Floating On at the Billabong Rio Pro

posted by / News / May 20, 2011

Below is a reader’s letter received by email this morning during the tail end of the Billabong Rio Pro. It seems to sum up most onlookers’ feelings on the day’s scoring.







The comments thread on the Heats on Demand page is alive with similar, though less entertaining, discussion.


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77 Responses to “Floating On at the Billabong Rio Pro”

  1. Spud says:

    Hands down the worst judging I’ve ever seen. Compare the air Bobby did again Kelly that netted him a 7.5. Now go back and watch Owens snap to air combo for a high 6. Then, throw in Adriano’s lateral floater. 8.23? Really? Given it was the biggest wave of the heat. And yes, the landing was of higher degree than most floaters. However, shouldn’t have been any higher than a 6. In fact, nobody in the history of the asp (even in the 80s) scored an 8+ for a floater. Ever.

    Motion to fire all judges and head judge associated with the Billabong Pro Rio?


  2. Alb says:

    Well, I don’t think Owen’s waves were as critical despite the better surfing. I think the Asp seems to be rewarding more for catching bigger waves and doing more critical maneuvers rather than technical surfing/tricks. His floater had a lot more tension in it than a smaller wave that Owen had with a kind of forced bunny hop air that didn’t have the speed on a slower wave. I’m not more partial to the Brazilians in any way, but I think if you are an older pro on the tour you are more likely to pull out more points than a younger surfer. The waves kinda sucked anyway. The contest was more like the contests from 10 years ago in crappy conditions.

  3. Mixologist says:

    Fire Brodie Carr now please….

  4. vcxv says:


    No way any brazilian chick will ever look at a dumbass australian. All you have is your hand. Make a proper use of it.

  5. Whatever says:

    I’m brazilian and I’m happy by De Souza’s victory, but the judges were fucking crazy! The judging criteria went to space! And it’s happened during the whole event, not only in this heat. High-scores for floaters and snaps?!

    ASP needs make a reunion and fix all the shits in the judging criteria.

    I’m dissapointed and ashamed of this event!

    If this is the “Dream Tour”, I don’t wanna know how the “Nightmare Tour” is!

  6. nik says:

    Q:how many people can do a floater on a 4 foot closeout
    A:everybody whos been surfing for more than 3 years
    Q:how many people can do a snap a setup cuttie and then a sweet slob grab air on a closeout
    A:about 0.001% of all surfers
    this is the worst decision of judging all year, (which has been a rather shitty year for the judges) i can only pin this decision to the one judge rule: a head judge (full of pride and ego) will have total influence over his robot minors. he sees a wave and thinks a lateral floater must be good seeing the whole crowd was screaming for it, and tells his minors the score should be in the 8range. anyone who disagrees is slapped and raped.

  7. nik says:

    oh yeh, can surfing journo’s (surfingmag) please dare to start writing articles that address this shit judging. pleassssssssssseeeeeeee.

  8. D. says:

    that floater from adriano had exactly the same criteria as joel’s two floaters in the day before against jeremy in which he got a 9.6 something

  9. timm donaghy says:

    i was a refferee for the NBA for years, while refing i accepted cash to throw games, so its safe to say i know a payoff when i see one. mr. de souza clearly did not earn that 8, it was powerfull and commited (ah la charles barkly circa 1985), but no where near mr.wrights finess and versitility( ah la labron james present). best of luck to the asp and there compleat loss of credibility. if they need any help judging im looking for a job. thanks.

    on a side note i thought greg sayer was the biggest douch in commentating but gt my man you take the cake.

  10. Now is too late... says:

    I stay with the judges, was a very close call. Would happen the same in Oz for Owen for sure. A good place to cry is in bed with a blanket. Congrats Adriano.

  11. bun dipper says:

    adriano did do a sick floater, but the year is 2011, not 1991.

  12. Steveness says:

    who cares about this contest anyway.

  13. Jorge Jojó says:

    Congrats Adriano! you deserved win. The most part of time your surf was high, mainly in Arpoador beach. See you guys, in Saquarema beach next tuesday, start COCA COLA OAKLEY PRO. Bye!!

  14. Danny says:

    Owen deserved that heat but brazzos are underscored at US ou AU for years .

    I’m not saying that one mistake should replace another, but all this debate is happening because for the first time a brazilian was overscore.

  15. cHRIS says:


  16. Gilberto says:

    I do not know whether it was fair or not, but remained consistent since Jeremy got a 8.5 with just a floater. joel got over 9 with floaters too. All competitors who were watching the event were aware of this, if not tried long floaters they did wrong option and many who tried to fell several times, showing which were critical of the maneuver to return … anyway, I thought the wave owen was more than he needed, but first i have see the judges stealing for a Brazilian. Black jack, i agree about write a letter, but I think it’s attitude could have come earlier, when Adriano was stolen in the gold coast against taj or simply to justify the bob´s martinez indignation in bell´s beach.
    Taking this mistake, adriano surfed incredibly well all event and gave no chance for Taj in the final … Congrats adriano!

  17. ----- says:

    the indignation of you is the same that we Brazilians feel in the dozen times that we are underscored

  18. surf says:

    the indignation of you is the same that we Brazilians feel in the dozen times that we are underscored

  19. Nabuco says:

    Go cry in bed Australian Kangoroo. . brazil power in economics, surfing, soccer, 2014 World Cup. 2016 Olimpic Games. Australia with its 15million people is no challenge to us.

  20. Matt O'Brien says:

    I have to respond to this: “TO ME U ARE ENVY FROM THE BRAZZOS DOMINATES NO MATE??” Envy is like the Jersey Shoe Wives saying “people are jealous of me because…” NOPE WE THE SURF FANS ARE DISGUSTED WITH STATE OF “PRO” SURFING RIGHT NOW – IT IS 90′S ALL OVER AGAIN! I loved the 90′s WHEN iT was the 90′s! this is 2011 and the judging is old and tired. First off they can’t figure out the grabs or difficulty in different types of airs/grabs So they are just WOWED by anything other than a cutback. BUT to throw in “good” measure – a floater is the “sickest” maneuver in their minds as of late – WHAT THE F!?! Please do some research and come back as professional judges or else we are going to stop caring. AND I THOUGHT THE WHOLE REASON FOR WEBCAST WAS TO GARNER PUBLIC INTEREST,??! We can watch b.s. judging in the Olympic if we care to. NOT IN WT event. arggggggggg. The judging in this event was worse than any modern day am. comp. Sad to say I watched whole event (from 4 am – 1 pm) and am ashamed that I had to leave my warm /cozy bed and put off my workload for this crap. Hopefully J Bay will validate my “Habit” or else my wife is gonna be correct when she says “that these things are a waste of time.” I love pro surfing – but this was shameful. That said, I can’t blame Adriano for the win when the judges are worse than an elementary soccer ref. Argggggg!

  21. cxz says:

    timm donaghy>

    a refferee from nba??? hahahhaha stop the BS.

  22. Danger says:

    @Nabuco – Hahahaha, I love that you Brazzos think that calling an Aussie, an “Australian Kangoroo” is offensive. I’ve read it here and over at Stab during this event and it’s so cute and comical! …..And also, what challenge? Are you declaring a war? You’re all so damn passionate, I love it!

  23. cxz says:

    Danger says:
    May 21, 2011 at 1:55 am

    Perhaps we should call you inmates… or did you forget the Australia was a prison country for the British empire, my redneck friend?

    I hope I didn`t go too far.

  24. MSpence says:

    Glad to see some opinions flying after what was a very inconsistent and poorly judged event. I’m especially glad to see I’m not the only loser who watched the entire event in spite of mostly poor conditions and really frustrating judging. I agree they were over scoring floaters and snaps and underscoring airs. Just because a lot of guys can usually pull one or two big airs a heat doesn’t make them easy. It means they rip! Also, cxz, dude commit. Just talk the sh@%t! You can’t go too far. No one is gonna take any of this seriously anyway.

  25. hurling says:

    this has nothing to do with brazzil vs australia or even solely about owen vs adriano. It was a shitty contest with shitty surf and poor judging the whole way through. Even if the surfers dont say as clear as some of the fans it is quite clear in most post heat interviews that they seem a bit frustrated with the conditions of the waves and baffled by the judging. Just look at Joel when he comments on his heat after that 9 point floater or what about Bourez super overscored heat in round 3? the whole contest was a shame for the asp and professional surfing unfortunate it happened in Brazil where there are so many other places with better more dream tour waves than rio. Hopefully it is a blessing it happened so early in the season that the officials can get their game together for the rest of the season. Fingers crossed for some epic surf and sober judging in Jeffreys.

  26. Danger says:

    @cxz, you’re so adorable! Call us what you want! X

  27. mo says:

    steveness said it already:

    who cared about this contest anyway. all they could do were floaters, because the waves didnt offer them much more…

    and based on the gossip that nike is launching a tour stop in sydney downtown, i would say the tour isnt getting any better

  28. val says:

    1. adriano has been underscored way too many times. (not that this was a “revenge” but sometime it had to be on his side)
    2. on semifinal #2 bede durbidge got a couple high 4′s for SH*T little floaters on a 2 foot waves. so it seems reasonable that adriano got an 8 for a HUGE one.
    3. i think commitment was key on the heat against owen and adriano showed that and got the bigger waves with risky moves like that floater.
    4. stop fighting because this contest is already over.
    CONGRATS TO ADRIANO HE DESERVED IT SO MUCH, and hope that the ASP can keep up the reliability on their judging for the next events,

  29. derek says:

    First, congrats to adriano. No one is pissed that he won the contest, its more a matter of inconsistent judging making for some puzzling results.
    All you brazzos whinging about past brazzos being underscored in australian events need to understand that the judges ARE NOT provided by the host country. There is typically a mixture of judges from various surfing regions, i.e. one american, one brazillian, one australian, one hawaiian, etc. There is no vast, anti-brazilian conspiracy in the ASP, there just haven’t been many Brazilian tour wins overall because, until now, there haven’t been a huge number of brazzos on tour capable of winning. Its not because of racist judges. The past 15 years or so has been rough on brazilian surfers, get over it. Your time is coming, just look at the trestles event.

    That being said… the judging was horrible in the heat above. By that criteria, I could occasionally beat Owen Wright in a contest. I can’t, but I can do a mean floater.

  30. nik says:

    “with risky moves like that floater.”^
    dude, do you even surf?

  31. TWON says:

    fuck i thought it was a pretty legit floater

  32. DB11 says:

    I hear a lot of people mentioning “catching bigger waves” but I have a problem with the size of a wave carrying such weight within the criteria. This isnt the Eddie, it’s a contest staged in a rather average 3-4 foot set-up. If a contestant is lucky enough to snag the biggest wave within a heat, does this make him the likely winner of the heat, even if he only does one turn, albeit critical and functional? Is this not shifting heat results too far towards “luck” rather than a surfer doing the most with what a wave offers him to work with? There’s enough luck involved already, we should be rewarding surfing, not fortunate surfer line-up positioning.

  33. Alex says:

    Before I read this article I saw the floater from Adriano and I would never thought that the judges would given an 8 for one floater… I do think that Adriano was ripping but that wasn’t an 8. But, looking at the judging criteria throughout the comp, look like they were judging “3 to the beach”… I’m from Portugal and I’m always amped to see the Euro’s do good, but I don’t think that Jeremy Flores waves were as high of a score as they judge… 8 for 3 half turns?!?! In that perspective maybe Adriano’s wave was an 8…

  34. mic says:

    Yep, It was a nice floater tough.

  35. Jamie says:

    Adriano did an absolutely huge floater in a very difficult wave, it was so critical and aggressive.

    Owen did 2 skateboard tricks in 2 shitty waves.

    Wanna know whats surfing is all about? Watch Mark Occhilupo ripping a wave.

    Good on ya Adriano, congrats!

  36. Jorge Jojó says:

    This is the true: the aussies and americans don´t like brazilians and portuguese surfers wins ASP events. For a long time i observed that the judge not correct scored correctly the surfers from this countries. Also for a long time i observed the discrimination about in movies, they don´t show braziians in your movies, just americans, hawaians and aussies. This is why the surf still not compares with F1 RACES, or Football, or NBA, etc. There are not unity in ASP. There are false people who don´t respect the nations represented by competitors. All the nations demand respect for ASP. There are serious problem in ASP leaders and manages. All of you, think about that. Justice and respect for guys on WT tour, then all the peoples will believe on ASP events.

    Jorge Jojó
    Rio de Janeiro city, Brazil.

  37. ray says:

    Not true Jorge.
    I respect your countrymen greatly and like watching Adriano, Miguel, and Heitor. I do cheer them on and have wanted Adriano to do well for the past 4 years.

    With this said, you cannot justify a one move – backside floater that is given above an 7.00 in a surf contest in this day and age. Adriano’s wave was scored an 8.23 and this was not an accurate assessment.

    Jorge, put your Brazilian pompoms away. We are just being critical of the judges not your green speedo peeps.

  38. diogo says:


  39. tedshred says:

    That was a pretty sick floater, going faster, on a bigger wave. ’nuff said.

  40. val says:

    NIC…are you saying that adriano’s floater wasnt risky????? maybe you are the one thats not a surfer. im not saying FLOATERS ARE RISKY, but adriano’s was, for sure.

  41. Nuno says:

    Forget the floater!!! Now let analyse the two second scores of both surfers: Adrina goes for a vertical foam climb as a first move and then goes for a semi-move in the colose-out and gets a 6.00 for this (WEIRD, to much WEIRD).

    NOW, lets go to Owens second score: he goes for a, if you want to go this far, a frontside foam climb (just to equaliza with Adriano’s first turn), goes for a little snap (an adjustment turn) AND goes for a huge fs slob air!!!! Score: 6.60.




  42. Ben says:

    i agree with the above post: forget about the score of the floater. Adriano’s second wave was pure kookiness.

  43. Ben says:

    look at that second wave- can you believe he claimed that shit?

  44. Denis says:

    Dear Australian friends,
    Next time you happen to be in Rio, Sao Paulo, Santa Catarina, Fernando de Noronha or any place in Brazil for that matter, please try to speak this language that you guys call “English” in the water.
    It would be really interesting to see the reaction after the pathetic crying in this blog. Needless to say that most of us are native speakers of Portuguese, fluent in English and in Spanish, whereas you… well speak like that aaahhmm mate?
    By the way, I agree that Adriano was over scored, but you know what… This was simply a reflection of today´s geopolitical reality.
    If you happened to be surfing those incredible waves that you have in your land and not be paying attention to the changes the world has experienced, nowadays, the money flows to wherever it can find the most returns… aka China and Brazil.
    The ASP is a business and therefore acts as such… Since it has begun!
    P.S. See you in Saquarema (for those brave enough, or who have learnt jiu jitsu from a Brazilian master)

  45. matt o'brien says:

    thank you for the remarks Ben/Nuno because besides floater – owen’s last WAS the score (don’t tell judges though), if you read ASP official statement on heat, they include criteria for judging & by their accounts “floww, variety and new manuvers r ALL part of score makeup. therefore Owen got score. hell 2 of 5 judges had it correct. just recounting criteria and wht Owen did proves that. No where in criteria does it say “Wave size” now where… But event is over so i guess we fans have to “move on” – B.S. If thia is new school surfing then i will stick to pro juniors& women’s tours. AND I don’t want to, so judges please figure out this crap for next event(s) or we fans will be “forced” to watch something else. p.s. – in “expression” session r ww really to believe that a 180 safety grab reo is betteer than Kerr’s full rotation 369 aireal? To me this is where I started smelling stinky vish in ASP judging panel.

  46. Doidão says:

    look who is crying right now.

  47. Nick Carroll says:

    Goodness, seems as if everyone really does give a shit about pro surfing after all.

    Long since stopped trying to second guess the judging panel from the webcast. An eight point floater! Clearly, those “dumpers” must have been a lot scarier first hand!

    to Jorge: I can’t help noticing that your anger at the ASP’s structure does not include Renato Hickel, who was head judge of the World Tour for a number of years in the 1990s before taking on the task of ASP General Manager, a post he holds today. Renato is gentleman and an ornament to the sport who’s done as much as anyone to see it through the past 25 years. He is also Brazilian.

  48. Wally says:

    I agree with the what the judges are saying about the floater, it was critical and worth a good score… Owen still should have won the heat! Both his airs were sick! They were better than most of the airs through out the whole comp… But my biggest issue is with Adriano’s back-up score… If Owen was getting 6′s and 7′s then Adriano’s back-up score should have only been a 3 or 4. It was shit, he didn’t even ride outta the last turn whereas OW landed 2 massive airs and got a comparable score…

  49. Mark Wiley says:

    That is the most wicked thing I have ever seen!!

  50. nik says:

    Val, can i ask what was risky about adriano’s floater. was it not the easiest thing he could have done on that wave.
    a huge snap, would have been far more critical and harder
    a carve would have been near impossible
    an air would have been extremely risky
    BUT this wave is 3-4 foot, is not a very sucky one either, making the floater quite easy to land. and with minimal consequences if he fell off (oh no water) it was not risky and was the easiest move to do on the wave.
    maybe if he was 50 he could have risked tearing the ligamets in his knee. but he is not. he is a super fit young male, bulletproof.

  51. Sammy says:

    How bout we just have equal judging at every stop on the tour? How bout we have the comps at the best spots in the world for SURFING, not spectators? I know its about the business of surfing and expanding the amount of people in the water, profits etc. but at what point do we lose the ACTUAL SURFER?? More stops like Brasil and bells will make me lose interest. Plain and simple, and I cant be the only one out there. How can we be watching slop Rio when we have forgone such classic locations as G-Land, Cloudbreak, Maldives, Deserts, Lakey???
    I’m an aussie and I’d be prepared to see Bells fall by the wayside in favour of a better spot, why can’t we do the same with Rio? If Billabong really want to promote surfing in Brazil, then why not show the best waves in there?? It’s the bigger, more dangerous waves we all wanna see, dont show me something i can walk down the end of the street and surf myself for fucks sake. Selling surfing is selling escapism. Rip curl gets it, why doesn’t the ASP? These are professionals, show them competing professionally at a level we cant comprehend, then you will get viewers. This point ties in with the judging of Adriano’s floater too. If i wanna watch floaters I’ll switch off the computer I’ll go and do one myself, you should be promoting progressive surfing.

  52. Luiz says:

    @Spud: Slater won the CT in Brazil against Adriano with a floater where he scored a 9.0 on a half foot wave. Funny… Don’t remember you or anyone else in the complaining about that score.

  53. maconheiro says:

    7,5 to a little air to Owen is too much , no ??

  54. maconheiro says:

    Owen surfed weak and powerless in the maneuvers , and chose small waves ! The judges are correct !

  55. Luiz says:

    Guess you are all right! The judgment wasn’t the best, but I’d say it was fair, considering the whole event and all the other floaters that scored well. Now, what’s up with surfing to publish this article this way!? You are getting farther and farther from a descent unbiased journalism. I said that a few weeks ago, after the article on Reuben whatever his name is, from UK. And then another racist comment, and now that? There are many ways to fire up a discussion without being that biased. I understand that coming from randoms talking blindly in web-forums, but that coming from a respect magazine is just ridiculous. And don’t say “it’s not biased” or “not racist” Swallow that, because it is… and there is no greater stupidity in the world. Judge the surfing, and all that shit you talk about, leave your racial preferences at home… And yes, I am Brazilian.. and yes, I am passionate.. thank you very much!

  56. dvc says:

    Lets be real about this. Owen’s 6.6 was pretty uneventful and the score was indicative. First of all, his first turn was clearly executed without much speed and power and was not performed in a critical section of the wave. The lack of any spray clearly evidences this. The second turn was more of a check turn and likely had a de minimus bearing on the overall score. And finally, the air – a relatively simple stock frontside grab air executed on a weak part of the wave without much height and difficulty for surfers at this level.

    But by the same token, Adriano’s floater, while clearly performed on a critical section of a larger wave with heaps of speed and flow, was not and should have not received a score of 8.23. The judges claimed to have adjusted the scoring scale according to conditions that day but there were waves ridden during the morning that either equaled or bettered Adriano’s while failing to garner a score above 8.0. This wasn’t a case of Owen beating Adriano but rather a case where the judging scale and practice exhibits its inherent flaws – human emotion cannot be removed whether you like it or not – and the fact that a hometown boy surfing incredibly during the whole event, who was taking risk after risk on his waves to the enjoyment of all of Rio, had evidently seaped into the collective psyche of of the judging panel and the score was a clear reflection of that. Ultimately, its what makes for good drama in this sport we love.

  57. Me, myself and I says:

    nik says:
    May 22, 2011 at 10:32 pm

    Wanna know what was risky about ADS floater?
    You should ask Bourez, Alejo, Ross and CJ… They all ended up with neck problems after floaters in Barra’s wave.
    Heck, Bourez and CJ even had to be addmited to a near by hospital.

  58. Márcio Arjones says:

    Ok, ok… Let’s think a little on the hole contest: didn’t Joel (who made an inapropriate comment on twitter) get scores on excelent range by doing floaters? How about the Spartan? Didn’t this maneuver played a major role in some sections of Bell’s contest?

    So, I think the problem is this: none of you guys can cope with the up and comming brazilian surfing. Those athlets aren’t “support actors” anymore. They can beat aussies and americans fair and square too, like Adriano did at Gold Coast event against Taj Burrow. Even the event’s heats on demand tried to hide the fact that Adriano actually won that heat. But, what do you have to say about that? So, the problem is not that heat or the criteria. The problem is to have a aussie been beaten by a “brazzo”. This is lame.

    The difference is you guys can do lots of noise on twitter and facebook and, unfortunatelly, ASP must answer those whips and complains. Sad.

    One more thing: we are a third world country (an up and rising economy – do you know what does BRIC mean? We didn’t suffer with the last 2008 crisis. How about you guys in Australia and USA?) But we never, ever, will do no harm to a judge o athlet for a heat result. Ever. This nonsense you guys are talking (judges afraid, money in the judges pockets, etc.) are disrespectfull. We will be the next Soccer World Cup AND Olimpic Games (2014/2016) and we are ready to rock and roll with pride and joy.

    And last, but not least: Jadson won a contest last year. Owen made more points and finished better on rankings. Wich one was more impressive? Funny question, because I can bet that Owen would give up the title of “rookie of the year” to be able to win a contest in front of his home crowd. So, again, wich result is more impressive? To win a contest in your rookie year or be “consistent”?

    So many questions…

    Peace and have fun surfing.

  59. The Kearnal says:

    ha I wonder where Jadson won his only comp? Oh yeah it was in Brazil too!! Wow Brazillian surfers must only perform well in Brazillian waves or something. Wonder who’ll win next year?

  60. throwaway says:

    relax people, its only one event

  61. Márcio Arjones says:

    Yes!! It was in Brazil… BUT against who? Oh, yeah, that old guy with ten world titles. Yes, that one who every aussie shit their pants when meet him in a final heat (like Mick and TB, so many time in Goldie, Bells, Jeffreys…). And yes, Jadson took him down!
    Oh, and Adriano too, in firing/pumping Bells (and, I guess you “The Keamal” remember, it was by a combination of two waves!) HA.

  62. tity says:

    i hope hes not refering to the woodys in escondido???, scetchy…

  63. Pulguinha says:


    I´m sorry, but what kind of website leave you write some shit like this? When TAJ won Adriano in the Gold Coast, ( sure adriano won) why didn´t you write about that heat???? Is there an explanation??? I don´t think so.

  64. CAIO says:

    That’s all very funny!!! There’s been a lot of talk about Adriano and Owen heat since the end of RIO’s WT. Even the ASP came up to justify the criteria. And do you know why all this? Just because an australian lost to an brazzo as you guys like to call. But when Adriano got robbed to Taj Burrow in the quarterfinal of Snapper a couple of mouths ago NOBODY WROTE A LETTER. That was an absurd result and any surfer in the world knows Adriano won that heat. Once again no discussion on the web was posted. A few years ago, also, Taj was robbed in the Trestles final when he lost to Kelly, in USA, and again, nobody complained.
    That’s when you see that everything in the surf industry, and therefore, including the media, gravitates among USA and AUSTRALIA and when you have a different contingent of competitors, coming from another country, it’s not as well accepted as the people likes to show and say it is.

  65. jacob says:

    Just re-watched the Adriana/Taj heat from Snapper and I would agree, Adriano got hosed on that.
    So let’s just call it even now, eh?

  66. The Kearnal says:

    Yep fair enough. Saw that heat from the rocks, De Souza deserved the win. How bout just impartial judging at every comp? Or do we wanna end up like Cycling, Soccer etc. with no credibility?

  67. Jorge Jojó says:

    Peace, guys! the surf need responsable support by midia, sponsors, competitors and all more involved. Also the surf need respect, independent countries you are. It´s time to evolution in ASP, demanding efforts to create a new global vision about our sport. All we love the surf. This is matter than others things. Peace!
    (sorry for my bad english language).

    Jorge Jojó

  68. red gecko says:

    This means surfers in the late 80′s were ahead of their time.
    FLOATERS are 8 points.
    How much is getting up on a wave? 5 points
    With a Brazzo claima added, 6 points.

  69. Márcio Arjones says:

    Hey Red (neck) Gecko!

    You know what? Why should we listen to this people who one of their biggest athlets of all time (after been drunk and stuff) is now shaking his butts in the infamous “Dancing with the stars”. Gimme a brake, you guys are so funny!!

    And for the record: check who had the highest score of the all event in goldie/2011; who knocked down Slater last Bells event; who won the last Billabong XXL.

    Do you know what you aussies really have? The biggest crowd in the hole world. Thanks god you can’t see beyond your backyard so you don’t travel too much, otherwise it would be a fucking problem around the world.

  70. playa hate-a says:

    Why does Adriano claim 3 foot floaters?

  71. The Kearnal says:

    dude the ones crowding up the lineup on the goldy are Brazzos. You got so many people there youre spilling over into our country. and while we’re on the subject, why do brazzos only surf in packs of 5 or more, and snake, and drop in more than any other nationality? For sure there are cool brazzos, but you boys need to chill out in the surf. I know there are dickhead aussies as well who do the same, but imagine if brasil was packed with aussies snaking, dropping in and shit? thats why some people here have an attitude towards brazzos. 8/10 that i see have no style, claim lame moves, snake, drop in and generally just stink up the surf.
    just sayin

  72. Márcio Arjones says:

    You will understand this, playa hate-a, when you stop to see the wave or move itself and get the athlet’s feeling trying to do his best. It’s not about the wave, man. It’s about getting the score needed or feeling that you are trying your best. After all, we all claimed our first wave/drop/barrel/maneuver, didn’t we? It’s the feeling of been an athlet in any sport, scoring a goal in soccer, for example: eventhough your team wouldn’t win that match, scoring a goal is outstanding. So, that’s why he claim. It’s passion, not the size of the wave/maneuver.

    And Keamal, brother, people undereducated with bad behavior just don’t have any flag behind then. They can be from Brasil, Australia, USA, anywhere. I travel alone or with my wife and I know lots of people from all over the world that do the same. And I’ve seen in my trips aussies who travel in packs and do all kind of shit in the lineup (most of then in Indo, wich I think you guys see it as your backyard, wich is so disrespectfull). Let alone when they start to drink and become a bunch of drunken idiots, talking loud and shit. But the question is: are all australians like this? I don’t think so. So give the shot and try to know better about people you find in your way.

  73. Jordy says:

    Adriano won. it was fair. owens waves were smaller, less critical. and the brazzos are coming… better watch out….

  74. Eduardo Sampaio says:



  75. toilet reflections as i take my number 2 says:

    Pretty amazing backside floater.
    Drive down the line, go on top of breaking section, and land.
    Over-dramatize your landing, get an 8 score.
    Announcers in Portuguese “Adriano, floater…..” The crowd erupts.

    Meanwhile, anyone with 2 cents of surfing would just wonder what the excitement was about.

  76. Jorge Jojó says:

    When Adriano lost a heat, he don´t coment it. He accept as normal at contest. But, when an aussie or american lost a heat, they coments in hard words against competitor that wins the heat. This is a serious problem in World Tour. This situation about Adriano is not good for surf image in world. You all people need to accept the win or lost a heat, because is natural situation, independent countries you are. I remember that some brazilian surfers already suffered extreme violence in years ago, for example when Neco Padaratz was hit by Sunny Garcia, in extreme violence agression. The ASP never punish the agressor. No one coments about that in here, no one coment 1 word about this situation. Why? anything is wrong. Please read the text about ASP in waves brazilian site: http://www.waves.com.br and you will better understand the situation about this themes, including apartheid, ASP and others. Please see it on waves site. Let the surfers ride the life, let the stop this bad coments. Peace!

    From Jorge Jojó
    Personal surfer, from Brazil

  77. Jorge Jojó says:

    The text about ASP, Adriano, Apartheid and more, is signed by Tulio Brandao, title: The end of apartheid. Site: http://www.waves.com.br

    This is a great text to all peoples who want to see a good days for surf, competion, suported by respect all nations envolved.

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