Carissa Moore Keeps It Real

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By Stuart Cornuelle

Carissa Moore, who lives on Oahu, who blogs on, who surfs on her own Moorean level, is by all accounts a Powerpuff Girl. She is of sugar and spice and everything nice, and then an ounce of that Chemical X that lets her do airs and throw-tails and make the World Tour at 18. She certainly has superpowers, but even the super are human.

Carissa recently spoke to SURFING for our Girl page in the Hawaii Issue, and while it wasnt exactly pulling teeth, she  – like most girls we try to interview  – took pains to remain the smiley, sunny surf angel we all expect. Not a hair, nor an opinion, out of place. Which is why her latest blog work has us so thrilled – or not thrilled, perhaps, for the topics are of a heavy (no pun) and personal nature – but glad that Carissa is emerging from the halo and keeping it real. And real she keeps it.

This is how real she kept it on January 26, 2010:
Until now I have talked about surface things by highlighting only the positives that take place, afraid of what other people may think if they actually read what I think about and feel.  So from now on this is me, all of me.

And this is how real she kept it on January 28, two days later:
Two years ago I started gaining weight and was doing the exact same thing, ignoring it and hoping that no one would notice. My father was the first to say something. It was hard to have the one man in my life who is suppose to always think Im beautiful no matter what say, Riss have you stepped on the scale lately? Of course my dad says those things because he wants the best for me but I have gotten in the tendency of only hearing the negative and that he is dissatisfied.

And she continued to keep it real with regard to diet and exercise:

I was given this really horrible, not fun diet of strict protein water, salad, plain oatmeal, and lean meat. It lasted for about a day and a half before I indulged in a tub of frozen yogurt. I was also told to do cardio for at least 40 minutes everyday and I hate hate hate cardio.

We hate hate hate that our girls are saddled with the burden of a skinny is beautiful ethos and that the anxiety gobbles them up (no pun). We also hate hate hate cardio. But we love that Carissa seems to be joining the human race, we love her honesty, and we love that her revelations may help keep other girls from being consumed (no pun) by the false idol of thinness.
Carissa, we love.

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  • Fight oil

    Sorry to be off topic, but Florida is fighting offshore oil drilling and tommorrow is a huge protest!!! if you can help MA ocean appreciates it!!! Also Carissa your the new princess of hawaii, keep doin what your doin and Im sure Auntie Rell is very proud….

  • ss


  • oyyy

    your a beautiful person and you are in amazing shape! dont think otherwise. I have to work out everyday in the gym to surf even mediocre, and you shred a thousand times harder than i ever will. If frozen yogurt is making you shred that hard then i should give that a try instead! no worries and keep on ripping, and remember that your amazing!

  • http://surfingthemag Shawn

    Even though a lot of these girls have supermodel looks now on tour, Carissa has such a natural beauty about her. I was never even close to being interested in womens surfing until I saw a video of her a few years ago, it totally blew me away. I now look forward for girls events that have Carissa in them and am not ashamed of it. I hope she keeps wearing bikini’s though cause she looks damn good in them.

  • Stan

    So where’s the plus-sized chunky girls in the Swimsuit Issue. Where was Sensitive Stu during that production meeting? Oh yeah, we hate hate hate having to look at fatties, too.

    Sensitive…not so much.

  • Eric

    Carissa speaks openly and bares her problems in a truly fearless way, what a mature young woman, and a beautiful one. I’ll be rooting for her in the tube at Snapper Rocks. Good on ya Carissa!

  • Sean W

    I’ve been following Carissa’s career for awhile and being a father who also has two young daughters, I am hoping one day to also be a proud Hawaiian surf dad, watching my girls shred the women’s circuit and doing it with the class and humble style that Carissa does it with. Hats off to you Carissa AND your Dad…good job brah!

  • Jen Noonan


    Read your post last night from this article and it has stayed with me. You are like many many girls your age! You are being given an opportunity to work with what you have! . Body image combined with societal pressure is a challenging dance each of us females must learn to choreograph to find our own balance and peace.:) Emotional eating is something to watch out for.. Most of us have and still do it.. The key is starting to catch yourself reacting to some thing; pressure, stress, upset, fear, frustration, saddness..etc..and not pig out on junk food or overeat something to cope with your feelings. I think diets are terrible because they are unrealistic and cause more damage long term with all the drama that comes with them. Learning to eat healthy overall means it can taste good too! Eating whole foods overall allows for the snacks/ treats / occasional junkfood too! It’s tough but important to start working with now so it is not a lifelong rollercoaster like it is for so many females. Lastly for now, cardio is a must for all healthy humans! It makes you not only fitter, but helps with stress relief, balances your hormones, releases endorphins and burns off enough so you can eat more of your favorite foods! Girl, it’s good to do things you don’t like, even hate,hate,hate if it’s very good for you. It will strengthen your character, help balance you out and set you up for a life of health rather then struggle unnecessarily so!! You have a great deal on your plate, you will continue to be photographed more then any average girl,..this isn’t for the skinny pressure it’s for you to find your healthy balance you can continue to do what you love with more personal harmony!! As a result you will have a very powerful positive influence on young and old females everywhere! Good Luck and shine on with your truth!! (don’t pay any mind to the negative !)
    Jen Noonan
    ocean lifeguard/emt
    l2009 us lifesaving team durban, sa and japan
    swim coach, surfer, artist and healthy girl/woman body image supporter!

  • gdogg

    Riss – I think I speak for a lot of guys when I say you surf better than most dudes. You are also smokin’ hot and you blow away any of the other ladies on the women’s tour. Even that girl from Kauai…ummm, what the heck was her name? Anyways – you are by no means heavy. I think you just filled out well. Very well.

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  • Jerf

    Finally someone Hawaii can be proud of with the aloha spirit and the talent of a hawaiian warrior.To think that we’d be concerned about her appearence is petty. Carissa you are the bomb and represent Hawaii with Pride. We as Hawaiians All support you and are proud of what you have accomplished.We all can be proud to say we are Hawaiian Surfers again.Keep it up “YOU ARE DA BOMB GIRL”!!FBI