Brett Barley // North Carolina // 4:22

posted by / News / November 19, 2011

brett barley

While filming for Brett Barley’s part for the upcoming movie “Innersection,” Sean Benik and Brett Barley collected a ton of left-over clips and made them into this mini-series. This is the episode two.

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5 Responses to “Brett Barley // North Carolina // 4:22”

  1. outer bridge to outer bank says:

    hope brett makes wct …the next benny b.

  2. Bro says: – go there

  3. A says:

    Great edit. Great surfing. It really looks like Gnarly Barley’s been stepping up his air game. Excited to see what he pulls for his final Innersection.

  4. bufu says:

    great clip!!

  5. Zion says:

    This one of my favorites clips, stylee, power, sick finners and airs… The name of the song? Pleasee its epic

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