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Words By Chas Smith; Photos By Nate Lawrence

The setting sun over the Snapper Rocks is so pretty. Still white clouds jive on a powder blue canvas, refusing to turn pink and whatnot. Defying the natural order of things and whatnot. Strange crows are singing strange songs. A turkey vulture dances on a tin roof across the street. It has been hot hot today but it is no longer. It is deck time cocktail hour at Apartment 11. A finer thing. Grey Goose vodka and cranberry on cracked ice with a dash of bitters. Simple and refreshing. It is also time to discuss the finer things with such a totally finer man. Luke Stedman.

He is easy, wearing grey cut-off corduroy shorts, a grey and black striped tank top and a long sleeved cowboy themed Hawaiian shirt. Guitars and broncos. A purple knit cap covers his perfectly sun bleached thatch.

He is the most finer man in all of surfing.

And we discuss…

His kind of women:

“I like ‘em fun and entertaining. That is my kind of woman.”

I tell him that I know his women and “fun/entertaining” would not be primary descriptive adjectives for them. He throws his head back and laughs deeply.

“They are now.”

His kind of car:

“Fuck, I like ‘em smooth. I like ‘em used. My first car was a 1976 Jag with a 350 Chev engine. Push the peddle down and hear the ba-ba-ba-ba. That thing drank gas but she was so wonderful. Right now I’m driving a 1980s Jimmy (by GMC). That’s my whip. But if I could choose my dream car? Fuck, I know exactly what it’d be. A ahhhhhh one of those with the big birds on the hood. A……….Trans-Am. Yeah, a 1984 Trans-Am.”

His kind of suit:

“You know, it is a bit hard to find a suit that fits well on a tall and skinny man. Of course I love Hedi Slimane and I have had one but I lost it. Right now I have a Jean Paul Gaultier suit that is pretty good.”

"I like 'em smooth. I like 'em used." - Luke Stedman.  Photo: Nate Lawrence

"I like 'em smooth. I like 'em used." - Luke Stedman. Photo: Nate Lawrence

His kind of movie:

“The opening scene of Inglourious Basterds is just so good. It is the best scene in the movie. The best scene ever. The way the action builds so slowly. The camera doesn’t really change and the scene doesn’t either. Just that house and all that tension. So good.”

His kind of dining:

“My favorite kinds of dinners are the sort that have the three different wine glasses. And I like to eat with someone who knows more than I do. Someone who does all the ordering, and pairs the right foods with the right wine. When everything tastes magical together.”

His kind of music:

“Fuuuuuck, the Dead Weather is coming to Oz soon and I am stoked. I also just saw Them Crooked Vultures. Josh Homme looks so good holding a guitar. Powerful but sexy and that is difficult. So good.”

Jewelry on women:

“I like when they wear men’s jewelry. I don’t like it pretty. I like it big and real. I like to be able to pick up a chick’s ring and put it on.”

His kind of city:

“Sydney is home but I love Paris. It is super clean and super sexy”

His kind of hotel:

“Mama Shelter in Paris is so great. In LA? I’ve stayed in the Mondrian, The Standard, Chateau Marmont…there are so many good hotels.”

"I like 'em fun and entertaining. That is my kind of woman." - Luke Stedman.  Photo: Nate Lawrence

"I like 'em fun and entertaining. That is my kind of woman." - Luke Stedman. Photo: Nate Lawrence

His kind of life:

“Ahhhhh I am pretty happy with my life right now. You know, everything is perfect about being a pro surfer. The level of fame and notoriety is perfect. Like, you don’t have people mobbing you in the street, but you have little kids coming up for autographs, which feels good. And sometimes you’ll get bumped up to business class because a stewardess likes the way you surf. You get paid well but not a crazy amount so life never becomes surreal. It is all just perfect.”

The sun has gone all the way down. Luke’s smile is clear as he glides out of Apartment 11 and off toward a party at hotelier Luke Egan’s new Kommune. His skin is the color of health, his teeth white like ivory. The stars grow so bright. Much better than neon lights.

Follow the most finer man in surfing at

Stedz and Chas.  Photo: Nate Lawrence

Stedz and Chas. Photo: Nate Lawrence

Photo: Nate Lawrence

Photo: Nate Lawrence

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  • Mike

    Isn’t Luke married to Malia Jones or did that one end also?

  • Bob H

    Chaz was better when he was embracing his inner California spaz, not his inner California dork.

  • bobbitch


  • conan

    cheated on her whilst pregnant, she left him and now he is not seeing his kid grow up and have half the wolfpak after his blood when he hits the rock…smart move stedz

  • greg

    nah he cheated on malia with some smelly balo chick

  • Mokes R Us

    Maybe next time Chas can take a short break from his manfatuation and ask Steds how fatherhood is treating him. Stedman is a marked man on the North Shore. Da braddahs no look kindly on his ilk. Oh yeah, he surfs like a hunchback kook too. He’ll be washing dishes in 5 years once he’s off the tour.

  • Jamie

    He’s with some Indo chick that likes to scribble on his arms. She does look like Malia but only from a distance.

  • Jason

    It’s everything I love about Cosmo, but with surfers!

  • johnny

    this is making u guys look really really homo… this is really HOMO

  • trueEuropoof

    Dumb rich kid attitude, like so many Australians (age 20 to 35) unfortunately. Great country, too much wealth and not enough worries in this generation though, things come to them too easy so they are not appreciated in a sufficient way, this has transformed them into casual and careless self-centered mommy boys (which is quite different to being a soft spoken euro steds, stop trying you are on the wrong track. It might be like so cool in Sydney right now, but I am pretty sure even “the new Hansel” would say “you are acting like all loco on me bro”)… I doubt that it is a good thing if a society is so wealthy that “services” which used to be provided by family can be provided by the government. This leads to false values and unhappiness. While living in oz, I haven’t met too many single mothers or fathers that don’t see their kids that seemed truly happy to me…

  • Trey Williams

    Could someone please direct me to a shot of CHAS doing a slash or in the barrel or something? Fukin’ weird sounding guy, him. But he gets to talk to all the cool people. Maybe I could appreciate his effeminate penmanship if I knew he rips.

  • conan

    Johnny phobic…bet the hawaiian boys dont think this issue is “homo”

  • oms

    heh…cheated on Malia while she was pregnant ????? wow. pure freaking genius.

  • http://alive hilt

    steds is lame you are lame surfing publication is lame go surf idiots

  • sean prenter

    Steds,youre the man,all these loose cannons are reeling in your absence.
    I think your the man,we al make mistakes and when your down,everyone is on top of you!
    I have met Malia,awesome lady,Steds is back with her now,so all is good.mooooove oonnnnnn boyyz!

    I cooked for Steds on his Engagement party,great crew of friends and im sure he has the support to get through and stay in the top 16 in the world.

    Yo Mate,you rip!


  • John

    So gay

  • Twitterati

    SEAN P- back with Malia! i don’t fink so just check all his sickly Tweets on his lov for his new girl Fa.

    and i doubt he’s a marked man in HI, as he was there for the pipe & and i didnt hear of any wardo-esque bashing.

  • nook

    drop the F…word punk…bad for the kids…

  • http://surfingmagazine the lantern

    Steds enjoys girls that wear big rings he can fit on his own hands.maybe it’s a banchong he’s been enjoying in bali.not a monkey woman. Ahahaha steds enjoys south asian trannies.dirty dirty man

  • billy boy

    The leaving your wife when she is in late pregnancy and taking up with another- poor form , selfish and hardly a great role model.
    Insight still sponsor this cheating turd so what can you do? He doesn’t have anything going for him at the moment and his “mates ” on the WCT aren’t keen on the smell around him.
    The interview starts off with a pretty comprehensive description of his clothes and that’s about all he is really – a surfing model.
    Who would pay to read this garbage?

  • voice

    nope..Insight dropped his ass

  • seth

    What a fool. Leaving a wife and kid for a slut .. well done

  • Rocky Point

    Great Job!, Interview a looser that leaves his pregnant wife high and dry? I will go out of my way not to buy from this tools sponsors. I just read his cute little tweets saying that he heard his son say dada for the first time at the first birthday party…REALLY! your kid starts saying dada at about 4 months. The Jones family are some of the best people you could meet and you pull this? SHAME to you and your family. She puts a career on hold and takes on 100% of the responsibility while you go play? You are not wanted in the islands go to Jakarta with your homewrecking/hippy/model/rave/tattoofreak. Best of luck… and remember da hui sees all.

  • jonny cobra

    steds is the man , all you fags from the islands saying hes gay and hes gonna get beat, act like you havent cheated on a chick youve been in a serious relationship with. Malia is super hot and i would marry her in a second , but dont hate on luke cause he did what all of us do … make mistakes ! stop hating on him cause he surfs better then you , sleeps with hotter chicks and gets paid to do it . fucking stupid island beaners youve always been a bunch of kooks and that will never change !!!!!!!!!!!!!