Forgot About Bells

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Bells Beach 2011

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  • a wigger

    … but i been low key, hated on by most these niggaz wit no cheese no deals and no g’s, no wheels and no keys, no boats no snowmobiles and no ski’s…

  • rob gilley

    one photo in this batch stands above all others: the Gabriel Medina turn. Absolutely mental.

  • Heitor

    Dig stuff like this. Keep doing it.

  • Kung Fu Panda

    Tasteless captions for a legendary, timeless event. Who is your target audience for these captions Surfing? 14 year-old nit wits? Surfing magazine: You can do better than this.

  • Mik

    The captions were Lame-icaine. Calling it bottomfeeder mentality would be too praiseworthy.

  • HOBa

    If this is an attempt to be hard, lame. If it’s an attempt of satire, be creative. If it’s just how your mag “rolls” these days, it rolls with no class. I hope you lose advertisers or gain an editor with a brain.

  • Roger

    I agree… Amazing photos and waves… Who ever wrote the captions obviously does not understand the meaning of the Bells event and sits in the same seat as those who wanted it off the tour… I can’t believe they even thought about getting rid of Bells which is one of the longest running comps in surfings history. What about having an event in New York? The waves are even more inconsistent there but because big dollars are being waved around no one says a thing…

  • Ripy

    Why all the cuzz words ???? I have young kids who love to surf and read the mags and they will NOT see this TERRIBLE Magazine. What are you guys smoking in those surfing offices? I understand the aussie talking but please NO MORE of this B$

  • Luiz

    Sick stuff.. finally! Rather see awesome shots with no text and teenage captions about SURFING – and ONLY surfing – than the BS you’ve publishing lately about the so-called ‘surfing culture’ that looks more like a gossip surfing mag..

    We want see turns, hacks, airs, barrels, bobby’s honesty, etc.. not “how the future will be if Kolohe becomes president” type of shit.. who cares about that?

  • red gecko

    Good photos, remove the captions.
    Text isn’t needed anyhow.
    If it is, get someone that can write.

  • Draco Volans

    This is like going to view the Sistine Chapel and being forced to listen to Eminem, it’s a pointless/lazy juxtaposition that distracts from the magic of the art. Uplift surfing. Lead, don’t follow. Your mag used to be a pillar.

  • the worm

    go Sherm!

  • Spud

    Bravo Surfing! Stepped outside the box and tried something new. It takes a lot of guts to even attempt something different. These days. The flip books are epic. Sherm. You’re rad.

  • red gecko

    Spud, way to think outside of the box in using the phrase “thinking outside of the box.” That took some balls to write that comment on here.

  • z-man

    gonna cancel my subscription – pronto!

  • Draco Volans

    Spud, if you live in Southern California you may know that a profanity laden vocabulary is as common as breathing. To say that dropping an expletive in a caption is “outside the box” thinking is asinine. Paraphrasing hip-hop is an art best left to Weird Al.

  • T-Rod

    Haters gonna hate no matter what. Stop taking everything so serious. Good feature Surfing!

  • red gecko

    And Douche bags will douche no matter what.

    If you are to use this in say …. a portfolio of work that you do… and take it into an interview, it would be incredibly embarrassing.

    if a grom’s parent read this, it wouldn’t fly.
    get it together.

  • Mik

    T-Rod: is it “hating” to say that something classless has no class? or is it just being instinctually honest? The craptions offered up here kinda lowered the the impact of a great visual experience. Like watching something visually beautiful and having a piece of crap car roll by with 20″ chrome wheels, thudding out Easy E…

  • Dave

    Great idea, incredible pics (especially Medina), completely idiotic captions. Look forward to more (and better) next time…

  • T-Rod

    Mik/Red Gecko: I agree that taking this to a jobinterview wouldn’t be a great idea, and yes some of the captions are very teenage-bullshit. Then again -the target customer is probably at least 40% teenagers? My point is it was cool to see a full-on photo feature online, not only as mag content, that I can forgive the captions.
    I actually laughed at some of them, although that probably makes me a very immature 32-year old…

    The picture of 20″ chrome wheels alone gives me the creeps!

    Cheers from Norway, T

  • Steve Shearer

    Sick shots from local photog Ed Sloane.

    Killed it Ed.

  • Mik


    No question that SURFING’s online magazinse are the coolest thing in the surf world… And no question that the F-bomb is a permanent part of the surf culture…
    But these captions were low-level… They didn’t resonate with the event… More appropriate in the blogdom? I think so.

  • red gecko

    A teenager does not write for
    An adult does.
    When adults perpetuate a filterless view, they are allowing the lowest ideas to pass across their pages.
    Edit/Filter, please.

  • Ito

    Those captions were the shit! Hip hop is our rock and roll, elderly haters.

  • Ito

    Btw, I’m an adult.

  • Pauly Boy

    Great job Surfing. Photos were incredible, the event was one of the best ever and I think the humorous captions are refreshing. I haven’t laughed this much reading a surfing piece in ages. Finally, someone quit taking everything so serious and had some fun with the photos from this amazing sport and event.

  • Rick

    the captions obviously were written by someone with very limited vocabulary…when they can’t come up with expressive words or phrases they drop an f-bomb or a suggestive comment. The photos deserved better.

  • red gecko

    Pauly Boy,
    What a transparent, generic comment; are you a staff writer anonymously patting themselves on the back?
    This took no talent, but getting kicked out of a middle school.
    its an adult going on 10 years old. Thanks for posing.

  • Pauly Boy

    Transparent, generic are all good with me red gecko. Not posing for anyone other than myself and I’m definitely not a staff writer. I was actually shocked to see how negative you and the other bloggers reacted to this piece because It’s actually funny. You guys must prefer Ellen Degeneres over Richard Pryor because she doesn’t use foul language.

  • red gecko

    Pauly Boy,
    I prefer substance, not garbage.
    Carry on…

  • red gecko

    I prefer substance, not garbage.
    The language stimulates your kind though; not surprising.
    Carry on clown.

  • Grady

    Thought this was a joke post. What a joke indeed! If i wanted to see garbage i would buy transworld. Not buying this crap anymore… if you ask ANYONE the only reason people buy this mag is for the pics, not for the 14 year old editorials. So when you ruin the pics too, no more mag.

  • gra

    I read all the comments before viewing the flipmag and expected some kind of ridiculous profanity overload. Instead got truly great, well-paced photography – the captioning was neither here nor there, (appropriate cos the pics ruled). I suspect some of us who take offence are just looking for an excuse to get worked up. Look within, motherfuckers!