Andy Irons NYC Tribute

posted by / News / November 4, 2010

Renowned photographer Justin Jay is responsible for what you see below, what he calls “a guerrilla wheat paste installation that I did last night as a tribute to Andy from the City of New York.”

Photography by Justin Jay

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  • Augustine

    “Soon, I’ll die miserable and alone in a Dallas hotel room.”

    Horrible. Did anything like this ever cross Andy’s mind? Was he prepared to die? Was he aware that we stand on the precipice of eternity at every moment? Are you aware of just how thin is the thread connecting us to this life? Are you prepared to die? Do you understand that this flicker of life is nothing more nor less than a preparation for death? Prepare yourself. Listen, without any distractions:

    Finish the series by scrolling to the bottom of the page here:

  • jp

    It upsets me that the media is acting like this is some tragic accident. Their needs to be accountability from the ASP, the hospital in Miami and the airline that didn’t let Andy board (in Dallas). As an ER physician I see this everyday when errors happen in the ED. Somebody makes a mistake but there are usually multiple mistakes that lead to a bad outcome.
    Now I know its not the time to point blame, but this dialgoue has to come up or this could happen again to someone else(or another WCT surfer). I can tell you(as a physician) people of Andy’s age and fitness do not routinely die of dengue. Saddest if adequate medical care which PR, Miami and Dallas all could offer has a mortality of < 5% or less. Dengue with supportive care(i.e iv fluids, aggressive correction of coagulopathies(i.e thrombocytopenia) anemia etc..) is treatable, Andy didn’t die in Indonesia. The WCT physician taking care of Andy needs to release a statement or some explanation. The hospital in Miami also should(i.e if Andy signed out against medical advice) and the people who didn’t let Andy board in Dallas need to release a statment or explanation telling why someone so sick was allowed to go to hotel room. Also if someone is going to get very sick from dengue(in the time frame that Andy presented to the hospital in Miami i.e days 3-6 post illness presentation )you would have a pretty good idea of the badness that was going to potentially occur.(i.e low platelets(esp trend), lactic acid elevation, anemia, end organ dysfunction, hemodynamic instability) Let me put it this way: Imagine if Kobe Bryant got sick and died from Dengue, would the public be upset? Would their be an enquiry if the Laker’s doctors let him board a plane febrile, in shock and then he died?

  • Mik

    Augustine: There is a time and place for everything. This is neither the time nor place to proselytize, no matter how well intended. Andy prepared for death by living the most exceptional life I can imagine, as a surfer, athlete, and human being. Thousands of friends and admirers are heartbroken by this loss. That says everything that needs to be said about this tragedy.

  • bob

    pretty fucked up that some photographer guy in nyc is using AI’s passing as a means to promote himself.

  • Giulliano Sebben

    At moments likes this, we all realise how all can end today, how much life, family and friends are so important and how even not knowing this person can make you so upset. We as surfers, skaters, musicians, know who ANDY IROS was and is to all of us, this is a shock a slap in the face, but a riminder to never take life, family and friends for granted. I can only send a prayer to the IRONS family, that at this moment need so much, and hope that one day, this will all make sence. I LOVE YOU ANDY IRONS!

  • Richard Atwood

    Where is the actual news story on Andy’s death I would expect to see on this website?

  • Megan

    Andy was my cousin. I cannot believe he envisioned this or would have chosen to leave his family in this way. We must all take this as a reminder of how precious each day is. And, we must not challenge our bodies – when you are sick, respect that and get well…

  • Terrence

    Thank you Augustine. That really is some moving stuff. And it’s nice to see that your ministry is so open to gay & lesbian lifestyles…and doesn’t seem to embrace the concept of “damnation.” I was a little surprised to see that it’s also pro-choice, but I know religion has become a bit more progressive lately.

    Anyway, awesome place for product placement. Thanks for the diversion!

  • Jordan

    Attn People:

    Here are some articles presently in the Action Sports section of ESPN:

    A photo gallery of giant Mavs/Cortes.
    A article about Mitch Coleborn’s trial in Canada.
    An article about the AI investigation in Dallas.
    An article about the lawsuit at the NY Surf Film Festival.
    An article about ASR suspending all trade shows.

    Presently playing on the Surfing Mag homepage: An article about Steph Gilmore entitled “Steph On A All Four.” Get it? Like, on all fours?

    It’s a sad day when ESPN has you trumped in covering your own sport.

  • dude

    Kinda agree with Bob on this one. Justin Jay promoting himself through a passing legend is in poor taste. Justin’s name is more prevalent than Andy’s. And what about giving credit to the real photographers who captured the images in your “tribute” to yourself ?

  • EB&D

    Attn Jordan:

    ESPN knows shit about surfing and doesn’t make a magazine. I couldn’t get through a single one of the articles you mention without wanting to hang myself with a comp leash.

  • Jordan

    EB –

    They might be dry and not especially surfer-friendly, but my point is that they EXIST. Not a single one of our trusted surf resources has published a WORD about the Coleborn arrest nor a word about the possible causes of AI’s death. Mark my word, in the coming months, all of the most detailed reporting on Andy’s tragic passing will come from non-surfing entities. This industry has and still does view anything investigative as “intrusive” or, more to the point, “un-bro-like.” We could publish a cautionary report on the final days of Andy’s life – with comprehensive interviews – but that might be “weak” or, more to the point, cost some photographer his camera gear on the North Shore.

    Newsflash: Telling the entire story of an icon’s death does not disrespect that icon. In fact, just the opposite is true.

  • Justin Jay

    In response to “Bob” and “Dude” –

    The person who shot those photos of Andy is ME. I took every one of those photos. I pasted those photos up because I wanted New York to be able to see intimate and humanizing images of Andy in this dark hour.

    I did not simply “steal” someone else’s photos and make an AI tribute to promote myself. If you would have viewed the images in their entirety on my website, you would have seen that I was able to capture those intimate moments because Andy gave me access and invited me into his personal sphere. Andy also had a love for New York City, specifically Rockaway Beach, which we talked about last time I saw him.

    Ever since I put up the tribute, I have received numerous positive emails and thank yous from friends of Andys.

    Pictures of the tribute have subsequently appeared all over the internet, which is exactly what I asked people to do. I included my name/website in the tribute so that people would be able to access my website and see each of the individual pictures in full frame rather than just a small picture showing the context and location.

    I hope this clarifies any misconceptions that anyone might have as to my intentions and motives. I felt driven to share these photos and show the surfing community that Andy was fondly remembered in New York. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Justin Jay

  • Augustine

    Jordan, good points. Part of that story would have to include the imprudence of AI’s allegedly rejecting the advice of the Puerto Rican doctor to stay there for a few days for treatment. Of course, it’s very easy to say this in hindsight. He probably thought he’d be able to make it home and then see a doc.

  • Augustine

    By the way, after reading the police report, it appears that he died on Nov. 1, and not on Nov. 2 when he was found. It appears that he went straight to bed and died sometime on Nov. 1, possibly before noon. I say this because, when his body was found, rigor mortis had already set in.

  • Robin

    AI was a great surfer. Going to miss watching him. Mr. Augustine, you shouldn’t post that kind of stuff here. Not the time or the place. Maybe you can pray for some respect and manners.
    Aloha Andy

  • Augustine

    Robin and Mik, it’s precisely the time and the place for such things. I know, we want to sweep death and the need to be prepared for it under the rug. Its contemplation is especially unbearable for the modern mind, steeped in the hopelessness of neopaganism as it usually is. But to refuse to contemplate and prepare for death, and to fail to do so rightly, is eternally fatal. Keep death ever before your mind. Understand: This life is a battlefield. Prepare.

  • Karena

    I am not totally convinced that life is a battlefield, but I am 100% that LOVE is a battlefield.

    We are young. No one can tell us we’re wrong.

  • Doctor

    Really , Andy is an example for everybody and we saw a revelation from heaven as it appear a rainbow out of no where after a minute of silence. We should just enjoy the happiness of his memories and let him be in peace! What ever happened to him for sure they needed an Angel in the sky!!! He will live for ever…

  • Spleef

    I echo the sentiments of Karena. After all, we are young. Heartache to heartache we stand…no promises…no demands

  • betinho

    Here in Bali we had a beautiful and huge paddle out fo AI you can see the pics here