Introducing Baby Cobras

posted by / News / August 17, 2012

Baby Cobras

Baby CobrasKnock, knock… This is not a joke — getting your foot in the door in the surf media can be pretty rough. You’ve got a bag full of rad to offer the world, but that damn door, it’s jammed or something. And on the other side of that door? Fame. Surf trips. Dream job. Maybe some babes. But how the hell do you get in?

Here’s one fantastic way: Enter this contest and win your way in. Baby Cobras is a competition for aspiring creative surfers. Creative surfers that could work at a magazine, make a movie, or get those shots — maybe even better than we can. How does it work? Well, it starts with a prompt, which is this: Tell a story about your home break through words, photos or video. Simple as that. The prompt, in fact, is almost inconsequential. It’s just a way for us to see that you can tell a good story and be creative. Because creative is what we want. Are you the next Aaron Chang? Are you the next Kai Neville? Are you the next Derek Rielly? Show us and enter in your respective area of aspiration.

Baby Cobras works like this:

  • Click the link below
  • Enter your story about your home break in your medium of choice
    • Video: Upload video that’s under 3 minutes
    • Photos: Create a photo series of between 5 and 10 photos
    • Writing: Upload a piece that’s between 100 and 1,000 words
  • You have to do all that before September 23, 2012
  • Between September 24 and October 8 your entries will be judged by the public, top five entries in each category plus one wildcard make it to the finals
  • If you make it to the finals, you’ll have an opportunity to edit your submission and reenter by October 15
  • We pick three winners, one from each category
  • Some fine print: you have to be between the ages of 18 and 27, live in the USA and not work for any other surf media

The pay-off? You don’t just get your foot in the door, we put your asses (all three of you) on a plane to Hawaii to document a week on the North Shore season. We’ll link you up with a room, board and some athletes to document. Whatever creative awesomeness you come up with will be published online and in the magazine. Then comes the fame. Dream jobs. Maybe some babes.

Write — Shoot — Film — Strike! Click here to enter.

Write Shoot Film


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  • Mike

    Whats the video camera used by that guy in the video?

  • seas

    that age cutoff is so weak, im 29 and have been working hard for something like this, you gotta extend it to 30 please!?

  • cynthia

    I was excited to participate until I read the fine print. I’m disqualified because (1) I’m Gen X and (2) I’m not on Facebook. Boo, Surfing Mag!

  • DogMan

    Win a chance to work for free!

  • Mike

    please continue this contest forever!!! And seriously whats that camera??

  • Mike

    Seriously if any of you have any idea of what camera the guy uses at the beginning during the “Shoot” section I’d be thankful

  • tanner

    hey mike,
    its a goddamn 7d
    whats wrong with you

  • Mike


  • Mike

    Thanks pal!

  • Jae

    Ufck! Im 35 and write waaayy better than you gimps. My home break is between waimea and sunset already though so you wouldnt let someone from oahu win anyway.

  • Julie

    Age cut off ????? WTF ? I too have been working hard and am Over 30 ……ever heard of experience and paying dues ? Geeezuuus ….. this is big time bummahs …..
    I say get rid of the cut off…

  • Mike Fairbanks

    The age cutoff is good. You see, it’s important that Surfing Magazine adhere to its slick corporate image, rather than come across as open-minded, core magazine for surfers. Wait, did I say magazine? My bad, I meant fee-required catalog. It’s important, based on focus groups and research, that anyone older than 27 not be exposed to the public and mess up the American perception that only young and attractive people are artistic, creative, etc.

    Surfing Magazine is a pamphlet put out by Source Interlink Companies, Inc., and they know what surfing is. After all, their headquarters are in Norcross, Georgia, which is the center of surf culture, and is only a short five-hour drive to the beach.

    Surfing Magazine has to limit this creative contest to the 18-27 age group to compete aggressively with Surfer Magazine, also owned by Source Interlink Media. It’s like the competition between Doritos and Lays (both owned by Frito Lay), or the competition between KFC and Taco Bell, both owned by PepsiCo (and both often housed in the same building).

    It’s all corporate, and an American tradition to exclude anyone 30 or over (since nobody that age is attractive, creative or cool).

    If they allow older people into creative competitions like the Europeans do, then they might have an international scandal, such as when Susan Boyle was allowed on a British television show and people found out she had a spectacular voice. Can you imagine how humiliating that would be if someone in his or her 40s or 50s were to write, shoot, or film a good story for Surfing Magazine?

    Scandalous, I tell you, scandalous.

  • Mike Fairbanks

    Hey, I just thought of something. Maybe Surfing Magazine doesn’t want anyone over the age of 27 reading their magazine. It never occurred to me that my age (43) excludes me from creative pursuits, so perhaps Surfing Magazine knows something I don’t. I always figured that I understood the articles, pictures and videos on their website and in their magazine, but apparently I don’t.

    I guess I won’t burden them by renewing my subscription. I don’t want to be a burden. I’ll go away now.

    Sorry, Surfing Magazine. I won’t bother you guys anymore. :(

  • plump blumpkin

    so much shit talking

  • Julie

    Big time props to you Mike fairbanks !!!!!!!!!!! sooooo frickin’ true ! Well written and right on the money !

  • mike c

    agree with fairbanks, ill never buy “surfing” magazine again.

  • Xander

    GO Mike Fairbanks!!!!!!!!!

  • Moke 808

    I haven’t bought an issue of Surfing or Surfer in years. Surfer magazine’s editorial office is ran by a pack of South African racists in pursuit of their own agenda. Since when did we start outsourcing our editor and photo editor jobs to the South Africans? Those were two jobs that should have gone to someone born in the U.S.? I guess they work for cheap.

  • John

    Well said Mike. Let’s not forget “Sponsored by Nike” for this contest too. Is this ageism also part of Nike’s agenda? I think there are a lot of people over 27 that buy running shoes.

  • Preston

    Agism dude…really. Agism. That’s about on par with the mag I guess.

  • old fart

    Probably because if you are over the age of 27 and were worth your salt in any of these three fields, then you would have probably been discovered already. Not online looking for contests to win to make it big. get a grip and stop whining and looking for handouts, go pick up a camera or a pen and work at it if you’re so eligible to win this contest. Good luck

  • Marco

    The contest / brief is awesome. And welcome for that matter.

    BUT I too do not agree with the age cap. Cuz I´m 35 and in my creative prime!!

    Nor with the fact that you have to live in the USA (not just cuz I dont, although that´s obviously crap for me) but because you guys are neglecting the rest of the thousands of amazing breaks around the world and the diversity this could bring to the pool of entries. I live in Portugal for %&* sake – awesome breaks abound!!!

  • Noah

    I believe the youth is more creative than adults, and its very upsetting to hear that you guys at surfing magazine believe that the age bracket for baby cobras is fitting. Teenagers should have a chance to beat all you old geezers in creativity!
    I also don’t think that the people who publish these videos have to be citizens of the U.S.A. There are thousands of people all over the world that would like to participate in this event, but you guys think otherwise. I’m 13, and even though I live in the USA, I believe that everyone should get the chance to participate in this event. Shame on nike, and shame on surfing mag!

  • Evyn
  • / Guillermo Piedra