From France: Gabriel Medina est le Gagnante!

posted by / News / October 12, 2011


After 17-year-old Gabriel Medina beat 10x ASP world champion Kelly Slater in their quarterfinal, he was approached by commentator Todd Kline for the post-heat interview. Here’s how it went:

Todd Kline: Gabriel Medina, fantastic performance in that heat.

Gabriel Medina: Yeah, thank you. Pretty stoked.

Todd Kline: Pretty stoked?

Gabriel Medina: So happy.

You could set up a fun betting pool or drinking game around how long it takes any Brazilian surfer to say “So happy” after he wins a heat in the webcast interview. Seems like it happens every time. You can forgive the grom, though, for reverting to cliché after a win like that. Imagine being 17 years old, walking up a beach with thousands of people looking at you, having a microphone in front of your mouth and cameras pointed at your eyes and being asked questions in a language you’re just learning. Must be terrifying.

But if it was for Gabriel he didn’t show it. He’s the total package, folks. Incredible natural talent, style, flow, confidence, consistency, heat savvy and boost beyond belief. The power isn’t quite there yet, but, Jesus, he’s 17! When he fills out a little more it’s going to be ridiculous what he can do.

What he did today was take out Kelly, then Taylor Knox in the semi (landing in his words “the best air of my life” for a perfect 10) and then finally fellow rookie Julian Wilson in the final. The final was the first time he was down in a heat all day, and he showed his smarts by suckering Julian into a weak left near the end while Julian had priority. Then in the dying minutes he found what he was looking for: a lined up left. He blasted a fins-out air-reverse on the first section then worked the wave to the inside and stomped a big straight air in the shorebreak. He got the score, the win, and I’m sure he’s having fun right now.

Say what you want about the ASP One World Ratings and the mid-year cut-off, but fact is they’ve brought us Gabriel Medina (and John John Florence) and that, surf fans, is a good thing for the sport. –Jamie Tierney

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  • Norige

    I dont understand why he was not invited for the Lost Atlas movie. His surfing is more progressive than any other surfer I ever seen. Rip Curl must make a quality movie about this kid free-surfing and put it free for download. Before he make 18 and learn english!
    All the other old guys can sit in their chairs and ask for a beer to watch.

  • Mic

    I hope we see some real Pipe for a change this year…

  • dgcova

    congrat medina, we’re so proud of you!!!!! you showed proved that the next generation deserves recognition……although the judges are trying to steal for the olders (Kelly), the ripper surf is coming charger, we cant wait for you showing what you can do in the Pipes…..stay care guys…..brazos is coming stronger than ever!!!!

  • Volcom

    Medina doesn’t fit Rip Curl’s image. Needs to be on Volcom or something. It won’t last long…

  • Me, Myself and I

    Medina was on the brazilian Volcom team. They decided to drop him out.

    Rip Curl said “thanks”, Volcom. And Medina might be saying now: “Go cry me a river, Volcom”.

  • huhwhat

    Too bad Gabriel was hideously underscored for his performance in round three in Portugal. What were the judges thinking giving him a total of around five? I mean, c’mon, he stayed out in the ocean for most of the heat… what more could they ask??? And does anybody think, looking at that lame-o alley oop Kelly pulled in last year’s Portugal contest, that Kelly wouldn’t have gotten a twenty, or at least a five, for the reverse Gabriel got a ten for on the final day in France?

  • Mic

    I forgot to ask what happened to him in Portagul ?
    He was looking good in the early round then my work took over.

  • ken mayers of soupbowl

    to all the surfers ,kelly is no walk over and he have done the sport good young surfers like john and medina has look on and lern
    from vedios,so surfing is in good hands ,kelly can sit back and smile because he has done the sport proud and will always be remember as a great and may God Bless him in good health.
    its time for the rippers of the future step up and give us some thing to sit back with a beer or rum punch and enjoy .