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posted by / News, Video / August 6, 2013

Earlier today, this video surfaced of Anastasia Ashley engaging in the most enthusiastic warm-up routine we’ve seen in quite some time. It provoked a storm of feelings for us folks at SURFING Magazine, intrigue being one of them. We called Anastasia to get to the — well — bottom of this.

SURFING Magazine: Was the clip pre-meditated?

Anastasia Ashley: It wasn’t at all! I didn’t put out the video. I just woke up this morning with a bunch of people tweeting and texting me asking about it.

So you knew nothing about it?

No, I didn’t know anything until it was online. I tried reaching out to the people who put it up — it’s some blog or something — but I still haven’t figured out who was behind it. I really have no clue how it went down.

Is that just your normal pre-surf routine?

I always listen to music before I surf. Every contest, that’s kind of my warm-up routine. The one thing that the video doesn’t show is everything else that I do. I do stretches and other things, you know? I try to get loose and that’s just a part of it.

What’s the response to the video been like?

At first, I was kind of taken aback by it. But it’s all been pretty good for the most part. I definitely don’t want people to know me just for that. More than anything, I’m into surfing big waves. I got nominated for an XXL award last year and I’m really excited to keep pursuing that.

Do you do the same warm-up routine before you go surf big waves?

I mean, yeah. Listening to music is a big part of my pre-surf routine. And that’s just my way of warming up.

And we are perfectly OK with that.

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  • George Hansen

    This should be the trailer video for the super girl contest. . . lets see what kinda hate facebook status’s we get.

  • sean somers


  • Ice Ice Baby

    brilliant publicity stunt! and playing dumb after, awesome
    the look on the other girls face was priceless
    this should be mandatory for all girl contests


    shes a surfer. shes free to be herself.

  • BobK

    Funny how the blonde girl looks back and grins almost like saying “go ahead and dance, I will kick your A$$

  • Yoda

    Well, if she really doesn’t know what she’s doing, than she is as smart as a bag of rocks.

  • backside

    it’s too bad SHES GOT NO ASS. That thing is flat. Get some junk!

  • Nicole

    I was there and saw the guy video taping and she was with him and talking to him between heats… total publicity stunt…and she doesn’t really need it because she is a good surfer. Unfortunately there is a battle for sponsorships in women’s surfing right now and since the sponsors tend to go after the girls with the “surfer girl” look I’m guessing her intentions were to get attention. And it wouldn’t surprise me if a sponsor “suggested” this. Women’s sponsorships are dropping like flies… many of the top women surfers in the would are struggling to get major sponsors…sad…

  • Megual Greenswith

    Damn Nicole your like a magnum pi of surf contest. what else did you see that went down we should all know about ?


    I need to go change my underwear.

  • Beau

    It’s a sad fact of life that the hotties with a modicum of talent will always get the prime sponsors.

    Back in the 80’s Wendy Botha was the same (and she took her kit off for Playboy!) while the following year Pauline Menzcer took the championship (despite serious prolonged illness) and couldn’t get any sponsors…

    It’s a fact of life… looks are crucial.

  • Becka

    Don’t pay attention to gossip of why she did it. Anyone can say they were there and saw everything but that doesn’t mean they really were or know anything. I’m just going to rest on the fact that this video is hilarious and she should do whatever makes her happy.

  • Mike S

    Now, if she could twerk while riding a wave on the surfboard then that would be truly fantastic.

  • Ty Smith

    Fact is, Anastasia rips and she has a heart of gold! Publicity stunt or not, she is on your radar now and she’s taking over…

  • Eric

    Alana who???

  • Mel

    Everyone has there own way of warming up before a heat or any other sport!!! She’s zoned out on her music and getting ready to compete. She’s having fun and looking cute doing it :)

  • Steve

    They say for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. Kind of get the feeling of doing that in this case

  • Joe Crimo (cream in my pants ohhh)

    Joe Crimo says, wow, I just joe cream-ohhed. haha.

  • brazilian hater

    She looks like a stripper

  • Kaipo Gomes

    Oh nooooooooooooo what will Cori Schumacher say about this? The “Industry” made her do it. It’s not her fault, she’s trying to get sponsored, she is seeing how popular and rich Alana has become and she is putting her talents out there. Your reaction all depends on your point of view in life. Nice ass by the way. How does she surf you ask? Who cares. Alana finished #2 in the last Surfer Poll Awards. She beat Carissa and Tyler Wright who smoke her when it comes to surfing. How did she beat them? Her well documented bottom turn and the small amount of material that covers her package. As Dave Parmenter once said, “womens surfing would be much more popular if they surfed naked”. Have at it Cori and the rest of you haters!

  • Ace Retro


  • It’sOnlyAParkingLotWang…

    An-a$$-stasia Indeed! Make it baby, make it rain!

  • jay hart

    booooty i love it jerk off to it