Gimme the Lodown AGAIN

posted by / News / December 11, 2010

You may recall that during the Sunset event a couple weeks back, you gave us the lowdown — and damned if we didn’t give the Lodown right back. The Nixon Limited Edition Hawaii Lodown tide watch, that is. The only-for-sale-in-Hawaii-and-sold-out-instantly watches are long gone to the general public, but you ain’t the general public, are ya? No, you know us. We know people. We have Lodowns.

If you want one, answer the following question about the Billabong Pipeline Masters. First correct answer (or closest to correct) before the heat in question begins will be rocking and rolling and monitoring the hour of day like a straight kama’aina player.


The question: There’s one Nixon team rider left in the Pipeline draw as of the start of Round 3. Who is it, and what will his Round 3 total heat score be (to the hundredth of a point)?


We’re sending away Lodown No. 2 to whoever gets it on the dot or closest. Here’s how you can give us the lowdown to get the Lodown:

Leave your prediction as a comment in this post (below)

Email your answer to stuart at

Post your answer on the SURFING Magazine Facebook Page

Tweet us your prediction @surfingmagazine

Come by the office and give us the lowdown in person nah, wait, don’t do that

Engraved band — SHOOTS!

Proceeds from the sale of the watch go to support the Defend Oahu Coalition — a passion project for Nixon team rider Mark Cunningham.

Special engraved caseback — U NO DAT!


Get while the gettin’ is gooood. And it’s good.



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53 Responses to “Gimme the Lodown AGAIN”

  1. Jim M says:

    Easy. Dusty Payne, 12.67 total

  2. byron farris says:

    dusty payne 10.87

  3. felipe says:

    Dusty Payne – 15.45

  4. fartec0 says:

    Nixon team Rider: Dusty Payne scores 12.67

  5. Luke Jobbins says:

    Dusty Payne 13.35

  6. andrew wigmore says:

    Dusty Payne – 14.50

  7. Matt Buley says:

    rob Machado.. 11.72

  8. Travis L says:

    Dusty Panye….13.50

  9. Matt Cross says:

    Dustin Payne score 14.26

  10. Alfred Ramirez says:

    Dusty Payne 14.53

  11. Fred says:

    Dusty Payne 15.00

  12. David Jonescu says:

    Dusty Payne, Score: 13.48

  13. Zoei germaine says:

    Dusty Payne– 9.93

  14. Vafa Lightfoot says:

    Dusty Payne – score: 12.28

  15. sam says:

    gay. sponsor story. ad dollars = surfing mag bj.

  16. Vinícius Maciel says:

    Rider = Dusty Payne. Scores = 13.67

  17. Tommy says:

    Dusty Payne 13.85

  18. jeremy says:

    someones gotta pay for the magazine douchebag

  19. Ben says:

    Dusty Payne, 12.08

  20. Josh says:

    Dusty- 16.52

  21. simba sofia says:

    dusty payne, 10.67

  22. Andrew Mrzygut says:

    Dusty Payne, 13.25

  23. brian says:

    Dusty Payne: 13.76

  24. Gary says:

    Dusty Payne, 14.75

  25. joey porec says:

    Dusty Payne 12.77

  26. MDizzle says:

    dusty payne 10.57

  27. Richard A says:

    DUSTY PAYNE 11.55

  28. mikey j says:

    dusty payne 14.02
    let’s gooo

  29. pj says:

    dusty payne with a 16.02

  30. sam says:

    Dusty Payne

  31. David says:

    Dusty Payne Score : 12.87

  32. sergi says:

    Dusty Payne 14,14

  33. tom p says:

    dusty payne 14.78

  34. sam says:

    why? how about a good mag that people would pay to read instead of a mag that’s 50% straight ads and 50% product placement trips that nobody cares about?

  35. Jason says:

    Dusty Payne 12.73 total

  36. taino says:

    Dusty payne 14.75

  37. Stu says:

    Dusty Payne 12.68

  38. Kevin says:

    Dusty Payne 13.53

  39. Brian Root says:

    Dusty Payne- 17.15

  40. sam says:

    Dusty Payne 6.21

  41. anton says:

    Dusty Payne- 13.32

  42. Justin says:

    Dusty Payne 11.27

  43. Carlos Gonzalez says:

    Dusty @ 12.32

  44. Dr. 843 says:

    Mr. Dusty Payne

    Score: 8.57

  45. Al says:

    Dusty Payne 14.67

  46. Bubba atkinson says:

    Dusty payne 11.97

  47. Devin says:

    Dusty Payne 6.37

  48. Jack says:

    Dusty Payne 10.54

  49. Luke says:

    Dusty Payne 11.67

  50. North Shore 73 says:

    Dusty Payne 17.27

  51. David says:

    Dusty Payne 18.87

  52. Lynn C. says:

    Dusty Payne, you’re insane in the membrane!


  53. Josh says:

    Dusty Payne 13.43

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