Gimme the Lodown — One Last Time!

posted by / News / January 3, 2011

Long gone. Long gone are the holidays, long gone the gifts. But we’ve got one more present to unwrap — a Nixon Limited Edition Hawaii Lodown tide watch, an instant sell-out that was available only (and briefly) in the 50th state.


Want it? Caption contest. Put on your clever cap and check this photo of Nixon team rider Dusty Payne, on the beach before his Round 3 Pipe Masters heat against Mick Fanning — you know, the one where Dusty went from combo land to win with a 9.87 literally as time expired. Dusty needed to win to requalify for the 2011 tour. Mick had to win to stay in the Triple Crown race. And we all know how that ended.


You know the game — best caption wins. Make us laugh, clap and cry.


We’re sending away Lodown No. 3 to the best caption we collect by week’s end (Friday, January 7). Here’s how you can share your razor wit:

Leave your caption as a comment in this post (below)

Email your caption to stuart at

Post your caption on the SURFING Magazine Facebook Page

Tweet us your caption @surfingmagazine

Engraved band — SHOOTS!

Proceeds from the sale of the watch went to support the Defend Oahu Coalition — a passion project for Nixon team rider Mark Cunningham.

Special engraved caseback — U NO DAT!


Pony up, Wordsworth — this is so easy a surf mag editor could do it.



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90 Responses to “Gimme the Lodown — One Last Time!”

  1. Stu says:

    Dusty’s new razor sharp fins slice through his foot like a
    hot knife through butter and settle deeply into the sand. With his
    foot now resting in two pieces he is left to ponder his chances of

  2. patrizio says:

    Ok, now I have only to go there kick the ass to the world
    champion and I will be requalify for 2011…easy not? In italian
    will be : “bene, devo solo andare là fuori spaccare il culo al
    campione del mondo e sono riqualificato per il 2011″ it look
    easier? No, you need an incredible performance to make that!!!
    Complimenti Dusty!!! Ben fatto! (Well done!)

  3. grey says:

    Dear Lord, please don’t make me get a job at

  4. Adam says:

    Milk was a bad choice

  5. Luke Cameron says:

    Gee I wish I’d taken that shit before the biggest heat of
    my life, my guts are killing me!

  6. Luke says:

    This is just a normal heat, there’s nobody watching, I
    ‘only’ need to beat Mick to re-qualify…. why does my stomach keep
    cramping up?

  7. Lukasz says:

    Have I turned off the iron?!

  8. bob says:

    wow i really need to tak a dump

  9. Andres C. says:

    “help me in this heat Andy, send me a wave… I gonna make you proud”

  10. aaron pace says:

    i knew i should have shit before i left the house.damnnnnn

  11. PooPoo says:

    Dusty Payne – Contemplating taking a side mount bomb drop out at 2nd reef. Apparently KaiBorg broke the Toilet right before Dusty’s heat.

  12. josh mitch says:

    Against all odds

  13. Mars says:

    This would be easier if I remove that damn lower rib

  14. Paul says:

    “I hope they don’t use this photo for another Nixon free watch give away.” As DP visualizes his totally necessary win over Mick. ” F it. Shootz brah”

  15. Dr. 843 says:

    Defeat does not exist in the Volcom dojo, does it?
    No, Sensei! Pull in, carve hard, no mercy, sir!

  16. Haole2u2 says:

    “I just took the best poop of my life and i feel great! Booyah!”

  17. Andrew Smith says:

    Dear Lord…I pray that no one is watching me take a dump right…oh yeah, and help me surf well too. That would be great…

  18. Zeus says:

    Dear Eight Pound, Six Ounce, Newborn Baby Jesus, in your golden, fleece diapers, with your curled-up, fat, balled-up little fists pawin’ at the air…

  19. Sam says:

    Time to kick some ass and take no prisoners! Andy would and so will I…

  20. Katy Morris says:

    Just you and me buddy, we can do this!

  21. Lorelei Camanse says:

    What do ya mean I have to sit in time-out?! Those are MY waves!!

  22. MattDubs says:

    Damn you road side shrimp!!!

  23. Gian says:

    “Why is everybody looking at me?”

  24. David Morris says:

    No Mom, I am not getting into the water! It’s too cold !
    Not you or anyone else is going to make me get in the water

  25. Eli Lapidus says:

    And let the shredding begin…

  26. Jake Camarena says:

    “I eat, sleep and live for this. Wait for it, setup for the
    air. This guy is old skool, it’s my turn.”

  27. Brian says:

    Heart of a lion.

  28. Chris Grabowski says:

    Quietly reflecting on his childhood,… alas…. The Little
    Engine That Could …. he quietly ponders these famous words “I
    think I can, I think I can!?

  29. Cate G. says:

    You want me to carry this thing all the way down where?
    I’ll wait for the waves to come to me!

  30. danny j says:

    I’m gonna charge like Andy!!!

  31. Tim Pierce says:

    How about, “That watch was gay then; that watch is gay now.
    My ass hurts from all this gayness.”

  32. Nick says:

    You mean to tell me that I am about to re-qualify for the
    Tour and nobody wants my autograph, WTF!

  33. Jake says:

    can’t surf…… crabpeople gonna get me.

  34. Jonathan Bowdler says:

    Crap! You think it’s too late too go to the

  35. CB says:

    I wonder what Alaina Blanchard is doing right now?

  36. Kevin Riel says:

    A resolute Dusty ponders, “No Payne, no gain.”

  37. Jeff Brodsky says:

    Uh maybe I should of taken Kelly’s advice and used a quad fin. hmmm maybe I should go unconventional vs Mick Fanning’s conventional tri fin set up. That would be a good way to beat white lightning and re qualify for the 2011 WCT. Do I have enough time to go get a quad backstage from Kelly?

  38. Will says:

    So this is what Rick Kane felt like…

  39. Jeff Brodsky says:

    Please God, Don’t make me go back to the WQS.

  40. CO says:

    MICKTORY?!? Not on my island…

  41. CO says:

    F@%#, this is only round 3???

  42. mark o neill says:

    “Biggest surf contest in the world,
    some of the heaviest waves in the world
    against one of the best surfers in the world…..
    and I am craving a chesse burger
    is that weird ?”

  43. Bobby says:

    Dusty Payne in pre-heat meditation – counting grains of sand

  44. Kevin says:

    Maybe Jacked 3D and Monster was a bad idea?

  45. Justin B says:

    “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.”

  46. Chris B says:

    The calm before the storm!

  47. Chris B says:

    I belong here and no one, especially Mick can take that away!

  48. Richard Cutting says:

    I wonder if these shorts make my ass look big?

  49. Vafa says:

    Just beat Mick, just beat Mick, just beat…. oh God where did that turtle come from?

  50. Lokahi says:

    I should’ve shaved my head

  51. am says:

    Mick was a bad choice.

  52. Chris T says:

    No more flat Brazil, No more flat Brazil

  53. jim Mendoza says:

    “I’m F@#Ked”

  54. Fred says:

    “get a 9.87 and everything will be fine…”

  55. Kevin says:

    Oh Man, eating Poke before my heat was a bad idea…

  56. KENT HONEA says:

    Oh father, who be hanging in heaven, hollow be this wave, thy king has come and kelly’s will was done, on earth he surfed liked heaven, give us today our daily shred, and forgive us for wanting to win, as we forgive those for who ripped before us, lead me not into tempting a rodeo flip, but deliver me from deep in the barrel, for thy is the kingdom the power and i hope all the glory…..AMEN

  57. shaun walter says:

    Ho bra, you my #1 magic stick bra, you take me through da barrel bra, get me on tour next year bra, Gonna take YOU to chopes next year cuz!!!!!! Lets get nuts!!!! Lets Rock!!!!!!!!!

  58. greenlight says:

    It’s late in the season and the young predator finds himself in a difficult situation, a kill is needed if the predator hopes to survive the winter. Silently he sits, eyeing his prey, as he scans the horizon for the best possible approach, all the while trying to ignore the pit in the bottom of his stomach he’s starving and he has nothing to lose… the worst kind of predator there is.

  59. mark says:

    The road to success, is not always a road !

  60. Dan says:

    Why the f*uck did he not get off the car before the paddle
    out like everybody… The sand is all f*cked up now…And he didn´t
    even give me a lift! F*ck Mick. Don´t wanna play

  61. Jonas says:

    “What is that thing?”

  62. Anonymous says:

    This is defiantly the best position to sit in to hide a

  63. Johnny says:

    I definitely should have taken a dump this morning :(

  64. Amine Berrada says:

    getting in the zone

  65. Bob Beck says:

    Huh!!!! This is pretty freakin cool…I get to do this for a living…Sweet!!!

  66. Chris B says:

    Silent but violent!

  67. Lynn C. says:

    Forget 50 cent, I’ve got the magic stick!

  68. ALIKA M says:

    I hope I locked my truck ?

  69. Keenan says:

    Silent but deadly….no Febreze necessary.

  70. DanR says:

    If I sit tight and focus really hard… will I be able to
    be invisible like the car that just parked next to me?

  71. Jules says:

    Did I turn the stove off this morning?

  72. Bonesy says:

    “No Gain, No Payne, No Gain no Payne”…

  73. Alastair says:

    Whatever. I didn’t want to surf anyways. Stupid Wolf Pack.

  74. Bmiltenberg says:

    90 seconds of your life Dusty, that’s it. This is our tactic: we strike fear. Once you get them peeing down their leg, they submit. Fear causes hesitation, and hesitation, causes your worst fears to come true.

  75. boyinthebarrel says:

    i should have stayed in school.

  76. Miles says:

    I don’t want a real job.

  77. Matt Coulter says:

    AI would scrap

  78. KC says:

    This ones for you Andy….

  79. Bubba atkinson says:

    julian is definitely gunna be the most attractive guy on tour next year.

  80. Erik S. says:

    I’ll head out as soon as this boner dies down.

  81. bassx says:

    Dusty channels his inner jedi

  82. David says:

    Dusty’s Cannonball into the North Pacific could not have
    gone more wrong!

  83. Chris B says:

    Keenan, you’re silent but totally original!

  84. Ronin G. says:

    Just for fun, i’ll let Mick get WAY ahead and I’ll come charging back in the last couple.

  85. Kelly says:

    Where is Tonya Harding? She said she’d be here to pull that
    wack a mole deal on Mic’s leg…WTF.

  86. felipe says:

    Do I have time to shave my head? Maybe that´ll

  87. bassx says:

    I swear to God if I move, Im gonna shit myself.

  88. Nickd says:

    “Wonder if its firing at the bay right now?.. oh shit concentrate Dusty”

  89. Joe says:

    60 percent of the time, works every time.

  90. Naomi says:

    you cant contain Dusty Payne

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