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posted by / News / February 21, 2012

We are psyched that you are psyched. Keep searching, keep sending. Your tenacity and passion pleases us, especially the enthusiastic email subject lines: “Think we found our dream wave!!!” and “This could be better than Rincon, maybe!!??” (I’m Ron Burgundy?)

Because you’re right — there are breaks out there that are better than Rincon. Maybe. We’ve seen some promising entries from sleepy corners of the South Pacific. And some well-groomed points have revealed themselves in various countries in southern Africa. And below the border — whistle — who knew we hadn’t pillaged all of those waves already. But. We have not picked a spot yet, not even close. You have until March 31st to enter and we at SURFING will review every entry until that day. So far here’s what we’ve liked form your submissions:

1. People following the (fairly simple) directions.
2. People who have researched the area a bit. As in, searched where you could potentially fly/drive/boat into said location. Is it, in fact, undiscovered? How far is the closest town/city/village? Is there a raging civil war going on nearby? (Just curious.) What are the optimal months for swell?
3. A clean, up-close shot of the wave. As in, long swell lines with long whitewater trails. Those makes us smile.

So keep ‘em coming. Investigate beyond the screenshot. It’s a big world with five oceans. Get creative. Be the one that finds that “dream wave, maybe.” And we might just take you there so you can erase the “maybe.”

Click here for full event details.

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  • ryan

    What is the maximum number of entries we can submit?

  • Wilbur

    Expose evrey surf spot till there are no secrets left.

    Stop this contest.

  • Wilbur

    every. for all you grammar monkeys.

  • jb

    Confused by #4 in contest rules. It says photos must be taken with a digital camera?

  • Jason Miller


    That’s definitely is a little confusing. Your best screenshot or any other type of digital file you’d like to create would be great. Thanks!

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  • tony (ty) carson big island

    Great just what we don’t need, some pimpled faced kid sitting at a laptop, doing what it used to take real, hardcore surfers, months, or even years to do and sacrifice, all of this sponsored by surfing mag., just so they can sell more mags. and make a buck.

  • augustus peebelby

    Why can’t Australian’s enter this comp? We have a historical record of finding many of the best waves over the past 30yeards. I have found a god damn beauty. ?????

  • Justin

    Augustus, send me the coordinates and I promise I will take you if I win! :)

  • tony carson big island

    Jason miller and you guys at surfing mag., I think you guys have sold your surfing soul,(for the love of a buck), and should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves, and banned at your local breaks, to say the least, for trying to exploit a already diminishing resource, just so you can maybe sell some more mags., and make a few extra bucks. Having some pimpled faced kids, sitting at a laptop, doing what it used to take real hard core surfers months or even years, and sacrifice to do. If anything, you should tell these guys to do their own exploration of these spots, and to keep their mouths shut. To use your own word from your article, to stop these waves from being “pillaged”, or at least put it off for as long as possible. Real hardcore surfers should boycott this site and tell surfing mag., to go find some other money making scheme to try and stuff their wallets.