Carlos Munoz Wins 2014 Hurley Pro Wildcard

posted by / News / August 8, 2014

Carlos MunozCarlos Munoz, your 2014 Hurley Pro at Lowers wildcard. Photo: Brian Bielmann

You never know what to expect heading into the Hurley Pro video trials. It employs a voting platform, which means it’s an un-policed democracy, which means it’s wild, sometimes nonsensical always unpredictable — exactly the way we love it. Last year, a relatively unknown kid from South Carolina named Cam Richards challenged international steed Dane Reynolds. Cam somehow got help from Jamie Foxx and Jayden Smith, but was eventually bested by Dane. This year, the mysterious saga continued. Carlos Munoz just won the wildcard, but not by a mile. By a lightyear. Carlos owned the voting system, literally — there were over 400,000 visits to over the past four days and more than half of those visits came from individual IP addresses in Costa Rica. Numbers like that don’t lie, but they do raise a big question. How? How the hell did he do that? Maybe the national news picked it up? Maybe Carlos lobbied door-to-door? Maybe Costa Rican president Luis Guillermo Solís hosted a banquet and everyone did cocaine and had sex? Maybe, maybe, maybe… the details are sure to come. But for now, we’d like to send a big congratulations to the first Costa Rican to ever surf in a ‘CT. Best of luck to you, Mr. Munoz. We’re thrilled to watch.

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  • Federico Vieto

    Costa Rica its a very passion country , we love our flag , make us feel proud thats why he make those votes even my mom and my grandma vote . Seen Carlos having a chance to compete a WCT event makes us believe in something big for our kids , we have a lot of talent here in Costa but we need more support ,with Carlos there opens a lot of doors for future generations. Good Luck Carlos Munoz we are very proud of you. Pura Vida …. Vieto

  • callevalentine

    I know and support freedom of press, speech and all that but what gives you (Surfing Mag) the right to publish such outrageous assumptions of why Carlos Munoz won the wildcard for Hurley. Could it be that he is a great surfer, a very nice kid, and has the support of family, friends, country, and everyone that viewed the film out there. People voted, people will see that he deserved every vote. I have been a subscriber to Surf Mag. for longer than these kids have been alive, I have two sons that couldn’t wait to get the mag. in the mail. I will rethink this in the future.

  • Luis Morera Gutierrez

    Hes one of the greatest surfers here in Costa Rica, he respresent our conuntry, thats why every vote for Cali means every one of us that vote for him, means a country, one flag, one guy representing every TICO…! GO CALI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • J

    They were joking.

  • LA surfer

    Wow poor choice of words Surfing mag about the banquet thing. I know its a joke, but stilI totally immoral. Honestly though, Carlos Munoz is one of the most underrated surfers but Dusty owned those video trials. All for national pride but people should try to be objective and let the best surfing win because thats what people want to see. Maybe next time there should be judges who make the final decision? Anyways, Dusty’s rail game was a step above and he has the airs too and I’m disappointed he’s not in the event.

  • Denise

    Costa Ricans love their athetes! Carlos and other kids here taught themselves to surf. No goverment funding, borrowed boards, only a few good sponsors… but a lot of passion and talent in a very small country. Carlos is like a national hero in Costa Rica and he’s earned it though hard work and staying humble just like he earned every one of those votes. Hope other sponsors wake up on Costa Rica talent. Can’t wait for Cali to show what he’s got!

  • Juan Manuel Montero Campos

    I can tell you how it happened we worked Together here day and night writing to every single person we could think off thats how it happened, and the votes when off the charts when we got our recent heros that played the world cup to support Cali and asked their fan base for votes pretty much from there we knew we had it, every one loves Cali hes a humble loving human and he deserves the best now he has a chance to show the world tour for the first time and not the last im shure!

  • Jonathan

    Welcome to Social Media, Surfing Magazine! This is just how it works, there’s no need to use any of the stupid tricks you mention on this article. You just wasted our time with your kid jokes, it was not necessary.

  • Mik

    Congratulations to Carlos. I hope that he, and Costa Rica, won’t be too bummed when the Aussie dominated ASP/WCT Judges push their current Title hope past him, and everyone else. The line of burned talent is getting longer every year.

  • neke

    And I thought it was a good mag!!! How come you can write an article disrespect the President and the all people support a surfer??? I hope Carlos shut up your words!

  • Oldemarsh

    the thing is Dusty travels with a filmer everywhere, Carlos doesn’t ! Those clips where the b grade clips . Costa Rica knows, Dusty knows, and I know that Carlos is a freakin RIPPER and he can do some serious damage at trestles ( There is a video of him there going berzerke! ) besides, Dusty already was on tour, wasted his chance and has a shitty knee that looks like a strawberry cheesecake so yeah thats practictly the main reasons why everybody voted for Carlos.

  • Kd

    Yes they certainly were joking…chill out, I live in Costa Rica and didn’t find any of this article offensive….thought it was pretty funny actually….

  • JimJohn

    Two snaked waves? Albee Layer.

  • refrus

    The bottom line is that this video wild-card feature is to help promote an event to generate money. Death to the surf industry. The surfer with lower socio-economic status and less opportunity should get the card. I think we all agree that we’d rather be surfing than watch surfing. No media means less surfers. I’m sure people could manage without their daily dose of surf news. The infction of money in surfing is very deep……….
    The surfer you want to watch is the surfer you want to watch and the best surfer in the world is the one who is having the most fun.

  • Ozzie Hoppe

    you tell em Denise:-)!

  • Mitch

    I thought those assumptions were completely justified seeing as he most definitely was not the best surfer in the trials, yet he was getting nearly twice as many votes as everyone else…
    And don’t try to say he was a better surfer than everyone else, the guy can surf but he doesnt have the flow that the top surfers have.

  • PhilCheeze

    The article was written by someone who does not understand Pura Vida and is jealous of the Costa Rican surfer’s talent. The writer is obviously part of what is wrong about CA with it’s over rated surfers. A place where only one world champ Tom Curren has come from. CA is a cesspool of overrated surfers most on crystal meth dating the scum from porn industry. Slater and Hobgood are Floridian world champs. Carlos Munoz has more chance of becoming a world champ then the soft CA surfers currently on tour. There will never be another world champ from CA. never ! :)

  • MV

    “CA is a
    cesspool of overrated surfers most on crystal meth dating the scum from
    porn industry. Slater and Hobgood are Floridian world champs.”

    lol asserting those two feelings in succession and expecting yourself not to sound like a kook might just be the most ignorant thing Iv seen on the internet this week. what in the fucking world does Florida, let alone Kelly and Cj, have to do with your absurd claim?

    Carlos is in the event (on the merit of a subjective majority) and everyone for the most parts cool with it.. so why do you still speak with such a spiteful tone? that doesn’t seem very Pura Vida to me.

  • MV

    yeeeeee haww

  • Boner

    This whole voting thing is stupid. Carlos is a good surfer, but there is know way in hell that his clips were better then Dusty’s. Hurley needs to stop this ridiculous format and just pick the best guy as the wildcard.