Behind the Tan Lines

posted by / News / February 9, 2010


It was an idea. A good idea. Idea A. But after a while we got idea B. Which was good too. But while trying to complete idea B, we ended up with X, then Y and what you finally see, which is obviously Z. Does that make sense? It doesn’t to us either, which is exactly what we were going for anyways. Viola!

It began in Malibu with a vision. An artistic vision. Cali cooperated beautifully. Perfecto! But then Puerto Rico called. And we answered. Vamos! A talented crew was assembled — one that included super hot model girls in 2010’s most fantastic swimsuit styles — and we trekked to Puerto Rico. The girls were perfect. They laughed. Smiled. Glowed. They were the kind of girls you hope to see when you look in from the surf. And they were in Puerto Rico with us. The air always smelled of rum punch. There was some rain, wild horses, bikinis and warmth. It was delicious. What follows is a preview. But remember you can go all the way with our very first stand-alone swimsuit issue, available on newsstands March 2, 2010. This is only a tease.






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21 Responses to “Behind the Tan Lines”

  1. Joesph says:

    looks epic good job on the photoshop

  2. Steve Briggs says:

    Looks much better than last year when the “self-proclaimed” best photographer in the world, DDump, worked his anger and bitterness. What happened to him? I thought he was the best photographer in the world. Isn’t KARMA a beautiful thing.

  3. Mike says:

    Nice…Send me mine now

  4. Matt Fisher says:

    I’ll be in the batroom with this isue for a good second.

  5. David says:


  6. matt says:

    chicks in bikinis, drivin’ lamborghinis…issue looks great – stellar job

  7. nice girls how bout some real older gals,i got a sub to mag and had 1 for bout 30 t yrs,seems like the print has got way smaller and the topics are inmature just kids doin airs mosty adds getting real boring storys about spoiled kids livin the hi life most cant relate with and never will cant even put stickers on their boards,mega bucks from sponsors for being spoiled brats never had a job in their life

  8. Dane Losen says:

    werez the video ?

  9. dudeski says:


  10. hey man says:

    i concur……… boner.

  11. juan grande says:

    i have an urge to nurse……..

  12. allie meier says:

    yay! it looks so good. i dont think i can wait much longer for this thing to be on stands. i loved shooting with you guys. funnest shoot ever!

  13. jan says:

    WOW…makes SI look like a Rag!!! Great Mag..can’t wait.

  14. malpractice says:

    Totally agree with last year my friends….. much vomiting was necessary!! But on a side note….. do we actually have to go out and buy this thing on march 2nd??? Im a subscriber and the current contract does NOT say we get thirteen mags this year? rather perplexed.. added to which im in colorado and dont believe the standard news stands will be stocked with this gem!

  15. manfred says:

    mamma mia!

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  17. Jane Kid says:

    Brilliant! Thanks a lot!

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