Chippa Wilson: NOW

posted by / News / September 1, 2010

We’ve loved Chippa Wilson and filmmaker Riley Blakeway since the latter dragged the former out of obscurity in Cabarita Beach, Australia. Their concurrent rise to relative, kinda, mostly online, narrowly-defined superstardom has been nothing short of meteoric. But the best is yet to come for Chippa and Riley — shit, just look at this trailer for Now, their profile film on Chippa soon to drop via Analog.

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  • Rhys

    Sheez, how’s that camera work slash editing? Best I’ve seen in a long while. And Riley doesn’t even need to rely on that appalling shallow focus every man and his 5D are getting into. Well done.

  • karl

    NO MORE ONE MANEUVER WAVES! please put at least 2 maneuvers in one wave.. insane airs though but sick of this shit, normal people cant do that put a decent turn in that

  • sheen

    how sick is getting punched in the face right around that 1:36 mark? maybe everyone is going to want to get punched in the face now to rip harder.

  • Insight

    now?.. more like wow. Dud you see the size of some of the waves he was airing on?… This is awesome.


    hey karl…your gay haha

  • people

    people need to recognize, pop 180 to hood ride, thick ankles are in, overall sickest thing yet

  • freaksurf mag

    Most impressive rider i ve ever seen it’s not skatebaording but snowboarding