels all day yesterday, Kelly seemed to peak in the semis against Brett Simpson. He scored only the second 10 of the year by side slipping into a dark and frothy one the color of a nice English Ale and somehow finding his way out.

Interestingly both Kelly and Mick seemed to fall apart a bit in the final. Crazy barrels chewed and spat all around them but neither could find one that held up. Near the end Mick found two scoring waves together and put Kelly away. “You were either in the spot or you weren’t, and I was fortunate enough to be there for a couple,” he said.

It’s the afternoon now and the beers are flowing at the Café de Paris in Hossegor and the party will move from there to the Place du Landais at the beach and from there to who knows where. As the drinks go down warm and fuzzy memories of the best waves seen at this event in 5 years will bubble up within hearts of the ASP top 32 and all will be c’est bon.

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  • david

    is that bret simpson in third? hell yeauh

  • Nathan Myers

    Nice coverage, Jamie. Short, to the point, big picture. I’d put my money on Kelly right now…8,000 points and three barrels to the finish-line. I think surfing’s collective subconscious is willing him towards #10. Mine is…

  • mic

    Just pure incredabel surfing that was pretty insane,

  • erik

    Slater is still the master in the tube. He’s surfings great. What amazing results from a true champ. It was also good to see (Mick, The Two Time Champ)win this event. He’s a great surfer and has turned into a great sportsmen.
    I think Slater will get 10! …I am so happy for him! He is a true sportsmen and all of us surfers should be proud to have him representing our sport. GO ASP!!! …GO PRO SURFING!!!

  • Amanda

    Kelly will win his 10th because Americans dominate surfing always will always have.

  • Spooner

    americans have not blahblahblah

  • Mik

    Very difficult waves to surf, for anyone. Great final day. Really epic and the entire WTC crew put on a great performance. Congrats to Kelly, and Mick. Super fit and focused athletes showing what it takes to be upper tier pros.

  • craig

    i can tell that amanda has never been to australia

  • Dickson Cider

    I have never seen Kelly so out of breath post heat interview after the QTr. Final and he is a superhuman athlete. Age makes the difference from him to Mick in those regards. Even with the Jet Ski assist I’ll bet 99.99% of the worlds surfers couldn’t have free-surfed those waves withouth months of exercise and practice. With the adrenaline of a final after surfing three heats already, that smae percentage would be laying on a strecther so put out. Slater was literally mere inches from a possible 10 when he air dropped that last perfect backdoor style barrel. He just got clipped too hard by the lip as he landed and pulled up in it. Mick was like a thoroughbred in that final. I’d say it was his biggest win do to the conditions.