Clay Marzo’s “Breathe”

posted by / News / March 5, 2010


Clay Marzo – Breathe from Heavy Mayo on Vimeo.

Presented by Westside Pride Media
Surfing by Clay Marzo, Shot by Adam Klevin, Edit by Shaun Swink.
Music – Joe Con “Breathe as they Move”

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5 Responses to “Clay Marzo’s “Breathe””

  1. That was Gay says:

    That certainly was gay.

  2. Hanna Montizzle says:

    clay in the beach break is not of very much interest. please show only five foot airs on eight foot tall waves (by the face friends) over sharp angry bits of reef.

  3. Jeff in Ca says:

    Yeah Clay- killin it!

  4. thatwasmellow says:

    that was mellow. clay is a genius tube rider.

  5. all time says:

    that was super cool….real mellow and good surfing..

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