Gimme the Lodown

posted by / News / December 1, 2010

So Nixon calls up and says they have a limited edition Hawaii Lodown tide watch dropping to coincide with North Shore season — but, drat! Them scoundrels are slinging the watch in-state only, and when it’s gone, baby, it’s gone. Limited.

But we “came upon” three of the coveted timepieces through nefarious means and, in our kingly largess, are spreading the aloha to you. Thing is, our crystal ball is fogged and we need some help.


Praytell, which Hawaiian surfer will finish highest in the O’Neill World Cup at Sunset Beach, which kicked off just this morning?


We’re giving away the Lodown No. 1 to whoever drops the correct name first. Here’s how you can give us the lowdown to get the Lodown:

Leave your prediction as a comment in this post (below)

Email your answer to stuart at

Post your answer on the SURFING Magazine Facebook Page

Tweet us your prediction @surfingmagazine

Come by the office and give us the lowdown in person nah, wait, don’t do that

Engraved band — SHOOTS!

Proceeds from the sale of the watch go to support the Defend Oahu Coalition — a passion project for Nixon team rider Mark Cunningham.

Special engraved caseback — U NO DAT!


Cough up a name.




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39 Responses to “Gimme the Lodown”

  1. JB says:

    Mr. Evan Valiere

  2. felipe says:

    Torrey Meister

  3. Brian says:

    Jordy Smith

  4. Lynn C. says:

    F. Patacchia

  5. Sharon McCalister says:

    Fredrick Pakacchia

  6. Sharon McCalister says:

    Fredrick Patacchia

  7. Adam says:

    Mick Fanning

  8. CLAUDIO says:

    F. Patacchia

  9. James says:

    joel parkinson

  10. Andrew Mrzygut says:

    Sunny Garcia

  11. Patrick says:

    Roy Powers, and #3 Brian is retarded

  12. dale says:

    granger larsen

  13. kai says:

    Joel Centeio

  14. Scott H says:

    Jordy Smith

  15. James says:

    se ve bien cabron !

  16. James says:

    se ve demasiao

  17. taino says:

    john john florence

  18. Sharon McCalister says:

    Granger Larson

  19. Keenan says:

    Kekoa Bacalso!!! duhhhhhhh

  20. paul mendonca says:

    julian wilson , hawwaii win eh cuz ?

  21. Fred says:

    Joel Parkinson

  22. sergi_14_3 says:

    I went to your offices and you were closed!!! hehe
    Granger Larsen

  23. Brian says:

    hey patrick,

    looks like roy powers is out sick call dude! Also wait, is that jordy still in semi’s?? Oh yeah that’s what I thought.

  24. byron farris says:

    i picked john john florence first on face book does that count

  25. Edu Merino says:

    Joel Parkinson

  26. billy goat says:

    Josh Kerr yeahhhhhh

  27. Brian says:

    Mick Fanning

  28. Sam says:

    Garnger Larson!

  29. katie says:

    Jordy Smith

  30. gerry says:

    john john florence

  31. Mathieu says:

    Joel Parkinson

  32. Zack says:

    Mick Fanning All the way!

  33. Arman Moeini says:

    Blake Thornton

  34. Choki says:

    Fredrick Patacchia

  35. d.rizaldy says:

    fredrick patacchia

  36. Erik Altemose says:

    Sunny Garcia all the way!

  37. Stephanie says:

    I’ve a question:
    Is there no way to get the hawaiian lowdowner in austria?
    I’ve seen her in the internet but there’s just one problem: I don’t live in Hawaii so I can’t buy her as a christmas present for someone special…
    Hope you can help me,


  38. Jason Miller says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    The watch is sold out, but we have one more to give away. If you have a bribe to offer please make a bid, in US dollars. Otherwise please stay tuned for how to win. We ship to Austria. We global, Stephanie. Global.

  39. Stephanie says:

    thanks for writing back! I would give between 150$ and 200$.
    Hope I can get this watch for the biggest Hawaii-Fan I know…
    Greetings from cold and snowy Austria,

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