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Well, the judges have deliberated, and they think they have a winner. Follow the Light Foundation, formed in the honor of the late photo legend Larry “Flame” Moore, is set to choose the fourth recipient of its $5,000 grant dedicated to the art of surf photography.

Each year since Moore’s passing in 2005, the foundation has called on all aspiring young photographers to submit their best work and put together a proposal on what they’d do with the money. In years past, winners Chris Burkard (now at Surfline and co-author of the California Surf Project Book) , Matt Clark (New York-based photographer and photo editor) and Todd Glaser (now a staff photog at Surfer with two covers in a year as well as the Surfer-Poll award for Photo of the year),  have proposed book and film projects. This year, the judging panel – consisting of SURFING Photo Editor Peter Taras, Sam Olson, Aaron Chang, Leo Hetzel, Steve Wilkings, Jeff Hall, Todd Glaser, Chris Burkard and Candace Moore – considered more than 60 entries and thousands of images.

When it was all viewed and done, they narrowed it down to the following five finalists and picked a winner. Here are the finalists, in alphabetical order, and why – according to Peter Taras – they impressed the judges:

Ray Collins, Australia
“A profound depth to the quality of his photography for only shooting such a short time. Nothing gimmicky, no smoke and mirrors, just a beautiful show of waves and surfing”

Lucky Villager, Sumatra Photo: Ray Collins

Lucky Villager, Sumatra Photo: Ray Collins

Standing Tall Photo: Ray Collins

Standing Tall Photo: Ray Collins

Myles McGuinness, Oceanside
“Fresh and completely innocent look to photographing California”

Blacks Beach Photo: Myles McGuiness

Blacks Beach Photo: Myles McGuinness

Swami's Diptych Photo: Myles McGuiness

Swami's Diptych Photo: Myles McGuinness

Brian Nevins, New Hampshire
“His portfolio has a life and soul to it. A very emotional display of photography”

Photo: Brian Nevins

Photo: Brian Nevins

Photo: Brian Nevins

Photo: Brian Nevins

Patrick Ruddy, Florida
Strengths: “A finalist from last years contest, Ruddy displayed a whole new portfolio made up of mostly this years work showing how determined he is for the grant”

Peter Mendia, Outer Banks, NC Photo: Patrick Ruddy

Peter Mendia, Outer Banks, NC Photo: Patrick Ruddy

Warren Smith Photo: Patrick Ruddy

Warren Smith Photo: Patrick Ruddy

Carl Steindler, Laguna Hills
“Very modern surf photography without overstretching the boundaries. Cool and hip display of work”

Mikey Guarino -  TWS Rail of Death Photo: Carl Steindler

Mikey Guarino - TWS Rail of Death Photo: Carl Steindler

Nat Young's roast beef Photo: Carl Steindler

Nat Young's slob air Photo: Carl Steindler

The 4th Annual Follow the Light Foundation Dinner in memory of Larry “Flame” Moore will take place on Thursday October 22nd 2009 at The Surfing Heritage Museum.  The winner will be announced at that time.

Thursday October 22, 2009

Generously hosted by

The Surfing Heritage Foundation
110 Calle Iglesia
San Clemente · CA · 92672
(949) 388-0313

$45 per person in advance (paid reservation by Oct. 19)
$55 Oct. 20-22nd

$400 for a table of ten

To pay by check:

Please send name, address, phone number and e-mail address to:
Follow the Light Foundation
23 Terraza Del Mar
Dana Point, Ca.
Make checks payable to “Follow the Light Foundation”

To pay online by credit card go to

For more information contact Celeste Moureaux at:

Special Thanks to The Surfing Heritage Foundation for graciously hosting this event, the judges for their time in selection of the finalists and to our sponsors SURFING, Hurley, SWELL and Oakley.

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  • Jimmicane

    Congrats guys! Great job!

  • http://NA Nathan Myers

    If I had to choose based on the two photos here, it would be a tough call between McGuinness and Nevins. But it all looks great. Can’t wait to see the final selection, and I hope we see SURFING Light Boxes from all the finalist. That would rad. Congrats to the contenders. Keep ’em sharp and keep ’em bright.

  • nelly

    shots look insane!!! standing tall shot is amazing…. nat youngs air is a slob air. roast beef is a stalefish when grabbing between the legs.

  • Jimmicane

    Good call Nelly. A roastbeef is the worst grab in the world. Thank god he isn’t doing one. I don’t know who called that a roast beef but i’m not happy about it.

  • Kathryn Harrison

    Your photography has always inspired me, but it is obvious that as you have grown both conceptually and internally as an artist. These pics are above and beyond. You have definitely taken your life and love of the water to a new level. Props to you. I am truly inspired once again…


  • Dean

    Ray is one of the most humble & nicest guys we have had here, his work is outstanding and it is almost unbelievable that he has only been shooting for a short amount of time. A true natural. His shot is hanging up proudly behind our bar.

    Good Luck mate!

    from the crew at Secret Sumatra

  • parker

    amazing. each one of the photographs captures another aspect of water, surf, beach, nature. tough choice but mcguinness gets my vote.

  • http://none Carol Terwilliger

    I have been familiar with Myles McGuinness’ work for many years. He is diligent, dedicated, and passionate about his work regardless of what medium he endeavors… it graphic design or photography. The excellence of his vision comes from the light within his unique spirit. May the judges “Follow the Light” that clearly radiates through the images created by Myles McGuinness! Myles IS the light. Best wishes to all competitors.

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  • Carl

    Nat called it a roast beef, please take up all qualms with him. No bronzing going down yet….

  • Steve Jones

    I was shooting with Ray the week before he left. In true Ray fashion,he was the first photog on site and got saturated while trying to get the best angle.

    You’re an inspiration brutha, and I you have reaped what you’ve sewn!

    See you soon for Java time!


  • Sean Davey

    I only got to see a couple of pic’s from each of the other guys, but I must say that Rays stack of pics is pretty damn impressive. I’d like to see the others full folio. Is there a place where they have the whole folio for each photog?… I bet Brian Nevin’s is really good too.


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