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posted by / News / June 11, 2010


Rescue your inbox from cat photo FWD’s and Reply-All chain mail and treat it to SUPERbrand’s e-newsletter, a bi-weekly invitation to partake in all things SUPER. Simply hit up and sign up for the goodness. From among those friends who join by International Surfing Day (that’s June 20th), one will be selected to receive Clay Marzo’s signature SUPERbrand surfboard, The Madness. It was good enough to make the cover of SURFING Magazine next month — who knows what it’ll do for you? And hey, don’t mention it — that’s what SUPERfriends are for.

Here’s Clay making his board go pretty well in Indonesia:

Clay Marzo – Macca Attacka from Heavy Mayo on Vimeo.

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8 Responses to “Get SUPERfriended”

  1. chargers says:

    more like superKOOKs… dont they owe ING a ton of money still?

  2. jessurf says:

    who wants a board made by a guy in tawian….that doesn’t surf …at least biolis can paddle ….

  3. everyone says:

    another shout out to the greatness of this magazine.

  4. oilspill says:

    super boards are for kooks they just are trying so hard to get kids to believe that the riders started the brand which is not true bunch of weirdos did

  5. eric says:

    false. got one from the factory in maui that worked mental

  6. JonL says:

    Yeah I got a Toy from Surfride in Solana Beach. It works sick. The guy at the store told me they make the Supers in Oceanside. Hope I win this one.

  7. Tim says:

    I too love mine and Jason Koons doesn’t live anywhere in Aisa

  8. duke says:

    I heard the US shaper dude just stole designs from other shapers

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