Get To Know Your New ASP Format

posted by / News / April 30, 2011

If nothing else, this video makes us psyched to go down to Lowers next week for the Nike event, where we may or may not have any idea what the hell is going on ratings-wise. That’ll not diminish the experience, we’re sure.


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  • dirt

    Keeping the best on top. Really? Tiago Pires is coming 5th in the world title race. That is just plain hilarious. LOL.

  • Whaa

    ^have you been watching any of the events this year? tiago is ripping. -coming from a non portugese.

    surprise, the best surfers aren’t just from australia or the states anymore

  • dirt

    @ Whaa. J flo is that you?

  • Jim Dandelion

    Damien Hobgood sounds like he has down syndrome