Fame Monsters

posted by / News / May 2, 2011


We call them the Adolescents: Kolohe / Balaram / Evan / Conner / Nat / Luke / Andrew. At least one is gonna be famous famous — we’re sure of it. But who? Why? How?


The Adolescent most likely to be famous is...

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One random voter gets a massive pack from Famous Accessories for spitting wisdom, and years from now, we all get to say we knew so-and-so way back when (then tear that famous prick to shreds for selling out). Savvy?


Results and a winner will be picked this Friday, May 6th. Vote. They get famous. You get Famous.

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  • Claude

    Ah yes, ye olde “suit with a backwards cap” look. On loan from Brody Jenner circa ’02 I’ll assume.

  • blakely

    droids going have his own board company, will be a famous hipster street artist, and his super indie reverb band will have all of williamsburg and silverlake creaming their panties

  • Jay

    Stacks is always wearing his fitted, I don’t think the kid knows who the fuck brody jenner is. Neither do I.

  • bro fest

    these guys are good at surfing.
    in interviews, you can insert all stereotypes about surfers’ intelligence.
    my hope is that they get an education somehow.
    combined, they have as much depth as a puddle.
    boring personalities, lots of ego, but that is to be expected at this stage.
    manage them well, keep microphones away from them, and let them dominate the world.

  • Walter

    Who cares, I just want to win the Famous gear! Best grips and wax bar none!!

  • CameronB

    The Olson twins option is just legendary. I now have a new life goal.

  • zcoffin

    The earth is mostly water; water is their life; may they enjoy every drop.