Baby Take It Off!: Dane Reynolds VS Cam Richards

posted by / News / July 31, 2013

Dane and Cam.
Dane Reynolds and Cam Richards. Photos: Jimmicane


Baby Take It Off!

Hurley, in the uncanny depths of their heart, has been kind enough to let us choose our wildcard for the world tour stop at Lower Trestles. It has been a stunning contest, thus far. My inbox blows up daily with appeals to help this pro or that pro scoot through to the next round and, fingers crossed, end up in the big dance.

Ballots have been cast at And now, into the semis, Dane Reynolds is battling young Cameron Richards from Garden City Beach, South Carolina. And, as of 3:14 PM, Dane the Great is losing. “Garden Beach, South City what?” You ask, and you are totally right. Social media is instrumental in such a contest and Dane has no Instagram, no Twitter, no Facebook. And no knock against dear Cameron, who is currently featured as a Threat in SURFING’s September issue, but I want to see Dane in this contest. Frankly, I want to see Dane the Great in ALL contests. A few wildcards will not do the trick. I want to see him at Bells and Teahupo’o and Fiji and Bali and France and Portugal and the Banzai Pipeline. He is the most exciting surfer of this generation and he embezzles joy when he does not paddle out.

If Dane does lose maybe it will be a loud and undeniable call that it is time for him to enter the ring, the real ring, once again. It is time for him to carry our banner and restore our joy. Please Dane. If you are not going to do it for me, do it for all of us. And if you are not going to do it for all of us, then do it for Garden Beach, South Carolina. —Chas Smith

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  • enn

    YESYESYES totally agree, vote dane. we so rarely get to see dane, and imagine seeing him a trestles, a wave which absolutely suits his style of surfing, he might get knocked early but he could also blow minds and win. i know for a fact cam richards will get knocked in round 2 if he surfs in the contest, because he is young and his surfing is nowhere near developed enough to get scores in a world tour event, plus he has plenty of years in the future where he might actually make it onto the world tour. vote dane

    god i hate social media

  • Joseph

    please lets all hope ,pray , and only want the best for this great son, surfer, and overall great athlete, yes you know who Im talking about the guy who does the most massive gaffs in the hook! DANE REYNOLDS…..

  • Bo

    Dane is incredible, we all know that, but Cam deserves the shot. Let us not forget that it was Dane who decided he didn’t want to endure the rigors of the World Tour anymore, and that it was Dane who left. That’s cool, and I respect that. So, why not give Cam, a guy who wants to compete, the chance to do so? Dane already has sponsor-supported wild-cards into several events each year. Cam deserves the opportunity more than Dane.

  • The Larsgeb

    Come on Dane. Domitbfor the chubby, big boned, and thick guys. Bring it home for us. Represent us well like we know you can.

  • The Larsgeb

    And the drunk who have fat thumbs and cant spell when trying to post and be funny

  • randolf

    I normally cheer for the underdog, but do we really want to see this kid lose two heats and go home? He is a great surfer but doesnt belong in a CT event. He’s not even close to that level yet. This was a stupid little experiment by Hurley. They should let the surfers battle it out and let the best man win the wildcard. This is just a facebook popularity contest.

  • yeah guy

    isnt it ironic? dont you think?

  • baloneypony

    Should’ve voted Cam. Dane has had plenty of chances. BTW its Garden City not Garden Beach

  • 4realagorilla

    The whole deal here is if they surfed against each other to qualify vs. the sums Facebook stunt. Same results would have happened. I’ve watched cam surf his entire life in the local ESA grand strand district,and being a great surfer with great style he ain’t no WCT level surfer yet. He needs to learn to be more aggressive and start dominating in the level he’s in now before jumping into the big pool. That being said he’s a young kid with a lot of potential to make his mark on professional surfing. I think if you want to surf a WCT event you got to earn it not win it on Facebook. Let the trained paid judges decides who moves forward in surf contest not a bunch of social media trollers.

  • tony (ty) carson big island

    Just a reminder- Hurley is owned by Nike-
    (a track and field shoe company). Funny how a billion dollar track and field shoe company- Nike), can sponsor a few so called pro surfers and contests, and try and buy their way into surf culture. I think most hardcore surfers, wouldn’t be caught dead wearing something from Hurley,(Nike). Maybe that’s why its rumored Hurley is having some financial problems. Seems like a good time for a Hurley, (Nike) boycott.

  • jan key

    really?? if the word had really gotten out in social-media about this we would be seeing justin beaver in the line-up…..

  • kelly richards

    WOW Dane admits last night that cam beat him in the heat. We on the east coast knew that all along. But you have to admire dane for being man enough to admit it. There is a east coast guy with the same name as me, and the same haircut that owes my son an apoligy Proud of you cam. Your dad kelly

  • tony (ty) carson big island

    Chas, maybe its time for you to get a surf life of your own, and stop caring about some one else is doing in the water. The best waves ever ridden, will always be the waves you ride yourself.

  • tony (ty) carson big island

    Hey Chas, how come you pulled the comments from your “Eddie Rothham-Playbloy blog”, any explanation? You still have a bunch of clueless haoles stuffing Eddie’s pockets. Leave Da Hui- to the- Da Hui.

  • Rocky Romano

    Hey Chas,

    I am a documentary filmmaker and I am try to get a hold of you in regard to a project that I am working on. Could you please email me your contact info?