Coco Ho Wins Oakley Pro Junior 2011

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Alessa Quizon

Alessa Quizon

Coco Ho

Coco Ho

Coco Ho

Coco Ho


Coco Ho (HAW) won the Women’s Oakley World Pro Junior Bali title in a hard fought Final over Dimity Stoyle (AUS). The victory earns Ho USD $5000 in prize-money and puts her atop the ASP Women’s World Junior Title ratings.

The entire women’s field were rubbing their hands together with delight when they were sent out in the clean 3 – 4 foot surf at Canggu today. “I was so excited,” said Stoyle after her Quarterfinal victory over fellow Australian Sarah Mason. “I free surfed before the contest and when they called the girls round first I was so excited.”

There was plenty of impressive performances throughout the Quraterfinals, Semifinals and Final, but in the end it was Coco Ho who came out on top.

The Final was an exciting heat between the two standout surfers of the 2011 Oakley World Pro Junior Bali. Stoyle struck first with a decent score, but Ho used her powerful wrap-around carves and three years of experience on the elite ASP Women’s World Title Race to put herself on the best waves and take top spot on the podium.

“These are a lot of the girls I compete against at the ASP 6-Star events, and they’re just as good as the girls in the ASP World Title events,” Ho said. “I definitely didn’t think it was going to be an easy event, all these girls were getting 8.00s and 9.00s all event! This is probably my last event of the year and it’s great to go out on a win.”

While Ho takes the lead in the ASP World Junior Title Race, she is unsure if she’ll compete in the remaining ASP World Junior Tour events.

“I don’t think I’m going to Brazil for the next event,” Ho said. “I came here to surf Keramas and I didn’t even have a heat out there, but that’s ok because the right at Canggu is way more rippable.”

Dimity Stoyle (AUS) missed out on qualifying for next year’s ASP Women’s World Title Race by a mere 400 points, but the young Australian proved today that she can stick it to the best, throwing down some solid maneuvers and holding her own against Ho in the Final.

“I’m so happy! This is my first year on the ASP World Junior Tour and I didn’t know what to expect,” Stoyle said. “I’ve always watched it online and the girls surf so well. To get second at my first event, I’m over the moon!”

Dark horse Joanne Defay (FRA) took down fellow Frenchwoman Maude Le Car (FRA) inRound 3 followed by Felicity Palmateer (AUS) in the Quarterfinals and clearly had her sights set on the Final, but her Semi-Final match-up against ASP Women’s World Title ranked No. 6, Coco Ho would be the end of the road.

“I’m very happy, but I got third at the ASP World Juniors two years ago and I was hoping to do better here,” Defay said. “I’m going to Brazil and it’s going to be a hard competition again, but I’m excited.”

The final Oakley team surfer standing, Alessa Quizon (HAW) had struggled during her Round 1 heat, but came back from the Repercharge Round looking to make the most of her second chance. All the way through her to her Semi-Final heat against Dimity Stoyle (AUS) Quizon was surfing with confidence and showing-off her stylized repertoire. Stoyle proved to be a well matched competitor with the two surfers going head-to-head in a battle royale that ultimately saw Stoyle come out on top with less than half of a point difference between the two surfer’s final point total.

“I feel kind of bummed, but it’s the best result I’ve has in a long time,” Quizon said. “I feel like I surfed well and it was so close, but I’m not good at the whole priority thing as I haven’t surfed with it much. It’s also super-hard for goofy-footers out there, the wave comes right at you making it hard to hit the lip.”

Nao Omura (JPN), who was defeated in Quarterfinal 2 by Quizon, surfed solid throughout the event and takes home an equal 5th place finish and 5250 ratings points towards her ASP World Junior Title campaign.

“I’m very happy to make it to the Quarterfinals,” Omura said. “But I would to have loved to make it into the Semis. Alessa [Quizon] caught the best sets and surfed really well. I’m looking forward to hopefully getting another good result in Brazil.”

With official event forecaster calling for 5-8’ swell at Canggu tomorrow morning, October 11, contest directors called the competition off for the day after the Women’s Final. A call will be made at 6:30 am for a possible 7 am start to the Men’s Quarterfinals at Canggu.

The Oakley World Pro Junior Bali runs from October 3 – 14. Check out for the live webcast, latest news, photos, videos and more.

HEAT 1: Dimity Stoyle (AUS) 15.03 def. Alessa Quizon (HAW) 14.66
HEAT 2: Coco Ho (HAW) 15.60 def. Joanne Defay (FRA) 10.67

HEAT 1: Dimity Stoyle (AUS) 15.03 def. Alessa Quizon (HAW) 14.66
HEAT 2: Coco Ho (HAW) 15.60 def. Joanne Defay (FRA) 10.67

HEAT 1: Dimity Stoyle (AUS) 16.33 def. Sarah Mason (NZL) 10.57
HEAT 2: Alessa Quizon (HAW) 15.83 def. Nao Omura (JPN) 8.07
HEAT 3: Joanne Defay (FRA) 14.73 def. Felicity Palmateer (AUS) 10.83
HEAT 4: Coco Ho (HAW) 17.00 def. Philippa Anderson (AUS) 14.43

HEAT 5: Felicity Palmateer (AUS) 14.40 def. Lani Doherty (HAW) 11.17
HEAT 6: Joanne Defay (FRA) 16.00 def. Maude Le Car (FRA) 7.66
HEAT 7: Philippa Anderson (AUS) 17.20 def. Quincy Davis (USA) 9.67
HEAT 8: Coco Ho (HAW) def. Ren Hashimoto (JPN)*

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