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So many pixels spilled, and even some ink, on that rousing headline. And if it’s news to you — well hey man, the recession’s over. Ain’t gotta live under rocks no more. The Heat lost, Kate married William, and Bridesmaids was essentially The Hangover 2 which was essentially The Hangover. And Nike’s officially a surf brand.

And it’s actual Nike, not the red-haired 6.0 stepchild Nike adopted and raised as its own. That little tyke’s going back to the orphanage. Now we’re talking about the real swooshing, just doing it, Tiger-LeBron-Kobe-Jordan-Phil Knight temple of sport that is Nike, Inc.

The prime-time TV commercials with Jules Wilson and Kolohe run during the NBA Finals might have been a sign that this is serious, and while the broader pros and cons of Nike’s arrival could be debated to death, one pretty sweet side effect is the clip below. It’s from a video contest (called “Chosen“) Nike just launched to attract and showcase talented surf crews — like these boys, a few now-familiar faces from Maui you might recognize. If anyone still needs convincing that Matt Meola, Albee Layer, Hank Gaskell and Dege O’Connell are too legit for the underground, see below. Three days on Maui from the “Chomp Proper” crew for Nike’s Chosen video contest:



For more from these guys — we’ve been fans for years now — here’s a selection of some of our Chomp Proper-est posts from the past:

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  • CornHole

    I will not be purchasing any Nike gear. Thank you.

  • jahjah

    wow you would thing nike would have better vid quality

  • Corporate Heathen

    This clip is amazing, and all those guys are fucking gnarly. That said, here is my take on Nike lurching their way into surfing:


  • jack donahue

    holy smokes, that was bad as fuck. totes radical:)

  • dippy

    well the surfing was sick, every thing else was fucking barf

  • Good on you Corporate Heathen

    If i was not in the position i am in and a family to feed i would put my real name down and give you the all time props you deserve for this post. Lord forgive me for being part of this!

  • thejonasmothers

    why would anyone think that putting 5 surfers in a high-definition outdoor basketball court would result in dynamc or impressive content. cool lay-ups!

    remember when they used to pay four-year olds -15 cents a day to sew nike labels onto basketball shoes? now they are sewing nike labels onto boardshorts

  • al gore

    if you can’t beat em, join em. if anyone deserves a piece of nike money it’s these guys!

  • NameSuppliedUponRequest

    Nike: The worst thing to happen to surfing in my lifetime. Problem is, teenagers are idol worshipers. They want to be like Julian, Kolohe, Sage, Dusty, et al. They wouldn’t really care about Nike except that Nike bought those guys. They will grow up knowing nothing different. To us older guys who’ve been around a while, a Nike swoosh on a pair of boardshorts just looks wrong. But Nike’s smart. They’re in for the long-term. They’re not after us. They’re after those kids who are 10 years old now. Those kids will think Nike’s always been there and there’s nothing wrong with it. Just like football, golf, baseball, basketball.

  • Brittany

    Yeah GET RAD!!!

  • g-shizzal

    looks sik to me =/ .they deserve it !