Huntington Beach Remembers Andy Irons

posted by / News / November 15, 2010

Photos by Dave Molleck

Huntington Beach knew Andy Irons. He thrilled many a mainland fan there. He exchanged barks with the Ginger Ninja on Huntington’s sand. He has a star on its hallowed sidewalk. HB is where Andy once announced, in a victory speech to a thronging beach of mostly naked surf groupies all in heat, that he was very single and presumably ready to mingle. Andy dripped charisma, didn’t he? Yes, Huntington knew Andy. That’s why, half an ocean away from the 10,000-strong Hanalei Bay memorial for him on Sunday, Huntington hosted a gathering of its own to say mahalo and aloha.


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  • carissa

    we all love him very much here, i will forever remember meeting him at the us open


    pos stuvo medio cabron como cayo de volada el vato…pero ya de perdida disfruto del oleaje del mundo entero!!!not to mention las morritas y la feria