Freddy Patacchia, aka Dial-A-Quote, on the ASP

posted by / News / March 22, 2011

Freddy ain’t afraid to speak — or, you know, otherwise express — his mind. What a concept. Photo: Jimmicane


Freddy P is a natural heir to the throne once occupied by Rabbit Bartholomew (see Bustin’ Down the Door), Gary Elkerton (“All Seppos are gay,” etc.), Christian Fletcher, Sunny Garcia, Jamie O’Brien, and the late great Andy Irons. His pasting of beachside commentators at last year’s Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach (see video below), in which he claimed live on the webcast that said commentators had Owen Wright’s “testicles so far up their mouths — it’s just bullshit, you know, “ cemented him as a dial-a-quote to rival any in history. In this excerpt from a larger interview, he tells us what he wants changed in surfing, why “we’ve fucked the whole system” when it comes to the World Tour, and why some of the new generation of professional surfers “are just kind of fuckin’ idiots, I guess.” —Jed Smith


SURFING: You’ve said in a past interview that you like to be part of change. Where is surfing headed and where should it be headed?

Fred Patacchia: Fuck, it’s headed in all directions right now. In professional surfing, the guys that are the Rastas and whatnot will always have a place because it’s cool and different and people enjoy seeing that. With competitions it’s going in all directions because we’ve completely, I think, fucked our whole system. Before when I was on tour, you were on the WQS, then you’re in the top 16 [of the WQS] and you’re on tour all year. If you don’t make the cut you’re back on the ‘QS. It was plain and simple. Now they want this One World Ranking, they’re cutting the numbers down, you drop out halfway…I think we’re going through a transition period where we’re completely fucking up our sport.

But the old one didn’t really work did it — with 45 guys and taking four days to run an event [when swells typically only last for three days].

Well, it did. Comps take three and a half now. What’s an extra half-day? I think the ASP and a lot of the companies have a lot to do and they cut the numbers because basically they want less guys on tour, [because] that’s less high profile guys these companies have to fork out money for. If you were in the 45 it meant a big increase in your salary, regardless.

Now the tour is cut to 32 there are only two Hawaiians on tour, one European on tour and last year there were only two Brazilians on tour. We’re losing countries and we’re supposed to be an international sport. To only have 32 that are the best surfers in the world, I think is fucking retarded. There are so many surfers in this world that surf good that I think there is room for more. Maybe not more than 45, but chopping the numbers was a step in the wrong direction.

This one world rating is confusing everybody. I think the kinks are going to get worked out but it’s not going to be in my career. Kieren [Perrow] has been a huge part, Mick and Ace Buchan too, and I’ve been working with them.

It’s cool that you have that selfless attitude because there are a lot of surfers who probably don’t care.

Nah, they don’t. They don’t come to the WPS [World Pro Surfers, the sport’s athlete union] meeting. They collect their paycheck — which is fine, cool, but don’t you wanna see this sport better for your kids and their kids and see the sport grow? I wanna see it grow, get better, and if my son or daughter wants to become a pro surfer I want it to be a better structured association and a better structured format. Kelly Slater said it perfect. He’s been in on tour for how long now and he said, “Nothing’s fuckin’ changed.” It’s only been in the last four years that we’re actually making change.


The ASP’s no-longer-new World Tour format — train wreck, godsend, neither, or too soon to tell? Give us your thoughts, we can take ’em.



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  • Tom Pierce

    I love seeing pro surfers actually use their brains. I hope Freddy P survives on tour for a looooong time.

  • jimbob

    fuckin cry baby

  • sam

    wahhhh, I can’t win heats so the program must be against me. Waaaahhhh.

  • john

    Not a very nice photo either.

  • Brent

    I think it’s good. I don’t watch the heats of most of the lower ranked guys anyway. There’s a reason why they are consistently at the bottom. I wouldn’t buy a video featuring most of the guys in the top 45 or 32. I don’t really want to watch them in a contest either.

  • Dave

    Fred, your just another Hawaiian journeymen of course you hate the new contest format. Give it another month or two and you’ll be in Brazil graveling on the QS again with your other Hawaiian cry baby brother Sunny. An ego maniac too with that movie you made about yourself. At least you still sponsored by Bud Light I’ll give you that!

  • brandon

    Wise up Fred, it’s more or less the same ten guys at the top each and every year. You know why? Because they are BETTER! If there were even close to 45 contenders than you could make an argument to have 45 but there isn’t. I would rather watch the top 20 guys just surf more heats to be honest. Classic to listen to you second tier pros whine about companies making decisions because they save or make more money from it. Get a clue, that’s what companies are in business for, TO MAKE MONEY, not to pay as many surfers as they can to hopefully be in “top 45.”

  • JPT

    Fred, you need to improve your surfing.
    Stop pointing fingers and projecting your anger.
    The Hawaiian goon mentality is getting old. The “fight” for the island people and the “struggle” is a joke. Looking at this perpetuates further stereotypes about the islands.

  • RH

    Trying to pigeonhole Freddy as having a “Hawaiian goon” mentality perpetuates stereotypes about easily-threatened (they do it for you in their heads) Californians. So on egg….

  • b0b

    hey, look. another surfer flipping off the camera. wow, how original and thought provoking.

  • ray

    Hawaiian chip on the shoulder…
    Keep up the slave mentality.

  • dgb

    The guys got a point. The current format is boring as fuck. Two guys in the water with jetski assists and they only have to catch two waves!? I say make them surf more or make the fuckers paddle more. As a spectator I want to see them fuckers surf! Having a Top whatever the number is, is all about marketing – nothing more. Surfing is a sport where even the top guys can get dusted. But that is no good for Webcast/TV/Newspaper etc – it’s hard for the general puplic to follow and will always bring into question marketing push of a particular surfer. Bottom line, the system could be better. Three cheers to Fred for speaking up. To all the wankers moaning about Fred breaking from the ‘everything is ok’ narrative, race out and buy yourselves a brand name T shirt and feel confident again about your identity as a surfer.

  • GriDlok

    I feel bad for Freddy. He’s a decent surfer, just not very educated.

  • ccru

    So far the new format has been more exciting than the old format. Agreed it didn’t do much about the 3/4 day “swell window” though.

  • Bratton

    I generally like Freddy…but he’s been coming up with a pretty whiny perspective lately. IMO, the new system is WAY better for the viewing public! From a spectator perspective, there’s better heats that are more exciting. I don’t care if there’s 32 or 45, as long as it’s guys tearing it up. Guess what…that wasn’t happening years ago. It was boring. It was a joke seeing the second tier guys go down again and again. Now, it’s game on from round one. New judging criteria is WAY better, too. I think it’s moving in the right direction and look forward to this season…although they need to get the Fiji event back and add another heavy spot to the list. New York will be cool for the surfers b/c it’ll be a huge party and I hope that there’s waves but…a pro tour stop??? We’ll see I guess… Anyway, good luck out there Fred-o. I hope you make some heats and keep the dream alive.

  • chard

    being 45 i can very much appreciate freddy’s surfing, he has been ripping no doubt, but the new judging has thrown off his scores, hence he has struggled to advance. just as kelly had to change his approach freddy needs to now. it is progessing upward(literally) so the asp has achieved that, but the one world is stupid, yet the cut-off mid way is kinda cool, and requiring the boys to surf the six stars is cool to. i got your back freddy, go big.