2014 Hurley Pro Video Trials: Bracket Announced

posted by / News / July 24, 2014

Dane ReynoldsDane Reynolds, last year’s Hurley Pro video trials winner. Photo: Kolohe Andino

It’s that time of year again. Time for the Hurley Pro Video Trials. Time to go apeshit on social media. Time to beg for votes and “shout-outs” from the most famous friends available.

To recap last year’s madness, Dane Reynolds beat Luke Davis by a landslide, but the real fight as we all know, went down in the Semis and won’t soon be forgotten:

Cam Richards vs Dane Reynolds.

Cam, a once largely unknown goofyfooter from South Carolina, pulled out all the stops. He started an obnoxious hashtag (#ivotedforcamdidyou) and miraculously gained shout-outs from celebs Jamie Foxx and Jaden Smith, turning a nearly impossible task into a dogfight.

Dane battled back by taking his Instagram off private and begging for help. It was so weird. Dane publicly caring about a surf contest? Kelly Slater, Sal Masekela and Craig Anderson joined Dane’s campaign and nobody could believe that it had to come to this. Dane ended up pulling ahead in the closing hour with Sterling Spencer labeling it, “The day that indie died.”

Now we’re back. After seeing multiple clip-voting contests since last year, surfers are well-versed in stacking the ballots. This time though, no Dane. He will instead be surfing in the local trials against a flock of Hurley team riders and San Clemente’s finest down at Trails in San Onofre (July 25), tomorrow.

Here’s the opening bracket you’ll see go to war in this year’s Hurley Pro Video Trials:

Dusty Payne vs Caio Ibelli
Messias Felix vs Albee Layer
Tanner Gudauskas vs Stu Kennedy
Yago Dora vs Ian Gentil
Jack Freestone vs Cam Richards
Matt Banting vs Carlos Munoz
Torrey Meister vs Ian Crane
Pat Gudauskas vs Alex Chacon

Online voting starts August 4th at 12:01am sharp. Get your popcorn ready. -Jimmicane

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  • Snoopdoggy

    Who is gonna give cam a shoutout next? Bill gates? Charlie sheen?

  • Joseph Samuel Hannah


  • dabone

    STU Kennedy!!! Killing it on a TOMO..The BEST BOARDS

  • chris Ward

    Lame what 3 or 4 locals in the trials then 10 hurl guys what a joke have fun boys while I’m indo bound!

  • chris Ward

    I’ll be droppin in anyway they can all take back seats haha!

  • mark reynolds

    Albee you can win this hands down. Or up. Good luck. You already have my vote.

  • Boneroni

    Wait, so Dane is surfing in the trials to get into the event? or is that another event? I’m confused