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Round 2 started. Some good. Some really bad. Some super shocking. A lot of f—cking nature. Too much Techno. And Really, Flynn Novak doing flips? Matt Meola who!? And that’s my favorite part about Innersection. It’s Peter Devries’s coming out party. Brett Simpson finally under a microscope (and passing with flying colors). I finally have a place to daydream at Craig Anderson’s style. A place to see that Cory Lopez is still that gnarly. If you haven’t been to to check out the Spring submissions, get over there and devote some Facebook time to watching sections. It’s much better than other things. And be sure to comment, and tell them that electro music is so last year. And that they don’t have enough backside clips. It’s all there, awaiting your judgment. Here are our picks and a few things we’d like to see.

SURFING Magazine’s Top 5 picks for Round 2:
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  1. Peter_DevriesPeter Devries: This is an easy one. Much like Nate Tyler’s domination in Round 1, Peter Devries’ section is unique from the get-go. He’s in a 5/4/2 the entire time. Surfing just as loose and fast as most the other entries. The edit by Jeremy Koreski, fellow Canadian and amazing photog, is fantastic, and the only “dress up” storyline that works. Go watch it now just to see the slab at the end. Holy shit.
  2. Craig_anderseonCraig Anderson: This is not the best footage of Craig. This is a well-done Innersection part though. Rumour has it he’s holding out. Consider this the LP preceding his EP to come. His style is mesmerizing. It is the SURFING Magazine shred-crush of the moment. Craig epitomizes all things now: great style and flow, interesting knee placement and the most lethargic aerial style ever. But I mean that in the most refreshing way ever. No agro over psyches, just fluid airs and ultra oily turns.
  3. Matt MeolaMatt Meola: The first wave of this section is the clincher. Street cred for days. He then backs up the death drop with high-energy spins and twists, not to mention what may be the most technically sound alley oop and grab of the year. An amazing talent and a great coming out party for this grom from Maui.
  4. Dion AgiusDion Agius: Like it or not, Dion is going to make this round. With the help of a hot naked girl, and some really fresh footage of the Modern Collective star, this section shows Dion doing more turns than you may be used to seeing him. With a hitch to the storyline at the end, this is a solid Innersection submission.
  5. Cory LopezCory Lopez: Kelly Slater’s comment about Cory and his “unique” lines on a wave are spot on. This part shows he is still one of the most creative surfers in the world right now and continues to keep pace with the younger guys in the air. Not to mention his big-wave tendencies. It’s been a long time since Cory Lopez (if ever?) has been in a Taylor Steele project. This looks like a good place to start.

And now, a letter to Round 3 of Innersection:

Dear Round 3:

Please find some better music. And guess what, Kai Neville already made Modern Collective, try to be original with your edit. We know it was a good flick, but this is Postmodern Collective. And don’t forget to go backside. It’s part of surfing. You’re all acting like a bunch of goofyfoots and only going frontside. The nature shots are getting a little bit out of control and be careful trying to be funny. Sometimes it’s not funny. Other than that, well done Round 2. We have a feeling the heavy hitters are coming to a round 3 near you.

Brutally honestly,

SURFING Magazine

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  • shaun

    good picks and dissecting of them. Round 3 is definitely gonna be crazy

  • Nathan

    So dead-on it shoulda been posted on Innersection’s site.

  • Yeah


  • Juan Hernández

    Round 3 will be amazing!

    Round 4 just for proffesionals (Surfers&Filmers)

    Top fivers: Julian Wilson, Mitch Coleborn, Dusty Paine, Jordy Smith, Dane Reynolds…

  • Charming Charles

    The truth. By the way, it’s an EP that precedes an LP, not vice versa. Craig Anderson’s got style that doesn’t quit. Peter Devries is an easy pick. Representing for the 5 mil home boys out there.

  • Rick Novak

    Appreciate your being brutally honest. Don’t appreciate so much your being brutally stupid. How can you not have Flynn in the top 5? He invents a move that no-one else can pull off, and you talk like that’s a bad thing. That should be a cover shot/cover story for you.
    And as we all know, he’s not just a little wave trickster. You could take all the tube rides from all the other entries and stuff them into just one of Flynn’s Pipeline barrels and still have room left over. Big waves still count for something.
    Ho, you guys are gonna get barred on the North Shore! Think the Bronze Aussies had it bad? You’ll wish you were treated so nicely. (Just kidding, just kidding… :>)

  • Jeff Morrison

    Peter Devries is the bomb….I have been watching this guy surf for the past three years now, and he rips everywhere he surf’s…..Not to mention that he is from Canada, and not California or Hawaii, or Oz!
    Thank you for considering my vote…
    Jeff Morrison

  • kevin sheriff

    yer dreaming if you think electro was a 1 yr fad. better learn to like it because USA is finally listening to good music!

  • juanlu burgos

    ninety percent this surfing on waves under 7 foot.pussy waves pussy guys should take our pros to same level snowboarding pros get.that means the best conditions that means reefbreaks over 8 foot. i am 44 will i die before seeing it.shit!

  • Cawn Sholliflower

    That section of Craig Anderson is definitely not the 2nd best out of the round. Questionable framing, distance from subject, not the best surfing with a bunch of throwaways and only one right.

    Biased competition much?? Judge the surfing.