EPOKHE Giveaway

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EPOKHE Giveaway

The optical optimism of the young eyewear brand, EPOKHE (started by Dion Agius, Mitch Coleborn and Kai Neville), saw the destruction that Hurricane Sandy brought upon the East Coast and decided to help. So, the kind hearts at EPOKHE are giving away 40 pairs of sunglasses. 20 go to America, 20 to Australia. How do you win or get 20th place? Go to https://www.wavesforwater.org/fundraiser/hurricane-sandy-help, and make a donation to Waves For Water. W4W is a surf-rooted charity that has set its charming eyes on totally rebuilding the Northeast. A donation to them would alleviate pain from many, and could catapult you into being the first kid on your block with a pair of EPOKHEs.

The retail price of the sunglasses is $220. EPOKHE suggests a donation of at least $100 when entering the giveaway. The windows to their souls are big and bright. And yours can be, too.

In addition, Super Surfboards and Dion are donating two custom blades to the Waves For Water cause. To get your feet on one, simply evict $600 from your wallet. For less than what you’d pay at a surf shop, you’ll help resurrect the East Coast and feel the crispness of Dion’s latest model. All of the money goes straight to the cause. Only one person from the USA and one person from Australia will win, so make haste in emailing dionagius@me.com and hoard your board.