Carve comes to the USA!

Versa Traction signs licensing contract to represent Carve in the United States.

Sydney, Australia (December 2, 2011) – Carve today announced the signing of a multi-year
agreement with Versa Traction of Westminster, California to represent the Carve brand. Versa
Traction will be distributing and marketing Carve eyewear, apparel, headwear and accessories.
“We are so excited to bring the Carve brand to the USA,” stated Jason Neu, CEO of Versa
Traction. “The time is perfect, with the slow economy, for Carve competitively priced products
and styles.”

“All of our research and feedback, from those in the business, shows a demand for Carve to enter
the USA market,” said Paul Watson, President of Versa Traction.

The management at Versa Traction has years of experience for the introduction of Carve to the
US market. Having built Versa Traction from concept to global distribution, including signing
top athletes in surfing, stand up paddling, flow boarding, skate, snowboarding, motocross, and
MMA, they have the tools to make Carve a top player in the competitive action sports arena.

“With a target market of 14-25 years old, we will be signing some of the top surfers and SUP
riders from Hawaii to California to Florida,” stated Jason Neu. Josh Loya and Zach
Wormhoundt from Santa Cruz, are already on board. And now ASP professional surfer 2000
World Champion and six time Triple Crown winner Sunny Garcia and ASP professional long
boarder Joe Aaron have committed to ride for Carve.

About Carve
Since 1998 Carve has worked hard to bring eyewear and apparel to the market that are built on
quality, design, function, and styling—all at a price that won’t buckle the bank account.
With over a decade in the business refining the brand, the guys at Carve have had their sights set
on taking the brand to the world.

Partnering with well respected distributors with a like minded global approach, during the past
four years Carve has introduced its brand in 20 countries. Carve lifestyle is now active in the
UK, mainland Europe, Morocco, Canary Islands, Mauritius, South Africa, Taiwan, Japan,
Indonesia, New Zealand, Cayman Islands, Peru, Venezuela and growing.

Based in Australia, Carve owners Matt Whyte and Gary Georges live and breathe the surf/snow
lifestyle, which is reflected in the products. Covering all aspects of the eyewear spectrum
including surf, snow, motocross, lifestyle, and fashion, the eyewear range offers 63 styles with
126 SKU’s in total.

“We are really proud of our product range, there is definitely something for everyone and every
market”. Matt Whyte.

Carve began looking for a partner in the USA recently and are stoked to announce it will be
launching into the U.S market in 2011/2012 with Versa Traction.
“With credible brands already in their lineup, a solid business plan, warehouse, and distribution
network, including a passion for Carve, they are the perfect fit for the brand,” stated Matt Whyte.
Hawaii Launch
Launching into the US market via the prestigious 2011 Triple Crown of Surfing on the North
Shore of Hawaii in early December, the demand for Carve in core stores across Hawaii and the
mainland will explode. The signing of Hawaii icon and native Sunny Garcia also adds to the
viral demand for Carve.
Surf Expo Orlando Launch
Carve will be on display this January, 2012 at the largest and longest-running trade show for the
board/beach/fashion industry. The Surf Expo is held in January and September in Orlando,
Florida, and draws buyers from specialty stores across the U.S., the Caribbean, Central and
South America and around the world.
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