Exposure Shits on Image — Part 3

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In this photo, Flynn Novak is barely visible and flies through the frame nearly unnoticed — a fitting metaphor for his career, perhaps. Photo: Jeff Flindt

In this photo, Flynn Novak is barely visible and flies through the frame nearly unnoticed — a fitting metaphor for his career, perhaps. Photo: Jeff Flindt

This is Part 3 in a three-part interview, broken up for online attention spans.

Flynn Novak finished fifth at Pipe this year. Kelly Slater gave him huge props on his Innersection. And he’s the only surfer in the world currently pulling legitimate backflips.

He also has no proper sponsor. No travel budget. No savings. And no emo art-guy surf blog marketability plan. He has really spiky hair.

He’s a 27-year-old pro surfing lifer who never quite made it big.

But he landed another backflip at Padang today. He may just land one tomorrow, too. The Kustom Airstrike practically owes him $50,000. And this just might be his big shot.

If there’s any brand out there who needs a hardworking, Pipe surfing, North Shore team rider with too-spiky hair who can do backflips into the barrel — please call 808-555-FLIP. Operators are standing by. —Nathan Myers



SURFING Magazine: What happened on Innersection?
FLYNN NOVAK: They have a rule where you can’t have any double-up clips [clips that are recycled or used somewhere other than Innersection]. I did everything I could to search to make sure I didn’t have any that had been published, but basically, there was a bit of rivalry hype to create some excitement, and someone on the other side did some digging, found that clip and then got me DQ’d. It kinda ripped me apart, but at the same time, I feel like that happened for a reason. If I win the Kustom Airstrike. Man, I gotta win that thing.

Did you think Dusty’s air reverse should have won the Airstrike last year?
No. I thought Jay Davies’ eight-foot alley-oop or Mitch Coleborn’s inverted rodeo should have won. Ry Craike also had a crazy alley-oop that was pretty bizarre. Those ones stood out. But Dusty’s didn’t.

How do you think your flip rates with the other moves on the site?
At least my air is something no one’s ever seen before, instead of just the same shit everyone’s seen for the last eight years. Everyone’s seen alley-oops. Everyone’s seen rodeos and air reverses.

How much would winning the Kustom Airstrike’s $50,000 change things for you?
It would make me breathe a huge sigh of relief. I’m on my last dime here. I think if anyone in the running deserves it, it would be me. Everyone else posting clips up there is already being taken care of. I just hope that they practice what they preach this year and award the most innovative air of the year.

Well, the Kustom Airstrike entry window ends next week. Good luck to you.

[Flynn would like to thank everyone who’s supported him all these years, especially the Jones family, without whom he would never have made it this far.]

Part 1 of the Flynn Novak interview can be seen here. Part 2 is here.

Submissions for the 2010 Kustom Airstrike must be in by August 31. Here again is Flynn Novak’s entry:

Flynn’s Innersection Part:

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  • stay home??/

    hahaha, better get a real job cuz….. That 50 gs is gonna go to chippa

  • kelly

    is anyone else tired of flynn bitching?

  • Jeff

    He did everything but cry in that interview… Maybe Chippa will let him borrow $20…

  • son

    what a bitch. his flip is still just a rodeo. chippas big spin is gonna take it. start crying now flynn

  • Summer

    Flynn should definitely win…i just saw Chippa’s clip, it doesn’t even compare…but most likely Kerr or Chippa will win since they ride for Kustom…damn company politics = LAME!!!

  • addison riccio

    Nathan what Polendey wrote is right. My friend has the old issues of SURFING in a box(es). I just saw it. The March 2004 issue of SURFING has Flynn on the cover and on page 133 in a Pepper’s sunglasses ad doing a Flynnstone sequence as Polendey says, years before any other documented attempts by any other beings. Nathan check it out if you can get any old SURFING issues, Novak is clearly truthful in his comments. Also Gavin and Hank should definitely be sponsored. They are red hot. But Flynn it’s quite true has a ton of brute power in his turns, slightly more.Also the Transworld Oct. issue has a higher sequence than this clip, more rad and he makes it.

  • Jefe

    I work my dick off so I can surf. While I admire seriously talented people, I don’t admire people with entitlement issues. So… if the pro sponsored surfer gig hasn’t worked out yet, maybe you should think more seriously about a career shift. Lastly, I’m not sold on the whole surfing is a professional sport thing, anyway. Still the best recreation in the world, though. Be glad you’re really good at it.

  • rachel kaneta

    You know what I am tired of reading NEGATIVE things being said about FLYNN , If you don’t like him, or his style or what ever the hell you wanna knit pick about him then DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!! KEEP YOUR GODDAMN NEGATIVITY TO YOUR SAD SORRY PATHETIC SELVES!!!!!

    If you don’t have anything positive to say, don’t say anything.

    If you don’t know him you would just be judging him if you said something negative so spare us all and DON”T.

    3.that you don’t know him so SHUT YOUR FACE!!!!

  • jeff bushman

    I have had the honor to work with many tops pro over the last 23 years on the northshore. Out of all Flynn has been the most professional. He has an amazing work ethic. Every evening i will receive photos, and video of that days sessions, up dates, and feed back on the boards ridden. This is not normal in pro surfing! Flynn deserves a shot. And to all you wankers saying otherwise, look at the photos and videos, from one foot slop to macking heavy conditions Flynn is the complete surfer, the real deal.

  • matt

    It happens, some make it and some don’t, thats life. stop blaming everyone else for your own problems.

  • Rick Novak

    Don’t take it seriously Rachel, it’s just a handful of haters trying to create the impression that the surfing public doesn’t like Flynn, when the exact opposite is true. I just had a Japanese kid lead me all over the Tokyo train station, (8 levels, signs in Japanese!) He was super-stoked just because he met Flynn Novak’s uncle; he even wanted my autograph! :>) People love Flynn.

  • HV

    Yup! Jeff is right. Thank you Jeff for being the voice of reason. Flynn, keeping on surfing and hopefully one day the silly folks with all their side bar comments will just


    To all the people who have so many negitive comments: Be happy and don’t be hating on someone else’s dream. Worry about making your oun dreams come true.
    ALOHA to you all!

  • HV

    And no more whinning from the side lines……please :)

  • cm

    politics is pervasive.

  • stay home??/

    nothing to cry about rachel. THE TRUTH IS THE WHOLE COUNTRY IS SCREWED UP. So im sorry i dont feel sorry for the guy based on the way he represented his self (innersection, tws, here).

    When flynn is starving in COMPTON or has a family of four whose home is foreclosed ill feel sorry for him, but not a moment sooner.

  • dude

    I just read Volcom just signed Sion Milosky. Sion charges, but damn what about Flynn ?? Kind of an injustice eh ?

  • Chels

    I met Flynn 11 years ago and he was rad then and rad now. And as former photo editor of a surf magazine, I know he was ripping then and rips harder now!

  • Sigrid & Richey Novak

    We are the proud grandparents of this athletic young man and are terribly impressed by what he has achieved all by himself. Although he comes from an athletic family, his accomplishment vastly exceed anything that any of the rest of us has ever approached achieving. Go, Flynn, go! Fly, Flynn, fly!

  • Vince

    Stay Home, Jeff, Son, you’re all a bunch of KOOKS! You don’t even know the guy and yet you pass judgment on the guy. I shoot photos with Flynn all the time in Hawaii and he’s one of the hardest working guys out there. If you want, fly to Hawaii, send me your flight info, I’ll pick you up at the airport, and we’ll drive straight over to Flynn’s house where you can talk shit to his face. But you won’t because you’re a pack of cowards who have to talk shit about people online to make yourselves feel better. In the mean time, quit your F*@KING bitching and hating! Or here’s a better idea……Go SURF!

  • charlie c

    i would really like to meet some of u guys talking smack about flynn. chippas air is a big spin body varial. skateboarding move. if you where to even to try and compare the two in a skateboarding video? the big spin is kindergarden $h!+. all you internet tough guys come say high to the boys in hawaii when you are here. give you a warm welcome alright…

  • James

    Of course the Hawaiian idiots come out with threats to nobody on an internet forum. Sound just as silly as the people hating. Hawaiians are absurd.

  • Da Cat

    Careful you no get da kine false crack haole.

  • Grant

    It takes a pretty socially ignorant person to say the things Flynn says in this interview, so I have to wonder if he’s fully there mentally. If not, shame on you all for criticizing such a person on a blog post forum

  • Heeks

    We r talking about Flynn, leave the Hawaiians out of it! Stay on subject Fu**ers! And show some respect, we created the sport!!!!

  • Tom Jensen

    I once saw Flynn shoot his board at a guy who dropped in on him. Nearly speared the guy in the back of the head — he would have died. One of the heaviest things I’ve ever seen. Visual has never left my mind.

  • wiggy

    if you really knew flynn, you would know that he is a humble and honest person who does not hate on people. you haters should come to the north shore and take some notes. aloha haters…

  • eli gusman

    Yes it’s true he is one of the world’s most recognized surfing names with appearances in Sports Illustrated mag. and ESPN etc. One of the most liked too. In the surf world he’s simply referred to by his first name, recognized everywhere, every beach, every continent. He definitely gives the best interviews even naming names! I came back from a Hawaii visit in Feb ’09 to find a 2 pg spread of Flynn in Sports Illustrated. They even used the word “popular” in the caption. In Hawaii he gave me a set wave at Rocky Pt. and I ripped it. Paddled back out and told him thanks. Gave me the biggest smile. That’s aloha isn’t it? Ask him if he knows Eli Gusman. Bet he says no. But I know who he is and I have not forgotten. Writing this is the least I could do. He’s my favorite surfer. Bet he gives waves to visitors all the time. As far as this KUSTOM thing goes .. IT’S A FREAKIN BACKFLIP for chrissakes!!!!!! Everyone remembers where they were when they first saw it. It made this summer a happening. As TRANSWORLD wrote in the new issue it’s the manuever of the year. Yo Nathan the first flynnstone is in your own magazine dude years ago. Check it just like Polendey advised you. EVerything Flynn says or has said is true. He is honest and loved around the world. Eli Gusman from San Clemente

  • Rick Novak

    Ignore the haters, they just want attention and will probably never do anything legit to merit it, certainly not on the level of Flynn’s accomplishments.
    Let’s see, on Flynn’s side we have a couple world champs, several of the best photographers and shapers in the world, surf mag writers, a ton of the top surfers in the world, and pretty much the entire state of Hawaii.
    On the Opposition side we have, what…. a bunch of anonymous haters who’ve never accomplished anything significant themselves except for maybe one wakeboarder.
    They have the right to voice their opinions, but they don’t carry nearly as much weight as the opinions of Flynn’s supporters.

  • grunty


  • Kurt Hamm

    Manuever of The Year and Controversy of the Year has been rolled into one hot taco. Nathan it’s accurate. The whodunit evidence in in the March ’04 issue of you own magazine!!!! True in addition is that we all recall the electric jolt we experienced upon our initial viewing of this phenomenon. Wow! My fave sentence here is from the guy who writes: IT’S A FREAKIN BACKFLIP for chrissakes!! I love that. Flynn has first-name recognition and is admired on the East Coast. Everything he says is true. He’s the original by a mile…..and THIS IS the four min. mile. Amazing KUSTOM comp. this year. Didn’t anyone notice that Flynn rhymes with Win? I’m going to introduce myself when I see him. I know that I’ll be treated with aloha. One last thing: I always admired people who are brutally honest. It takes courage. Apparently Flynn’s got courage to spare. In and out of the water. Kurt Hamm from Wrightsville Beach, N.C.

  • wooster

    huge barrels, big power hacks , style, airs , and back flips … this guy fucking rips .

  • Jim Pateman

    Tom if you write a fake name you should spell it correctly. Jenson is spelled with an “on” at the end not like you spelled it with an “en”. I don’t believe you. I do believe that a lot of people have a lot of reasons to lie. Besides …. how about this … if Robin Hood shot an arrow (point blank range) with the actual intention of killing you, well, do you really think he’d MISS? Flynn doesn’t know me, I’ve surfed Rocky Pt. at least five maybe ten times with him and he was Mr. Courteous. But when I was young I shot my board at a shoulder-hopper and hit him too. Yep, Miki Dora was my hero and he did it accurately all the time, until people finally stopped burning him.

  • Lorenn Walker

    Flynn is not only a great surfer but he is a great athlete and an excellent role model for everyone. He will accomplish a lot because he is also kind, intelligent and he communicates well. We love Flynn in Waialua!

  • O Boy

    Good luck to Flyn, He deserves this one.

  • reality

    The reality of Sponsored Surfing

    Companies are established to make $
    Companies need to advertise their products.
    Companies pay surfers $ to advertise their products.

    People buy surf products to be cool.

    Surfers need to be cool to sell companies products.

    Flynn Novak is a nice guy, surfs amazing etc etc. unfortunately he is not cool so companies will not give him $ to advertise their products.

    The Reality; You get paid to sell a product, not surf well.

  • Riley Blakeway

    Riley Blakeway is a fag. Bagging out this guy so much. All for Stab magazine propaganda, what a toyboy.

    Flyn sounds like a cool guy who says what is on his mind.

    I havent heard any other surfer tell the truth about Dustys win last year (which was total bullshit, as I suspect this years will be too). HE IS NOT WINGING, he just isnt a cock sucker like 90% of the other pros out there. Tells it as it is.

  • sions friend

    Flynn needs to shut his cocky pompus ‘i deserve everything’ mouth,
    he needs to let his surfing do the talking,
    if flynn just kept quiet, everyone would want him to win,
    look at what happened to sion miloski, he didnt get nominated for an xxl winning wave, yet he didnt go on every website talking shit about other surfers, the previous winners of xxl….
    and.. he showed up at the xxl awards and showed support for his friends,
    look at sions aloha attitude and take notes,
    Flynn, you shouldnt be so angry,

  • duke

    Flynn’s punt is friggin sick! It has to win the 5ok! The guy’s been destroying it for years, it is about time he gets some overdue recognition!

  • bud lapenia

    Flynn has fans in N.J. Yo visit the Jersey Shore!

  • bud – from Jersey – Lapenia

    Here’s some Jersey-speak for youse guys: puntman, alohaman, realdealman, legitman, wildman, madman, dedicatedman, braveman, fearlessman, bigwaveman. Youse guys listening? Here’s some more vocabulary from the Jersey Shore: innovative, original, truthful, skilled, holy-shit-it’s-the-holy-grail !! , new, different, inspirational, surprisssssing, electricjolt. Youse guys listening? Got one more word: F-L-Y-N-N !! Jersey Boys back Flynn all the way.

  • http://www.doudounemonclerm.com vestes Moncler

    Umh , c’était dr?le …, Je suis impatient de lire d’autres dans un proche avenir!

  • www.surfingmagazine.com

    Exposure shits on image part 3.. Nifty :)