Griffin Colapinto & Nic Hdez // Lower Trestles // 3:44

posted by / News / June 8, 2012

Video by Justin Jung

Groms, Lowers, coconut tanning oil and short arm fulls are all synonymous with the start of summer here in Southern California

Colapinto and Hdez indulge in their local culture

Nick Hdez

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  • Aaron

    These kids got talent! Heard that Hdez took a win over Colapinto at Regionals, i smell a rivalry!

  • Zach

    Colapinto and Hdez rule!! Loving Hdez’s raw power at 1:35. And Colapinto’s golf swing needs work!!~ ha

  • Joey d

    Colapinto just blew my mind. Hdez did the same. I’d love to see more! and i agree with Zach, how’s that wave at 1:35!!! Good Work boys! let’s see more.

  • Zane

    More Butts!