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Last Thursday, we asked fans of SURFING Magazine on Facebook to write critical reviews of any feature from the On Location: Mexico issue. Your best review would get Josh Kerr’s surfboard, courtesy of Rusty. You had 72 hours to submit. By Sunday, around the time Brett Simpson was winning the US Open in Huntington, we had an inbox full of your thoughts. Here are three from the very top of the pile.

Von Zipper Advertisement (reviewed by J.A. of Laguna Beach, CA)

Ok I know you said review the magazine, but I want to review the Von Zipper Sunglasses ad featuring Andy Irons, and that’s in the magazine on page 122, so here goes.

In the ad, Andy is standing on the side of the road in Hawaii in a tiger suit. I don’t know why he’s in the tiger suit, but I assume he was hired to appear at a birthday party. Maybe he is supposed to go to a bachelorette party and strip out of the tiger suit and dance for dollar bills, but his car broke down, and that’s why he’s hitchhiking on the side of the road.

This ad is a problem for 4 main reasons:

-Andy Irons doesn’t need to strip for money because he is a highly paid professional athlete with a good investing strategy.
-Andy would not have Von Zipper sunglasses in this situation because he was planning on having the tiger head on the whole time, so he would have left his glasses at home or sold them to catch the bus, but he would not be wearing them as he is in the ad.
-In Hawaii, everyone would pick up Andy Irons and give him a ride because he’s like an ali’i or “royalty” there. But in the picture no one is picking up poor Andy Irons.
-Tiger suits are very hot and uncomfortable for the person wearing them, but if you look closely at the photograph, you can see that Andy is cool as the back side of a pillow.

I conclude that this photograph is staged and Andy Irons never stripped at any bachelorette parties, as Von Zipper tries to have us believe with their clever use of Photoshop and mirrors. Still, I approve of the stylish sunglasses in the picture and would appreciate two pairs of them if you can do that, or otherwise just one pair will be fine. Thank you.

Lost & Found: The Google Earth Challenge
(reviewed by S.S. of Long Island, NY)

The Google Earth trip is a signpost stuck in the sand for our surfing future, and the sign reads: Things are lookin’ up!

Little 12 year-old Stephen Page’s digital skills/shredding potential show what we can expect from surfers in the modern era: anything they want! Too many groms are high on Spongebob and energy drinks and only care about a free box of clothes. But who knows what’s next for young Stephen Page? He’s already sniffed out what looks to be the sickest Mexican right-hander since “Somewhere.” Will he make a travel documentary? An environmental project? A novel? Med school?

I doubt most professional adults could use Google Earth to find their own noses. The fact that our next generation of surfers is computer-literate and charging everything from sketchy Mexican secret points to 49-degree San Francisco water is inspiring. The kids are alright!

Lost & Found: The Google Earth Challenge #2 (reviewed by A.M. of San Clemente, CA)

Yes, you may have found a good wave. And you may have Kate Moss. But seriously where would you be without your Mexicans? Diego Cadena takes you to the wave, kills and cooks the fish that fed everyone for a week, and then rips harder than the well-known pros and gets the cover. All I can say is FINALLY BOYS! You’d better put all your gardeners and housekeepers on the cover next month, and your senators the month after that, and the president in 2012 because Mexicans are going all the way son! Viva Mexico, viva Surfing mag for profiling las olas y la gente!

There you have it. Join the conversation on Facebook at facebook.com/surfingmag . It’s your magazine – talk back to it.

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  • http://ajax.com AjaxMcGregor

    Hmmm, I’d kinda like to read some more of these. Only post three? What’s the hold-up? Not enough shit talkers out there. I find it hard to accept.

  • http://ajax.com AjaxMcGregor

    Hey, we can review it right here, huh? Duh.

    Okay: well, first of all, I love the “On Location” concept. First Bali, then Africa, then Mexico…it’s been good choices, and I’m already looking forward to the next one. It’s nice to have a topic dissected inside the magazine — like reading a whole book on the subject, seen from various angles and various voices.

    At first maybe Rusty’s story seemed a little weird, but that later I realized reading that just got me into the vibe of Mexico. The feel of rolling down the coast in a beat-up truck. Then the Puerto Faces showed what the true spirit of Mexico surfing is built upon — Puerto probably has the most serious surf heritage in Mexico. And finally, The Google Earth article showed us that there’s still plenty of discovery out there — man, I wish I could surf that wave. Musta been fun, even if sitting in that crappy desert probably sucked ass.

    The trip story was stupid — no one wants to hear Hawaiians talk. Just show them surfing. Also, the photo feature should have stayed in Mexico. Surely you have enough shots.

    The other pieces and bits were cool, but if I had a complaint it’s that you didn’t really delve into any secrets and unknown aspects of Mexico. I guess that’s done out of courtesy to the secret spots and the locals that surf them, but come on…you gotta prove useful to your readers, even if it makes a few heavies hate you.

    Okay. That’s my review. You can keep Josh Kerr’s busted-ass board though. I think that dude has a curse on him, and I don’t want any bad mojo rubbing on my belly while I paddle.

    Suck it.

  • aaron

    that wave looks like jbay, ill find out where is it.