Ariano de Souza Wins The 2009 Billabong Pro Mundaka

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Adriano de Souza Wins Billabong Pro Mundaka
By Jamie Tierney

I lied.

I promised yesterday that I would drive to Spain and watch the final day of the 2009 Billabong Pro Mundaka.  It didn’t happen.   The reasons I could give for this are many.  The contest moved to Sopelana and the waves were terrible, while in France, for the first time in weeks, it was offshore and firing. It was the last day of my vacation and I needed to surf, not watch surfing.  What else?  The judging was suspect (more on that later).  Did I mention the waves were really fun in France?

All of these are good reasons, but they’re not the truth.  The truth:  just like Mark Renton said after ripping off his friends at the end of “Trainspotting:” “The truth is, I’m a bad person.”

Now I’m at the Biarritz airport. It’s 6am and I’m trying to remember what I watched on the webcast. I saw very small, very bad waves that got worse as the day wore on.  I saw a chink in Mick Fanning’s armor as he went down to Fred Patacchia in Round 3. I saw title contenders CJ Hobgood, Adriano de Souza and Kelly Slater take advantage and make heats.  I saw CJ go down in a close semi to Chris Davidson, who made the first ‘CT final of his 17 year pro surf career.  I saw Adriano unleash the most outrageously over the top claim I’ve ever seen after bouncing through the outside section and tapping the lip on the inside to score a 7.67 (including a 9 from the Brazilian judge) and edge past Kelly.  I saw Kelly ripping a waist high bomb to shreds, a minute after the horn blew. I saw him limping up the beach .  I saw Adriano get his first win of his career and move into 3rd place in the ratings, becoming the first Brazilian with a real shot at a world title.

I saw head high dead glass peelers when I turned the webcast off and drove to the nearest Plage du Surf.

I smiled.

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  • ricardo

    He will keep claiming!!
    And you will have to swallow it down your troat.
    Go Adriano

  • Edilson

    All that Adriano has been with a lot of guts. He deserved this title.

  • Gilbert

    Sorry mate, but you got wrong… in the wave that De souza scored 7.67 any judge gave 9 to him… it happened in the De souza´s high score (8.33), so it makes scense isn´t, and the same judge (i don´t know if he´s brazilian or not) gave 9 for 8.33 of De souza, gave 9.5 for 8.93 of Slater… so he gaves overscores to both… and in my opinion De souza was much more vertical and radical than slater… but my opinion is not important.

  • Rodrigo

    Adriano played the game and claimed when he needed the score. He was the best surfer under those “not excellent” conditions.
    Let’s see how he does in Portugal and possibly we will have another world title contender arriving in Hawaii for the last leg of the tour.
    Congratulations, Adriano!

  • Eternal prejudice against brazilians…

    Hahahaha!!! The american journalist is sad because the brazilian judge gave a 9.0 to Adriano??? C´mon, boy, american and aussies judges has been doing this for years against brazilian and european surfers, and i never saw you Jamie say nothing about it!!

  • Jason Tores

    Jamie Tierney is nothing but a sniveling, corporate sycophant who gets a paycheck from Quiksilver and creeps out with Dane and Kelly. The fact that EVERYONE at the event, pros, spectators, etc. thought Adriano won the heat except for Kelly’s ever-diminishing inner-circle is a testament to the fact that SURFING is too good to employ this hack. He sits there and bitches about judging when his friends lose, and gets his facts wrong. Seriously, get rid of this loser.

  • Remmy

    So if Jamie Tierney wasn’t there, what the fuck is Surfing paying him for? This dude is too damn ugly to pull hot, investment bankers like Charlie Smith and his writing is horrid. And he saw Kelly ripping a waist-high bomb to shreds after the hooter before limping up the beach…so, 1) you’re implying Kelly should have won the heat every which way but the way he didn’t, and 2) he hammed up his injury so the fans could accept his loss? What a joke.

  • Kali Lebarge

    How long does it take to develop a flash game.