posted by / News / January 8, 2010

Steve Sherman’s short film gives an intimate glimpse into the lives of three of the most likeable humans on the planet

It’s been a good few years for the Gudangs.Incredible Hawaii campaigns, Tanner and Pat’s qualification for the ASP world tour and epic scores in Japan and beyond. Here in classic Steve Sherman fashion, he takes you beyond the norm with the most likeable three-pack you’ll ever meet.

By: Steve Sherman, Edited By: Kevin Longwell

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  • putting the gay in gudauskas

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  • putting the gay in gudauskas

    didnt think you post that one jimmy

  • al

    why did I watch that?

  • Sucker

    Proof neanderthals had and have blond hair… just wasted 10 minutes of my life.

  • G Bros Fan

    The G Bros RULE!!! They’re respectful, they rip and they love life. U nerds (Gay dude, Al and Sucker) should try to be respectful, rip a little harder and love life.

  • roger

    What is the name of the band and song at the beginning of this video?