Etnies: A Very Simpsons Giveaway

posted by / News / February 9, 2011


Brett Simpson was born January 5, 1985. Since then, he’s won two straight US Opens of Surfing and is set to launch his sophomore year on tour next month in Queensland, AUS. Brett’s got a wife and an Orange County kingship. He rules Surf City, USA.

Bart Simpson was born April 19, 1987 — and since then, The Simpsons has broadcast almost 500 TV episodes and a feature-length film.


This all obviously raises the question…


Which Simpsons character most reminds you of our boy Brett, and why?



Provide a killer answer and Etnies will provide you a killer payoff — the Simpo Sandal Pack from the Etnies Spring 2011 collection. Simpo’s signature footwear features the same black/lime green colorway Brett runs on his surfboard.


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  • Sam A

    Simpo reminds me of Professor Frink. With the surfing and the airs and the “oh my gosh look how high he got on that air reverse.”

  • I heart Duff

    At risk of being too obvious: Duffman! Simpo doesn’t actually wear a cape, but he’s handsome, athletic and emblazoned with logos, Oh Yeah!

  • Mikie Merman

    Brett is definatley Bart SImpson, the boy shreds hard on surfboard, Bart exactly doesnt but he uses a skateboard and thats pretty close! Hes also out there living the extreme like our friend Bart.

  • Ray G

    Why, “Jacques” the Bowling Instructor! cuz he’s smoooooth with the ladies, obviously…

  • ACP

    Comic Book Guy… as in “Worst giveaway ever”

  • mikey j

    The Simpson’s dog, Santa’s little helper for sure, because he’s such a love-able guy!

  • Al

    I was going to try and come up with something, but ACP takes the cake.

  • dj

    Simpo is Homer because everytime he loses a heat against someone he shouldn’t,it’s like “doh”!!!

  • Nate

    Simpo is definitely Otto Mann! Two reasons, #1) They both have constant stoke! #2) Otto charges his bus route like Brett charges waves!