Alpinestars X Nakoa Decoite Giveaway

posted by / News / May 9, 2012

Nakoa Decoite in the HD2 Velocity Boardshort

Alpinestars and Maui-born charger, Nakoa Decoite, have joined forces and want to share their stoke with you. Also, they want to share their boardies. They have three pairs of HD2 boardshorts they want to give away to coincide with the warming of the Northern Hemisphere. Yes, summer is just around the corner. And like the SURFING rule book states, “There’s no shame in admitting you love summer.”

1. To win, give us your best acrostic name poem describing your summer activities. Winners will be chosen 12pm on May 11.

Simply form a word or phrase using the first letter of each letter in Nakoa’s name and leave below in the comments field. And make sure to leave your real email so we can get in touch if you win. Good luck!








HD2 Velocity Boardshort

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  • Backdoor Ben

    Now I’m on my way, to Bali for a month.

    And then back to Maui to practice all my punts.

    Knock out Nakoa, while I’m over there.

    Or I’ll just ask: What? Your boardshorts, can share?

    A hui hou!

  • Julien

    Nothing can be compare to AlpineStars.

    Addicted to what they are.

    Keep them close to your heart.

    Or they will be taken apart.

    Ahaha, I should stop it right here before I go to far..

  • brady ruysschaert

    At surfing

  • Paul Geisler

    Nice peelers
    Alone but with friends
    Kickin airs
    Off shore breeze
    And praising God for Everything

  • Dominik

    N othing such a cold breeze
    A llows you to feel free
    K ite-surfing, swimming and dreaming
    O biously have the same meaning, which
    A re unforgettable MEMORIES

    Greetings from Poland.

  • Christian

    Nakoa rips the waves that have brewed.

    Alpinestars’ shorts put chicks in the mood

    Keep on keepin’ on.

    Once I win this will be a epic treat.

    Alpinestars x Nakoa can’t be beat!

  • Mitchell Ditter

    Now I am so ready for summer.
    And it will be filled with great friends and family.
    Kick out the jet skis.
    Out ride all my buddies.
    And always go all in.

  • Garett Preston

    New pair of HD2 boardshorts in the mail.

    A new MB Tomcat sets sail.

    Knowing Alpinestars wont let me down.

    Open the Ballasts for a solid round.

    Another awesome summer will be renowned.

  • Big Poppa

    Now then. . .
    Any of you less-endowed wankers
    Know where a well-hung stallion like myself can find some
    Out-o-sight boardies that look trim but keep my pecker from flapping in the breeze?
    Alpinestars, you say? True dat.

  • Matt Courtney

    N ice weather, cool breeze
    A surfboard at my side
    K ickin on the beach with babes
    O n towards a sleepness night
    A thing only summertime provides

  • Cody grom

    Never want to go back to school
    Always having fun
    Krazy bad sunburns
    Onshore air sections
    Aloha from all the braddahs

  • AL2BMW

    N ever
    A ccept
    K inetic
    O ptions
    A fter death

  • Tealergang

    Not one for the needle

    Alpine comfort, an addiction I’d enjoy

    Kryptonite – summer girls taking them off

    Only to snatch ’em

    And give them to a boyfriend back home

  • Mike

    Nice day for a boat ride
    And even better for a board ride
    Kiss the sky
    On my Hyperlite ride
    Above the clouds I fly

  • Mike

    Nice day for a boat ride
    And even better for some board time
    Kissing the sky on my way by
    On my Hyperlite I ride
    Above the clouds is where I fly

  • dewgun

    Need some new boardies
    Alpine gets it done
    Keeps me look’n fresh
    On the waves in summers sun

  • Filtrate_desk_jockey

    Never had a beer with me on the mainland
    Always yoked
    Known for taking his shirt off
    On steroids
    A male model

    Dedicated charger
    Early riser
    Can beat my ass
    On a mission
    Is the nicest guy ever
    True Hawaiian
    Extremely good at taking a taunt… Legend.

  • Scott Y.

    Nesting in terry above sun heated sand,
    alive riding in Poseidon’s angry hand,
    knowing I am a meare speck in this sea,
    often my mind will drift so peacefully,
    allowing ray’s of summer to engulf me.

  • Gooey!


  • brian phillips

    Nattys quenching my thirst
    always pull out before i burst
    kicking someones ass if they spill on my shirt
    surfing until my back hurt
    asses shaking… thats all i got

  • Grif

    Nice beer
    Another nice beer
    Keg of beer
    Oh man i love beer
    Ten more beers
    Another beer

  • Grif

    i think i picked up an extra letter in there

  • Grif

    could say that its because i had ‘Ten too many beers’… < see what i did there, epic recovery!

  • dewgun

    are you going to post the winners?

  • Surfing Magazine

    Congratulations Scotty Y., Matt Courtney and Backdoor Ben for your linguistic wits.

    We’ll contact you soon.


  • dewgun

    thanx…congrats to the winning bro’s

  • Scott Y.

    I’m very excited to wear them.

  • Backdoor Ben

    Thanks! Super stoked. Big mahalos to Nakoa, Alpinestars and Surfing Magazine!

  • Matt Courtney

    Thanks Alpinestars and surfing magazine!! This is awesome!

  • Nakoa

    You guys killed it!

  • Paul Geisler

    So who won?

  • Scott Y.

    I got mine a few days ago. They are super comfy & I’m completely impressed by the quality. Even inside you can see details of quality reinforcement. The girly says they look even better in person.

  • tori decoite

    Older then me
    And looks like grandpa herman

  • DeCoite’s

    Over da top good
    Always will be loved
    ~DeCoite Ohana~