Innersection: You Made It, You Review It

posted by / News / November 29, 2010

Everyone came out in Hermosa Beach to celebrate the premiere of Innersection. Photo: Paul Fisher

Everyone came out in Hermosa Beach to celebrate the premiere of Innersection. Photo: Paul Fisher

Alex Gray and faithful companions. Photo: Paul Fisher

Alex Gray and faithful companions. Photo: Paul Fisher

A celebratory cheers to Alex Gray. Photo: Paul Fisher

A celebratory cheers to Alex Gray. Photo: Paul Fisher

Some frisky felines in Hermosa Beach. Photo: Paul Fisher.

Some frisky felines in Hermosa Beach. Photo: Paul Fisher.

Matt Meola says a few words for the premiere on Maui

Matt Meola says a few words for the premiere on Maui

And the winner of Matt Meola's surfboard is...

And the winner of Matt Meola's surfboard is...

Matt Meola and Maui support crew.

Matt Meola and Maui support crew.

After 26 simultaneous Black Friday premieres…what’s the score on Taylor Steele’s latest brainchild? Maybe better you tell us.

Siskel Ebert says: “This movie made me poop Skittles.”

Newsweek wrote: “Best movie since the last one we reviewed.”

New York Times says: “A triumph. Tour de force. Simply astonishing.”

Really? I mean, really? Anyone who reviews a surf movie the day after the premiere probably didn’t enjoy themselves watching it. A surf premiere is a celebration of another surf movie being born into the world. The real reviews occur in the privacy of your home. Pizza and a cold bevvy after you surf. Amped for the next session? Chilling with your bros? This is the real test.

In some ways, Taylor Steele’s Innersection even defies review. It’s not one movie — it’s 25 movies. Different filmmakers. Different surfers. We’re asked to pick our favorites, to pull it apart, to choose a $100,000 winner. But the real question is, does it work as a whole? End to end. In your home. When you need it most.

At the Oahu premiere in Honolulu, I personally had a blast. SURFING rolled a party bus out from the North Shore full of Innersection stars like Cory Lopez, Nat Young and Mikala Jones. At Lulu’s, we met up with the Guduaskas brothers, John Florence, Flynn Novak, Dylan Graves, Brazilian qualifier Marco Giorgi and Peruvian champ Gabriel Villaran and there was certainly a feeling of celebration in the room. This was the victory lap. The realization of all their hard work. I was pretty keen to watch the movie myself, but ended up working the mic, hucking product around the room, and talking shop with guys already eyeballing next year’s prize. Premieres get like that. A great night out, but I kinda missed the movie.

ESPN says it “blew monkeys.”

Oprah Winfrey says she “wet herself.”

Time magazine says, “We totally puked afterward.”

I trust those sources more than anything.

I certainly wouldn’t trust a review from me. I’d probably just lie to you. Maybe try to bribe you with a free hat and some stickers. Bro’d out, bro.

It’s the day after now, and everyone’s calling me for a copy of the movie. They didn’t see it either, but they’re finally ready. Now the real reviews begin. Every house along the North Shore will be deconstructing the turns, the airs the edits. Slo-mo. Rewind. Skip, skip, skip. And there are critics harsher than Oprah and Newsweek combined: You.

This is how we roll Innersection-style. Power to the people. You voted these surfers in. So why shouldn’t you review their performance?

So let’s hear what you thought. You’ve used the Internet before, right? There’s a comment box below. Sit down with a freshly printed DVD and get your review on.

Were you farting rainbows, or checking the fridge for more turkey leftovers? Peep-holes from the peoples — that’s how we like it. —Nathan Myers

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  • sd, cali

    hahah the guy you guys paid to do the movie review didnt even see it so he wrote this junk, or is this whole thing really so that we will go out and buy the dvd? OR so that you can get a bunch of comments so you can charge more for your ads? any way i look at it there is a catch. u guys suck im sticking with STAB

  • BennyD

    The Maui shows was insane. So much people. We watched the whole thing from the start and my friend’s sister won a GoPro camera. She filmed the entire afterparty until she realized there was no memory card in it. Clay’s and Meola’s parts were the best for sure, and not just cause they’re from here. They really just are. I need to get the dvd to be sure but I think they are.

  • Sven

    New York show was best surf movie that city has seen yet. So amping. Great movie. So much variety. I have to watch it again to decide who was best though.

  • Siskel Ebert

    It’s Siskel & Ebert. Siskel Ebert is not a person, and Siskel is dead. That’s only part one of what’s wrong here. Part 2 is how lame of a sales pitch this is for the Innersection dvd. Part 3 is that this movie is reportedly trash. Part 4 is that someone thinks “blew monkeys” and “wet herself” are funny. Jeeeebus H. Soooo bad

  • Bummed

    I must say I was not impressed at all by Innersection Blue. This might have been due to my viewing of all the submissions in the four quarters of the competition. It just was too many variations of styles and the music sucked ass! I am a big fan of surf movies and I must say Modern Collective blew my mind when I saw it last year. Trilogy was also sick, as the Campaign series, but damn, I just was not impressed with “Blue”. Much respect to all the surfers and filmers but the end result did not resonate well with me…sorry.

  • Carter

    Yep, pretty bad. But I got in free and got a tee shirt so less bad. Still pretty bad.

  • Echo

    I agree with “bummed” (comment #5). There is a reason surf movies are made by an editor and not a crowd, consistency matters and Innersection had none. There is no reason to watch it if you have Modern Collective or even have the internet for that matter because the large selection online is in many ways better than Innersection has to offer. The strength was the diversity of surfers, but not much else. :(

  • mo

    just a question of curiosity: how many surfers are presented? i read 25 something… WHAT? even in the campaign-series you will get tired after 12 different surfers – but 25? too much! I’ll rather enjoy the little section-vids on the internet…

  • albert

    Check it out the Indosections, it`s the section at Innersection only with Indonesian surfers!!!!!!

  • felipe

    Marco Giorgi is not brazilian, he´s from Uruguay. Please correct that.

  • Brock

    Why do people get so eggy on the internet? complain about typos to show how smart they are. complain about too much surfing in the movie. What? kooks. I thought the innersection movie was sick. Super well balanced. Lots of different surfers not from the normal Taylor steel group. Couple sections I didn’t like too much, and I just hit Skip. No problem. Last 10 sections get really crazy. Ry. Ando. Kerr. Slater. Shoots.

  • DaveO

    Anyone see JOB movie? Damn that was boring. 3 hours of Jamie getting barreled in Tahiti. So over it. I like that innersection had variety and new surfers. The haters are tripping. bunch mid-west fags spending too much time online and never going surfing. They don’t see this for what it really is. i watched every section of the online comps and it was sick to see them all in proper resolution with new tunes and my real tv. I’m stoked to have it in my collection.

  • Teds

    All south americans are Brazilians.

  • Benji

    Indosections bonus feature was radical. Shoulda shown at the premiere.

  • Ralph11

    Don’t hate. Get stoked.

  • Mauiboy_808

    Clay and Matt’s sections were off the chart. Waaay better than online. Greatest hits. And Slater’s new part is so amazing. Thanks Taylor.

  • Hilt

    Not to discourage the surfers who did their best, but my honest review is that Innersection was pretty awful for the most part. Flashes of awesome in a pile of junk. My two friends and me felt the exact same reaction and that was disappointment and I think everyone there felt the same, except anyone who knew the surfers in the video. Not Taylor Steels’ best work…

  • Klay

    Clay’s piece was mental for sure but all his free parts online are just as good. I would not sit through this again just to see a couple sick waves.

  • Todd Johnson

    DVD is so sick. Cool to be able to zap right over to the best section. Ry, Clay and Slater are all-time. Slater’s last barrel makes me weep. And that Shipsterns slow-mo is crazy.

  • Jib

    Save your money and watch Dane’s website all, day, long. Haha there’s my review for you

  • Bog

    People be tripping. This is the first true unique film project we’ve seen in years and they’re comparing it to the same same shit modern stranger than campaign. i think Innersection has just gotten started. it’s a real opportunity to see some different guys without the teams and sponsors shoving them down our throats.

  • college professor

    Ben Bourgeois has been in two taylor steele movies, innersection and momentum under the influence. both times his last name was misspelled. cmon guys, it’s just unprofessional

  • HNL HI

    Whoever writes these warm fuzzy comments about this shit movie is Taylor Steele’s mom or was seriously high when they watched it. C+

  • Jimmmm Jammm

    Nate Tyler sick part!!!! But would rather buy the new Dane movie

  • Seppo1

    Matt Meola: Epic section!
    Craig Anderson’s bomb at desert point was insane! Too much helicopter build up for a small beach break in Ando’s section.
    Slater’s carving 360 to barrel!

  • Wendle

    Gotta vote for Ozzy. Unicorn and a kazoo! Just think what he’d do with the money.

  • Taylor’s mom

    Hey, I’m not writing that fluff. I only liked the last seven sections, plus Pete Devries and Parko at the start. The rest of those guys peaked online. Sorry.

  • dude

    25 dudes ?? Less is more.

  • UnDude

    Actually more is more, dude. Just skip ones you don’t like.

  • OtterPop

    Just got my copy. Rad. Final heat of the surf video contest. I’m making a scorecard before I lock in my final vote, but thinking it’s either Matt Meola or Craig Anderson. Though I godda say, Ozzy Wrong was pretty freakin’ entertaining. (I’d consider Slater, but we know he doesn’t need the money.)

  • Dave Tolmer

    Epic flick! Meola and Ando all the way. I keep watching those 2 parts again and again.

  • jordy

    only seen the online stuff, is brenno’s part in the dvd any good???

  • Alex

    Finally just got a copy. A straight-through viewing is not quite Modern Collective, but it’s cool watching individual sections. I keep going back through those and almost end up watching the whole thing out of order.

    Jordy: Brenno’s section’s in there. I wouldn’t rank it amongst the top 10, but it holds its own.