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Mitch Coleborn. Photo: Carey

Mitch Coleborn. Photo: Carey

Granger Larsen. Photo: Jimmicane

Granger Larsen. Photo: Jimmicane

Conner Coffin. Photo: Jimmicane

Conner Coffin. Photo: Jimmicane

Carlos Munoz, a long shot. Photo: Lugo

Carlos Munoz. Photo: Lugo

If the WQS were to end today, the 2014 WCT would look awfully familiar. As it stands, Kolohe Andino, Adam Melling, Jadson Andre, Alejo Muniz, Mitch Crews, Travis Logie, Aritz Aranburu, Willian Cardoso, Marc Lacomare and Mitch Coleborn have spots on the ’14 tour. Aside from Marc and the Mitches — whom we are very excited about — that’s no new faces.

Good news: it ain’t over today. The series technically ends once the Vans World Cup at Sunset Beach wraps up between Nov 24 – Dec 6, 2013. But after that, things are still apt to change. Pipe’s waiting period is Dec 8 – 20 and that gives the ratings their last and final shake of the year. For example, Melling could get a big result at Pipe, re-qualify through World Tour and subsequently free up a spot on the Prime series. This logic also works in reverse — Brett Simpson might have a shocker at Pipe, drop his ‘CT spot and soak up a spot on the Primes.

Hawaii is strikingly unpredictable. For some, a stint on the rock results in a lackluster performance and a lobe full of broken dreams. For others, it is the place to become a hero. It is a last minute sprint to stardom. It is a Triple Crown. Just ask Sebastian Zietz, he’ll tell you all about it.

So before you scowl at the ASP for making it difficult for new talent to reach the elite tour, here are four names to keep in mind. All these guys are on the cusp of qualification and would each bring a lot to the tour. Because who doesn’t love a dark horse, and hey you never know…

Mitch Coleborn: Mitch won the second Prime event of the year and has been in a bit of a tailspin ever since. He currently sits in the last qualifying spot on the ‘QS, but he can count on someone trying to swoop that from him in Hawaii. Hence, he’ll need to get a result out of Haliewa or Sunset. Mitch seems to spend a good amount of time at the Volcom house every winter and he’s got a backhand like Goliath, so look for him to protect that spot.

Granger Larsen: Granger sits right behind Mitch, one place out of qualification. He is great in bigger surf and both Haliewa and Sunset suit his palette. If all goes well for Granger, he could end up becoming this year’s Seabass.

Conner Coffin: Four spots out of qualification, Conner has a decent chance at it this year. He just placed second in Portugal and will carry this momentum into Hawaii. His family owns a house on the North Shore and he’s spent enough time here to know both Haliewa and Sunset well. And if you’ve seen his movie Highline, then you already know that he’s ready for a WCT tussle.

Carlos Munoz: Currently sitting just over ten spots away from the cutoff, Carlos is definitely a long shot. Still, he’s got a chance. It’s only a question of when, not if, he’ll become the first Costa Rican to ever qualify. And while 2014 might not be his year, stranger things have happened.

—Brendan Buckley

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  • Ben

    Conner is far and away the best surfer of the bunch. I hope he gets on and goes turn for turn with the top guys at J-Bay (they need to bring it back!).

  • michael

    Go Conner!

  • Yoda

    How rad would it be if a kid from Costa Rica made the tour? I hope it happens some day. Go Carlos!

  • LurkerObserver

    I like Conner too and am rooting for him but if you say he is “far and away the best surfer of the bunch” then you havent seen much of Mitch Coleborn. He did beat Kelly in Fiji and has an incredible mix of power and progression that works on the dream tour

  • Grant

    Mitch will shake up the CT. Still think it’s a great pity that the best surfer in the world isn’t there (Dane)

  • KenBradshaw

    Dane is so000oo 2010 brodonkey..

  • LayneBeachley

    Hey Ken,

    Still have those red trunks!?

  • KenBradshaw

    No, I heard Sarlo stole them….

  • Jonathan Muir

    Go Carlos!! Go Costa Rica, first tico on tour…….

  • bufu

    It’d be rad to see Carlos get in. Connor and Mitch have been ripping too. As for the Dane comment…..stop it already.

  • Jefferson

    Vamos carlos muy pronto vas a estar en el tour!

  • freya


  • Deborah Crane

    Carlos Munoz is ready.
    Is the world ready to embrace his aerial skills and rail to rail surfing. Power,Grace and a smile to win hearts.
    Vamos Cali!!

  • marcus

    god, dont you people read your shit before you post it?

    “It’s only a question of if, not when he’ll become the first Costa Rican to ever qualify.”


    also the real story is who is gunna get the 2 injury wild cards…

    you got Miguel, dusty, glen hall, owen wright, and tiago pires all fighting for it..

    chances are miggy wont get it cause he only missed two events, so he really needs a result in hawaii,

    dusty got it last year so to give it to him again this year would be a little weird considering hes missing events and putting out clips so he really needs a result too…

    owen will get one for sure, hes a top 10 surfer and deserves it, but if he is still hurt next year that wont matter anyway, his back seems pretty screwed up, im not his homie so i cant say but i wouldnt be surprised if he missed snapper…

    Tiago is likely to get one because he draws alot of attention in the euro market…

    Glen Hall prob wont get one becasue he is somewhat of a bottom feeder and no one cares about him.. which really sucks because he is a really good surfer and he didnt even get the opportunity to surf a whole season, i feel for him

    if i had the choice it would be owen and glen hall… I just gave you a way better story and even broke it down for you, your welcome.

    now please start hiring A) people who actually know surfing and B) people who are professional enough to proof their work…

  • Yakiwriter

    What you write is interesting, Marcus… although, ironically, it needs proofing.

    Did you mean “you’re welcome”?
    Thought so. You’re welcome.

  • Nick

    Marcus! What an idiot! WHAT AN IDIOT!

  • marcus

    Im not idiot!! stoopid americans

  • anyone

    next level finish on a timeless turn amigos.

    coleburn nails it.

    dane just had a bad dream and needs to wake up and surf.

  • Joe

    Owen and Glen are getting the wildcards hands down. Tiago is barely injured and hasn’t nursed it well, while Glen Hall broke his back in Fiji, a heat the asp sent him out in