Good Enough For Taylor?

posted by / News / July 21, 2009

A few years ago — actually make that like 15 years ago — this clip would be the final part in a Taylor Steele vid. Now it’s just a YouTube clip with 139 views. My how the times have changed, right? But behind this horrific pop punk song, is a surfer who is showing that American surfing does stand a chance on the world stage for the future. With a dynamic repertoire that goes beyond tail blow, Nat Young is among a new brigade of Americans who bring more than flashy surfing to the table. He’s part of a crew of surfers that includes Luke Davis, Kolohe Andino and Conner Coffin, who are showing that patriotism is back in style. Check this clip of Nat Young (but maybe turn down the volume or pick your favorite song to put it along to instead) and let us know what you think about America’s chances against Australia and Brazil are for the future in the world arena. And stay tuned for the ultimate square off between Oz and the US and A in SURFING Magazine and soon.

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  • alex

    whats everyone so worried about? i havent seen any aussies and especially no brazilians that are completely blowing my mind. problem is everyone is searching for the next slater or curren, and he just isn’t out there. which i believe will be better for the sport anyways. i think another problem is that these kids now adays are being exposed to early. there are a lot of late bloomers out there that don’t think they have a chance of making it anywhere cause they didn’t have a big time sponser at 14 years old.

  • j steele

    Yeah…’cause there have been sooo many Brazilian world champions in the past. Those guys have never been much of a serious threat. Aussies on the other hand….

  • dudemanbro

    Ah yeah sure 15 years ago this clip would have been in a Taylor Steele vid but a lot changes in 15 years. Surfing has progressed a lot and not much in this clip blows me away. Just a young guy surfing to average pro standards in good quality waves. No doubt he’ll do well competitively but looks a little stiff on video to me??

  • al

    What about Owen Wright? He is all over this bloke!