Baby Cobras 2012 Photo Winner Change

posted by / News / November 5, 2012

Mike Killion, Chicago
Photo: Mike Killion, Chicago

Last Thursday we announced the winners of the Baby Cobras contest: Garrett English for writing, Matt Payne for filming and Carlos Santana for photography. We were excited about our picks and figured the rest of the world would be too. And most of the rest of the world was.

But a few hated, because if the rappers and the Internet have taught us anything it’s that haters gonna hate. And so the comments lit up with “bullshit, so and so shoulda won,” “I shoulda won,” etc. Then the haters came out to hate the haters, it’s all really familiar. But one person brought up an important point: one of the images that Carlos Santana entered had also been used in his Follow the Light submission. This violated the fine print,which read, “Entry and associated content must be truthful in all respects, original, unpublished, cannot have been submitted in any other competition.”

F–king fine print. Sorry. Carlos didn’t mean to break the rules (I talked to him), but it’s not fair to the other contestants who followed the criteria. So the bad news is he can’t win the inaugural Baby Cobras photography contest. But the good news is that we run a surf magazine and cringe at negativity and sadness. So we’re gonna send Carlos to Hawaii anyway — kid’s got that much potential.

Which means that the winner becomes the Mike Killion, the Chicago-based photographer who stunned us with his images of surfing in the Great Lakes. Let’s see how his freshwater skills translate to the very salty North Shore. Congrats, Mike!
—Taylor Paul

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  • Ben

    Too bad this didn’t happen with the video portion…..

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  • Mike Calabro

    Very classy Surfing mag. It is super cool that Carlos gets to go as well. I am stoked for Mike Killion. I am excited to see what kind of images the fresh water guy will bring back from the motherland.

  • sam

    yea so…when the rules said that the contestants couldn’t have worked with any surf companies…guess that doesn’t apply to Matt’s little Globe connection

  • b

    carlos shoulda won anyway,
    chicago waves suck balls,
    what the hell is he gonna do in hawaii?
    and the globe connection?
    double winner change?
    whos next in line…

  • plump blumpkin

    someone else should have won the video/editing portion of this contest. period. his film was submitted late and he wasn’t even part of the first round of voting…

  • Matt Kurvin

    Fine print sucks. Very classy move indeed to send them both Surfing. I guess the silver lining is that an opportunity has been created for two talented up-and-coming photographers instead on just one.

  • Donovan Moran

    BOGUS, Didn’t anyone view my entry? search me out DINO LEWELL you tell me…..???? copy paste that i guess or just

  • L. Brown

    Geez “Donovan Moran”, you really need to give it up, buddy. Self-confidence is a great thing, but being a hater when you don’t come out on top really sucks. And to “b”, you say Chicago waves “suck balls”…have you ever surfed a Chicago wave? I bet not.

  • Donovan Moran

    Dude CARLOS has a sickkk picture im not hating just pointing out the rules which i took into consideration. And killion haveing his own mag violates some shit too but whatever i know what i got on tap. And heck at least both of them get to go thats rad. Im a floater ill get there sooner or later. FURSURE.

  • Joey and Bryan