SURFING x GromSearch Video Elections #1

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Who blew up at this weekend’s GromSearch kickoff in Huntington? You tell us and you may find yourself on the podium with new Rip Curl gear.

At SURFING Magazine, we realize that not all the ripping happens in the final. There are standouts throughout the event, which is why we created the GromSearch Video Elections. Watch the clips below from this past weekend’s series opener in Huntington Beach. Cast your vote, post your opinion, or, depending on if you’re nominated, throw a campaign. Yes you can! Regional event winners get a profile piece on SURFINGMAGAZINE.COM, and the season champion gets a full page “Threat” feature in SURFING Magazine.

And for those of you who want to win some Rip Curl gear:

  1. Vote
  2. Explain your answer in our comments section

We’ll pick our favorite campaign supporter and send you free Rip Curl gear. So simple. So quick. So much surf gear to give away.

Who blew up the hardest at The Rip Curl Gromsearch West Coast?

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Photos by: Paul Fisher

Parker Coffin Ripping one off the topParker Coffin made two finals and took one crown by letting his fins see some Huntington sun.

Cheering Squad.Divine cheering squad.

Taylor Clark finished runner up in the 16 and under division.San Diego’s Taylor Clark drove his car up to HB, then drove his board up over HB.

San Clemente's Colin Deveze wins the boys 12 and under division.Colin Deveze of San Clemente took the Boys 12 and Under division.

Event Scaffolding from the water.This is what the searchers look like from the perspective of a grom being searched for.

Frankie Harrer takes home first in the girls 16 and under divisionFrankie Harrer won the Girls 16 and Under division and will head to the national championships for 2010.

Parker Coffin lays into a double finals showingParker is on a Huntington Beach roll, winning the NSSA Westerns and the Rip Curl Gromsearch back to back.

Kalani David layback.Kalani David was part of a major Hawaii contingent contesting the California Gromsearch.

Kalani David finishes in 4th place in the boys 12 and under.Kalani sent his board to 12 o’clock in the 12 and Under.

Colin Moran cleans up. 2nd in boys 14 and under. 1st boys 16 and under. Winner of Dragon Highest Heat Score of the Event.Colin Moran cleaned up, taking 2nd in Boys 14 and Under, 1st in Boys 16 and Under, and nabbing the Dragon Highest Heat Score of the Event.

Grom abuse. Although, it looks like he is enjoying it. Jake and Micah Davis.Grom abuse — although it looks like he’s kind of enjoying it. Jake and Micah Davis.

Boys under 12 finalistsBoys 12 and Under finalists with their weight in fine Rip Curl products.

Boys under 14 finalists.Boys 14 and Under finalists with about 3/4 of their weight in fine Rip Curl products (they’re a bit bigger at this age).

Girls under 16 finalists.Girls 16 and Under finalists.

Boys under 16 finalists.Boys 16 and Under finalists, including the lucky winner, who’ll have a chance to qualify for the trip to Bells later in the year.

Colin Moran all smiles. Takes home the big check.Colin Moran, all smiles thanks to the big check.

Parker Coffin thumbs up.Parker Coffin thumbs to the sky.

BOYS 16/under:
1. Colin Moran
2. Taylor Clark
3. Andrew Jacobson
4. Parker Coffin

BOYS 14/under:
1. Parker Coffin
2. Colin Moran
3. Ian Gentil
4. Kevin Schulz

BOYS 12/under:
1. Colin Deveze
2. Jake Marshall
3. Jacob Davis
4. Kalani David

GIRLS 16/under:
1. Frankie Harrer
2. Jasset Umbel
3. Shelby Detmers
4. Meah Collins

H20 Overdrive Maneuver of the Event:
Kaimana Jaquias- $100

Dragon High Heat of the Event:
Colin Moran 16.5- $50
Mahina Maeda- $50

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  • Sean

    Parker is on fire!!!

  • Mike VDK

    Colin had the best ride. Backside left with speed and power drops were the bomb.

  • Jeff Pashkow

    This is so great. The best way to make sure the USA is producing quality talent in the water is the Grom search.

  • Leon Commandeur

    My vote goes to Kaimana Jaquias! Because seeing this makes me realise that sometimes I need a word bigger than ‘stoked’ in the dictioniary to describe what I feel watching it!

    Kaimaned… That could be an option!

  • tyler

    Colin moran blew it up!! He puts so much spray and power into his turns and kills it!!

  • Al

    Kaimana Jaquias. That fins free blast was vicious.

  • mike

    parker coffin made two finals hands down he’s the best and has the sickest style for a grom iv seen. easy choice.

  • surfpartycruise

    Parker’s got a bag of tricks for any wave…

  • Travis Ferre

    I’m going with Kaimana Jaquias. That is one of the most legit and powerful turns that Taco Bell reef has ever seen. RIP: 9th St. Taco Bell by the way.

  • Jonathan

    Parker Coffin is the best. He has the style of Tom Curren but the tricks and airs of Dane Reynold.

  • Nick

    They are ALL blowing up!

  • witness……..

    Colin Moran hands down. He has wicked backside hits and he won the older division and 2nd in other division.
    He is blowing up everywhere he’s huge!

  • rachel

    Parker blew up thee Gromsearch!! he killed it, parker made two finals and surfed great! parker won the 14! he is ALWAYS on fire.. parker is one of my favorite groms.. i love to watch him surf. he has so much style… GOOD JOB PARKER!

  • Sam

    Good job Colin you are surfing great keep it up.

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  • Linsey Brown

    Jake had nice power turns and finshed very strong at the end. Tight turns in the pocket are always nice!!!!!

  • Newps

    Colins backside hits are insane. He looks so much older than the other kids with his smooth style. He won the event and took 2nd in his own division – Colin is the man

  • Nick

    Colin! West Coast Champion. Made both finals Highest Heat scores…… surfer there. Mature style for a grom comp

  • Stevenson’s

    Congrats Colin!! We’re very proud of you! Keep it going.

  • Stevenson’s

    Congrats Colin!! We’re so proud of you. Keep up the good work and don’t forget us when your famous.

  • Brendan Lange

    Kaimana Jaquias crushed it.

  • KC

    Colin killed it……but is he a Grom? Check his ID That guy doesn’t surf like a Grom….skilz

  • Mickey MacMillian

    Your going to be seeing a lot of Colin Moran over the next few years! way to go Colin our votes for you! love ya buddy, Your Kauai Ohana

  • TheGreatCornJulio

    Colin Moran!!!!! He killed it. He won it. He owns it.

  • Mini Bar uu

    Is there really any question?
    Colin is hitting it big time, Did you see his backside hits-highest score for no other reason than he is the real deal! uu

  • entertainUU

    Did UU see that kid Colin surf? Hows he do that? Frontside or Backside equally as strong. He fit 3 and 4 backside hits in a spot for 1. very entertaining Colin! good show

  • coby peterson

    COLIN MORAN!!!! Representing newps and doing quite a good job if i don’t say so myself. The only reason he didn’t win both divisions is because the grand prize was the same for both the divisions. ya colin!!

  • Echo Beach

    Colin Moran from Newps HotBed of Talent killed it, kills it everywhere.