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posted by / News / December 9, 2009


The latest thing — get you some

Lately, SURFING’s been accused of being “gay for Dane Reynolds.” We’re confused — is this meant to be an insult? Because yes, no question, we’re totally gay for Dane (but we’re totally straight for his girlfriend, Courtney).

Either way, we’re not the only ones. Kids from Burleigh to Buxton are copying Dane’s every move — most notably his fashion sense. He could probably start a line of Dane Reynolds adult diapers, and we’d all start soiling ourselves just for an excuse to buy them.

Dane’s signature denim shirts have been particularly popular among surfing’s in-crowd for many months now, since long before Jordy Smith showed up wearing one to the Surfer Poll. Conner Coffin, Kolohe Andino and Luke Davis have been spotted in them. Now it’s your turn: drop an email to surfing@sorc.com with your shirt size and the title of your favorite clip from Dane’s blog, and we’ll pick a few of you to receive steezy denim threads just like those worn by the man himself. Let’s get really into our style.

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  • no way

    surfing mag has finally lost the plot. sad to see such a good mag with a great history going this way. whats nick carroll and evan slater think about your direction. Flame is pry rollin over in his grave.

  • The One Son

    Jesus Surfing, Get some self respect and don’t post another article like this again. This is so f$cking stupid. This isn’t the home shopping network. Let me guess what your next headline will be “Dane switches from boxers to briefs.”

  • Actual Cats

    Haha! Old people are cute when they’re angry.

  • real one

    haha! gay people are… gay when they obsess over young boys and denim.

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